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Community app for travelers

Community app is a special app crafted to fulfill the needs of the travelers, adventure lovers and culture explorers. This is basically a community app where the travelers and the local dwellers of any location share their experiences and the specialties of the place. Travelers who are interested in sharing their photographs, videos, and stories about their recent visits, can do so through app. The community can post details of the food items, routes and experiences with others. The app also offers the users to earn from home by collecting and crafting your memories, tour plans and experiences and sharing the same in the community.

Client Requirements

  • The app should be specifically designed for the users to find the local people where they are planning to travel
  • By making a travel plan through the application, users should be able to make money for digitally sharing their experiences of journeying
Functionalities of Glyde App


To get the contacts of the local people and get them at one place, so that the other travelers can contact each other. This will be helpful to get the idea about the popular places and locations to visit in a particular city. The major barrier for the travelers is language. The user/traveler may not know the language the locals speak, so finding the local person who can translate and make communication easier will be helpful.

glyd diagram

App Features and Functionalities


  • The app allows the users to connect with the local population of all the cities around the world
  • An function to see the exciting destinations through the eyes of those who live there has been added
  • The app allows the users to share cool new finds and favorite places with the rest of the travel community


  • Users can submit digital or personal route requests to those who know the region you are heading toward.
  • The users are allowed to review and approve the suggested itineraries from other users (One edit per itinerary request)
  • The app is developed in a way to minimize the time spent on searching for places to go and points of interest
  • It allows the user to overcome the language barrier by finding a friend who speaks the native language


  • The app lets the users to get paid for collecting and sharing Digital Experience through Itineraries.
  • Set your own price for Personal Experience itineraries
  • Choose which itinerary requests you want to accept.
  • Receive secure payments through Venmo, a service of PayPal, Inc., a licensed provider of money transfer services.
  • The user can add the money to the wallet and can use it for future travels
App Features and Functionalities Glyde App

Technical Implementations

  • iOS: XCode and objective C
  • Android: Android Studio with java


We built an application where the users can get in touch with the local people and also have them at one place for the other travelers. The travelers can contact them to know the famous locations to get the idea about the places they like to visit. The app also provides a solution about the local language by connecting with an interested person of that locality who can translate the traveler’s views when needed

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