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Hyperlocal news app

Hyperlocal apps are micro-blogging social networks for local communities where they can easily discover or share news, happenings or events around their surroundings. It allows users to stay up to date with all the latest news and information in or outside their locality.

Client Requirement

  • User should be able to view news
  • User should be able to report activities around them
  • User should be able to upload video or picture content
  • The app should have a verification process for authenticity
  • There should be an algorithm that automatically geofences and alerts users within the location
  • Users should be able to add sources for authentication
  • The app should have an AI-based scoring system to grade the posted news
hyperlocal news app features

Application features and functionalities

  • App aids in sharing only verified content around the locality
  • Users have the option to interact with the news content
  • Users can start meaningful discussions
  • App is divided into various parts of news categories
  • Users can add sources of their verifiable information
  • App is integrated with search and filter options
  • User scores can be calculated and given rankings within 3 hours
  • App has multiple engagement tools
  • Features like push notifications help in keeping the users up-to-date
  • Users have the option of registering and making personal profiles
hyperlocal news app functionalities

Technical Specification & Implementation

  • Android: Android Studio with Java
  • iOS: XCode with Swift
  • Website: PHP with CodeIgniter


We have successfully curated a unique hyperlocal news application that makes creating, sharing and viewing news safer, faster and easier. User collaborative verification and percentage algorithms make journalism less complex and encourage users to report the news through videos, pictures or location-based content.

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