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Healthcare Mobile App

A healthcare mobile app is a user-friendly app that helps type 2 diabetes patients keep their daily activities and routines under check to reverse the effects and others to prevent the same. It is an interactive app with all the useful features which can be easily accessed and helpful everyday to track the activities through virtual assistants, tracking tools, and checklists.

Client Requirements

  • The aim is to develop React-Native mobile application that helps users to reverse or prevent type-2 diabetes by enrolling in the clinic program.
  • This app will have game plan along with daily checklists including fun and easy-to-use tracking tools.
  • Moreover, these tracking tools will help users to track their food intake, exercise, sleep, weight loss and mood to help users achieve path to a healthy and happy lifestyle
Diabetes Clinic Mobile Application features and functionality


  • Integrating 3rd Party API to Fetch Food-related nutritional information
  • Developing Dashboard showing Daily Activity checklist along with tracking everyday progress

App Features and Functionalities

Game Plan Feature

    • Game Plan Feature allows the users to view the list of available game plans to choose from. Each plan will have daily checklist the users need to track and to do.

Dashboard Feature

    • With the dashboard feature, the users can view their daily progress and the total no of items tracked so far each day, active plan with detailed description.
      The users can view and click to track the daily checklist for weight, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and corresponding activity

Track Feature

    • The track feature allows the users to set date-wise tracker for their activities by selecting date from calendar to view the total calories intake, consumed and calories left to be consumed for that particular day.
    • The user can track their breakfast/lunch/snacks/dinner along with option to add food by the following ways,
      • Take photo, add name of meal, select meal type & add food
      • Add new food by entering details
      • Search for food by typing the name of food, select food to view information & add food with option to Bookmark food
      • Add food by scanning the barcode with option to Bookmark food
      • Add food from bookmarked foods
      • Add food from my foods
    • The users can track exercise activity by selecting exercise and then entering the duration (in minutes and view the calories burned with option to mark as favorite
    • The user can track mood activity by selecting mood on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being bad and 5 being happy)
    • The user can track sleep activity by selecting the number of hours spent for sleep.
    • The user can track weight activity by entering the weight in Lbs

Profile & Settings Feature

  • With the profile and setting feature the user can view a list of all active badges, daredevil badges, silver lining badges, happy streak badges, breakfast buddy badges, goal setter badges, food logger badges, super sleeper badges, and sleep tracker badges
  • The user can view and edit his/her profile details and save the changes, switch On/Off to get notification alert or change their password and save the changes
Diabetes Clinic Mobile Application case study

Technical Specification

  • Android & iOS App – React-Native (React.js)
Diabetes Clinic Mobile Application funcation


Successfully Developing and Implementing Diabetes Clinic React-native application, wherein the users will be assigned a game plan in which they will have daily checklist of activities along with required amount of calorie intake. Furthermore, user can view dashboard to view their current progress and can track their food intake, exercise, sleep, weight loss and mood activities by providing date-wise information. This will help them in reversing or preventing type-2 diabetes.

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