Unique Pet Care Marketplace App

Pet Care Marketplace App

A unique pet care providers app that showcases and sells the pet care services to the people looking for pet care services. The pet care shop is a one-stop shop for a variety of pet care services. While the pet care users app help manage all the services from pet care providers from a single app.

Client Requirement

The client wants us to build separate interfaces for users and vendors with different sets of functionalities.

Users should be able to

  • Find all types of pet care services such as groomers, walkers, vets, and trainers from a single app.
  • Book and manage appointments (Video call or face-to-face) by chatting with a pet care service provider.
  • Set medication reminders to timely provide medicines or required care to the pets.
  • Watch training videos for better pet care.

Pet care service providers should be able to

  • Allow pet care service providers to list the services they provide along with a short description and price.
  • Manage the users and their appointments with a one-to-one chat with users.
  • Create and send training videos to the users for the best care delivery and strengthen customer relationships.
  • Set emergency alerts when a major variation is found in the pet’s health.

Application features and functionality

Pet care service seekers/user’s application

  • Users can search and view the variety of pet care services offered by various vendors and select them based on ratings and reviews.
  • Users can book pet care services by selecting specialists, pet type, and appointment type, and pay for the services using the mobile application.
  • They can track the appointment service request whether it’s confirmed, to be confirmed, or on hold.
  • General Modules for users
    • Profile
    • Contact Us
    • Privacy Policy
    • Terms and condition

Pet care service providers/vendor’s application

  • Add the list of the pet care services provided along with descriptions and prices.
  • Check the appointment details of pets and users to confirm or cancel the appointment request.
  • View the list of upcoming and completed appointments for pet care services.
  • Chat with users if required regarding pet care services.
  • General Modules for vendors
    • Profile
    • Contact Us
    • Privacy Policy
    • Terms and condition

Technical Specification & Implementation

  • Website & Web panel: PHP with Code-Igniter
  • Database: MySQL
  • Android: Android Studio with Java
  • iOS: Xcode with Swift


We successfully created a one stop pet care marketplace for buyers and sellers of pet care services. Buyers can buy from listed services and sellers can list all the pet care services they provide or sell pet care products and have them delivered straight to doorstep.

Pet Care Marketplace User application

Pet Care Marketplace Business application

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