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The eCommerce app is a unique and wonderful social networking platform that enables users to buy and sell items within their network of friends. Users can chat, share photographs, and exchange promo codes with each other. The app provides an easy and interesting shopping experience.

Client Requirements

  • To built an e-commerce platform with the concept of social network
  • Should be developed in a way where users can be buyers and/or sellers
  • Users should be able to follow/un-follow other users
  • They can buy/sell from/to other users
  • Users can manage their orders
  • It should provide messaging services for users
  • Different payment and delivery options should be available for the users
  • Sellers should be able provide promo-code to their users


To make the buying and selling of the application easier and doing all these things simultaneously is difficult in person. Furthermore, the location where it was targeted needed to be in a language other than English

App Features and Functionalities

  • The product list with their prices and short description has been designed
  • The list of top sellers and the stores arranged category wise have been placed
  • The feature to click pictures of the product that users want to sell and upload it with the short description, price, category and delivery charges has been functionalized
  • The notifications for various orders placed, product sold that was uploaded by user can be viewed
  • The functionalities to view orders, edit user’s profile and post a product have been added
  • The functionality to view the promo codes and the same can be applied to get the discount
  • The earning summary of the user can be viewed
  • The feature to send and receive messages has been added
  • The application can be viewed in Arabic & English

Technical Implementations

  • Android: Java with android Studio
  • iOS: XCode with Objective C/Swift language


An application in which all the features for buying and selling application in which the users can find English & Arabic language. This particularly helps the users to convey in their language and makes it more understandable according to the location where it is going to be used

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