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Social Networking Mobile App

The application is a social media platform that allows users to post content, find mates/friends, and connect with them. Users can also engage in chat conversations, play music, and purchase gifts while utilizing birthday card templates to send well wishes.

Client Requirements

  • The user should be able to upload the post with the text, photos, and videos.
  • The user should be able to find, connect and chat with the other mates as an individual and as a group
  • The user should be able to purchase gift and pay for the gift online
  • The user should able to see the birthday details and wish other users through a Gift card
Mateflix Features

Application features and functionality

  • Upload post with texts, images and videos; share it on the timeline
  • Start video live stream and interact with the people while live
  • Find mates, connect with the mates
  • One to one and group chat with the mates.
  • Play music within the application
  • Purchase the gift/gift card and pay online from the application
  • Track the gift and get delivery at the home or desired location
  • Display of the birthday and wishing mates with the customized gift card
  • Manage the profile, birthday, mate’s profile and other settings
Mateflix featurea and functionality

Technical Specification & Implementation

  • Android: Android Studio with Java
  • iOS: XCode with Swift
  • Web Application: PHP
Mateflix functionality


We successfully developed and implemented the mobile application (Android & iOS) where users can upload the post, share it with other people, find mates, chat with the mates, go live, play music, send/customize gift card, and purchase gifts from the application.

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