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Retail shopping app

Traditional brick-and-mortar retail shops are crowded places, especially on weekends and holidays. For busy and working professionals it becomes daunting to wait in long queues and buy things. However, with the priorities of people shifting to digital apps, users and sellers prefer to order and sell products through an online platform. It helps retailers stay competitive in an increasingly digital market and provides customers with a convenient way of shopping for their daily needs.

Client Requirement

  • User should be able to navigate through the user-interface
  • The app should have a wide selection of various product categories
  • Application should have a reliable and fast delivery system
  • Sellers can be able to manage their orders, earnings, and products through the app
  • Users should be able to share products or recommendations with friends
  • App should have a dashboard that shows the status of delivery for drivers
  • The app should have a secure payment processing system

Application features and functionalities


  • Users can choose from a catalog of products such as grocery, medical and much more
  • Users can sign up and receive notifications and alerts on latest offers
  • The app has a shopping cart feature that allows users to add items to the cart
  • Users can revisit their recently viewed stores


  • The app allows drivers to sign up and create a profile
  • Drivers can accept and decline delivery requests
  • App has a GPS tracker that gives real-time updates
  • drivers receive new notifications based on delivery requests
  • App allows drivers to manage their earnings calculated by total distance traveled


  • The app has a robust order management system
  • Sellers can accept, reject and view ongoing as well as canceled orders
  • Sellers can view items in quick and slot delivery in ready to ship orders section
  • App allows sellers to view all their products in my products sections
  • Sellers can manage their earnings feasibly
  • App has a managed inventory that allows sellers to add or remove products

Technical specifications & implementations

  • Android: Android Studio with Java
  • Web: PHP with CodeIgniter


We have successfully developed a highly-interactive retail app that caters to the needs of users, drivers and sellers. The app offers a wide selection of products that is relevant to the users and provides sellers with the tools they need to list and sell products efficiently. Furthermore, it has an effective delivery system ensuring that drivers can fulfill orders in a timely manner.

User App

Driver app

Seller app

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