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Shopping app for the people of GCC. The sellers on the app can display their products, and the buyers on the shopping app can comfortably purchase the products. It is a place to shop for gift items, fashion accessories, clothes, footwear, etc. The app is comfortably designed and developed for the users’ convenience, and the buying options are intuitively placed to make use of it aptly.

Client Requirements

  • An app which can be used to buy and sell products.
  • It should work simply by just clicking the picture of the product filling out the document and just uploading on the application.
  • Chat with the person who is selling the product.
  • Can also send the product to the other person as a gift by just paying for the product and rest will be taken care by the application.
  • Auction for the product through the application which will make the highest bidding for the product which will ultimately benefit the seller to get the best price
  • Search for the product users need and the result of the product will be displayed into the application
  • Some credit to be provided to the users so that they can use it into the application to buy
App Features device yeeb


The challenge was to buy and sell the products for a person. Plus the need was to build the something that had both the buying and selling platform. The need was to make the user who was selling something into the application to give them the best return for their product.

yeeb app diagram

App Features and Functionalities

  • The users can view the list of the goods are on sale and shops where the goods are sold
  • Search for the users & view the shops according to the category,
  • Users can click into the sell button and can upload the picture of the goods to be sold through the application and cancelled orders can also be viewed
  • In news the users will get updates regarding their favorite sellers they follow, they will get update regarding the items they have kept for selling and that have been sold
  • In the profile page the users will be able to view the products they have posted for the sale
  • They can view the number of the posts, favorites, followers and following.
  • In the edit profile the users can change profile image, Full name, change password, email address, mobile number and gender.
  • Users can click on search button where the user can search for the products into the application.
  • Auction is the option through the users can participate into the auction for a product and can bid the amount into the app itself.
  • There is an option for user credit where the user can get the credit and can use that credit to buy the goods in the application.
  • In the notification the users will get all the notifications related to the application.
  • The options for best sellers will show the users the best sellers into the application that are listed as best into the application.
  • Users can send or receive gift into this application. Apply various filters into the application.
  • My chats option will show the users chat message that they have done with the other users.
  • They can also share this app through social media platform.
App Features and Functionalities yeeb

Technical Implementations

  • Android: Java with android Studio
  • iOS: XCode with Objective C/Swift language


We built an application where the users can get both the platform for buying as well as selling in one application. So, the idea was to build an online marketplace which could provide the user with buying and selling and give the user with the best value for their product so an online auction was built into the application. There was credit given in the form of money with which the users can also buy as well as send some gifts to the other users on some special occasions. This would benefit the section of users, the buyer as well as the seller

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