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Local Directory App

This wonderful app lets the users connect with or know the details about any organization in their preferred location. This helps in searching for any particular location. Want to know your nearest home service, grocer, restaurant, essential everyday service, church, or any institution or organization?

Client Requirements

  • Build an easy-to-use mobile app to interact with organizations, businesses or persons that are part of your daily life.
  • The app can be used to engage with restaurants, grocery stores, churches, schools, tuition centers, dry cleaners, resident societies or any enterprise that a regular person would engage with on a daily basis
Functionalities of Swapp App


  • To add common and required functionalities in one mobile application
  • The challenge was to reduce loading time and memory, as for each and every task people were required to use different app which would make their smartphones slow and take up more memory
  • Furthermore exchanging and storing lots of business name cards can be a hectic task to be performed
swapp diagram

App Features and Functionalities

  • The app offers the user in getting access to various apps into one application.
  • The app allows users in getting in touch with any organization
  • You can order food & grocery through Swapp app
  • Booking an appointment for saloon is easy on Swapp
  • The app lets the user to get in touch with groups
  • You can exchange name cards with the people you meet on Swapp with a single swipe
App Features and Functionalities of Swapp App

Technical Implementations

  • Android: Java with Android Studio
  • iOS: XCode with Objective C/Swift language


We built an application that contains various functionalities of using different apps in one app. Swapp application works well with food ordering, booking an appointment, getting in touch with any organization, dry cleaners, grocery stores

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