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Digital Multi-sensory Therapy App

Digital Therapeutic Sensory Wellness App is a powerful tool for enhancing reflexes, balance, and holistic motor skills coordination at home. Integral to a renowned multi-sensory therapy program, it seamlessly integrates music and targeted body exercises. Trusted globally by professional Occupational Therapists and families, this innovative app fosters improved motor skills, emotional regulation, and sensory well-being.

Sensory Wellness App – Client Requirements

The specific requirements for the app’s functionalities from the client stresses that the user should be able to do the following tasks:

  • View a 40-day music exercise program in 2 phases in sync with a headset.
  • Access the right mix of exercise focusing on fine motor, emotional, and coordination skills.
  • Get an exercise program according to their physical abilities.
  • Track daily progress and mark favorite exercises.
  • Gain detailed guidance to perform the exercise as if it’s done with the support of therapists.
Digital Multi-Sensory Therapy App Features screen

Therapeutic Multi-sensory App Features and Functionalities

  • Users can view a 40-day music program complementing their body movement exercise.
  • Users can exercise at home or with the support of therapists wearing a headset while using the app.
  • Users can fill out a questionnaire that helps them get personalized programs ranging from beginner to advanced.
  • Users get needed guidance for every exercise with step-by-step videos.
  • Users can track daily progress or during specific time intervals.
  • Users can audit the complete 40-day program of music listening and body movement exercises that last to 30 mins.
Therapeutic Sensory Wellness App Functionalities screen

Technical Specification & Implementation

  • iOS: Swift 5
  • Android: Kotlin
  • Backend: PHP 7.4.3 Version and CodeIgniter Framework
  • Database: MySQL Version: 8.0.03
Digital Multi-Sensory Therapy Wellness App mockup

Occupational Therapy & Multi-sensory Wellness App Solution

We successfully created a digital multi-sensory application that’s convenient for users seeking help with occupational exercise for individuals with motor skills (gross, fine, and visual), body posture, balance, coordination, and emotional regulation. Users get the right mix of exercise based on their opted individual abilities and track their daily progress. The user can embark on a transformative wellness journey with this effective therapeutic solution that uses music and body movement for a comprehensive sensory therapy program.

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