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eCommerce Mobile App

An ergonomically designed and developed eCommerce application, which helps the sellers to create and upload product videos hands down and display their products for sale more effectively. The eCommerce app allows users to chat with the seller, buy and bid for their favorite products, while the sellers can market their product in a more refined manner through product videos and other interesting features that the application offers.

Client Requirements

  • The aim is to develop a new way of selling and buying products and services online.
  • To be among the first online shopping app to have a featured for product video.
  • The sellers can create and upload a video of their product quickly and easily.
  • The seller can showcase their product video giving the audience access to a lot more information at lightning speeds.
  • Products available are seen with more detail and the quality can be displayed.
IVIOU App functions


  • For sellers, we had to make sure that the overall earnings will be calculated subtracting stripe fees and the shipping charges
  • For the auction feature, every second counts, that’s why the timer has to work perfectly at real time as well.
  • The quick action menu in the home screen was a challenging task.
  • Press and hold notifications to view images and play videos was also a complex task to implement
IVIOU App Diagram

App Features and Functionalities

Home Feature

    • On the home page view offers on slider and list of different product video ads.

Search Feature

      • You can search based on product name, category, condition or posted date.

Buy Item Feature

      • Through normal buying and bid on product features you can start buying your products by making an offer or biding on product.
      • Add the product to the cart through ‘Add to Cart’ option.
      • Chat with the seller for queries through Chat option.
      • You can also save your choice by ‘Add to Wishlist’ option.
      • Share your favorite product with your family and friends or on social media.
      • You can also report your issues if there is any about the product you wish to buy through ‘Report this item’ option.
      • Rate & Review the Seller of a product by sharing your feedback about the product.
      • You can also follow your favorite seller with ‘Follow Seller’ option to get updates about the latest product from the seller.

Post Item for Selling

      • Through ‘Post Item’ for ‘Sell Feature’ by ‘Create Product’ and ‘Create bid’ options sell your products on IVIOU ecommerce App. You can do it in a few simple steps by following the instructions.

Shopping Cart

      • You have features like ‘Shopping Cart’ to view all the products you have saved for buying.

My Profile

      • ‘My Profile’ to view, edit and mange your profile details.

Rate & Review feature

      • Add your feedback and views through Rate & Review feature.

Chat feature

      • Chat with the seller or buyer anytime, when you have a query, through the Chat feature.

Notification feature

    • Get notified of your favorite items or send notifications to the buyers through the Notification feature.

Technical Implementations

  • Payment Gateway – Stripe Integration including apple pay.
  • Google APIs – Google Map, Google places
  • Crashlytics

Technical Specification

  • Android: Android Studio with Java
  • iOS: XCode and Swift
IVIOU App Features


  • When we go shopping online, we are always limited to 2D pictures that might show only the good side of a product. If we want to buy the best items online, we should be able to have a better idea about the product, like a video. And, that’s where IVIOU delivers.
  • IVIOU’s unique video-focused shopping/selling experience is seamless and simple. Users can sell their product at their desired price on IVIOU’S product page, or auction it off on IVIOU’s bidding page.
  • The seller can create a video, share product info and other required details. The buyer can see the video & can purchase at the fixed price or place counters offers, or if it’s in the auction- buyers can place a bid.
  • Users get to know and view the product exactly what they are buying, which makes the purchase more cohesive and also a lot more comprehensive.

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