Find Local Service Provider app

Find Local Service Provider app helps a user find various service providers locally without going stepping out of their homes. Let the user post about the required services and choose the cost-effective service providers for the best services.
This application allows service providers to bid on the asked services. The user and service provider will be able to chat through the application.

Client Requirement

The client came up with specific requirements for various purposes.

  • They should be able to post the service request through the application.
  • The bid posted by the service provider on request should be visible.
  • The user should be able to accept and reject any of the bids.
  • Tracking the vehicle on the map for vehicle/taxi requests should be possible.
  • The user should be able to chat with the service provider and provide ratings and reviews.
  • Service providers should be able to see the request posted by the user and be able to bid on that.
  • Service provider panel to view past jobs and upcoming jobs along with ea.

Application features and functionalities-

Customer Mobile Application

The customer can;

  • Choose service category and sub-category.
  • Enter required service details (Description, Location, Date & time, and Photos) and post the job in the application.
  • Post the taxi request and track it on the map once the service provider bid is accepted by the user.
  • See the bid posted by the service provider on the required service and accept any of the service providers.
  • Provide rating and review to service providers.
  • Pay to the service provided within the mobile application.
  • Chat with a service provider.
  • Manage user profile.
  • Receive the appointment related notification.
  • Setting: change password, about us, terms & conditions, and privacy policy

Service Provider Mobile Application

The service providers can;

  • See the listed job details posted by the user.
  • Bid on any of the jobs with price, remarks, and date.
  • Assign the vehicle for a taxi request on the accepted job.
  • Chat with the user.
  • Provide rate and review to the user.
  • Receive the payment from the user.
  • See the monthly and yearly earning details.
  • Manage service providers’ profile.
  • Receive the appointment related notification
  • Manage to set: change password, about us, terms & conditions, and privacy policy

Technical Specification & Implementation

The technologies required to build a user-friendly application –

  • Android: Android Studio with Java
  • iOS: XCode with Swift


We successfully developed and implemented the Find Local Service Provider application for users to post the required services, select the best service provider for the required services, and give ratings & reviews to the service provider.

The Mobile app to find Local Work easily for the service providers helps to find the list of required services and bid on the services as per the service requirement.

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