Solar Service App - One Stop Clean Energy Companion

Solar Service App – End-to-End Solar Panel Companion

The solar service app is an all-in-one solution for booking and enjoying various solar panel services at the customers’ doorstep, from installation to cleaning and maintenance services. With instant booking of authorized, well-trained professionals, this app allows solar panel consumers to fulfill their solar service needs at discounted prices.

Client Requirements for a Solar Panel Service App

The solar service app client requirements emphasize that consumers and solar panel service partners should be able to do the following using their respective applications.

Solar Panel Consumer App

  • Register and create their profile to use the solar service application.
  • Browse, book, and hire experts for solar panel services such as site survey, installation, cleaning, and maintenance in a few taps.
  • Track the real-time status of solar service experts, get notifications for ETAs, and even chat with experts.
  • Access valuable information to improve knowledge regarding solar panels.

Solar Services Professional Partner App

  • Learn everything about the solar panel services for which they get training from a dedicated technical expert team.
  • Chat directly with customers to understand the solar services they require.
  • Receive the solar service requests and approve them based on their availability.
  • Toggle the availability for providing services for solar panels.
  • A centralized dashboard to view today’s pending jobs, accepted/rejected jobs, and completed jobs.
  • View daily earnings and the total earned to date.

Solar Panel Application Features and Functionalities

Solar Panel User App

When the user has installed the solar panel provided by the company then the consumer can carry out the following activities using the Solar Energy Panel Consumer App:

  • Sign up to browse and start using solar service solutions.
  • Hire the best solar panel service expert after checking their work reviews.
  • TTrack solar panel partner’s booking and get notified of an expected arrival time.
  • Chat with the booked expert partner providing them with more details about the type of solar service required.
  • View the recent offers on solar panel products and services offered.
  • View the invoice and transaction history of services availed.
  • Connect with customer support 24/7 to resolve their queries.
  • Check the latest offers to avail of discounted services for solar panels.
  • Refer the app to their friends and earn under the referral program.

Solar Service Experts’ App

The solar partner app is for experts who can provide comprehensive solar panel services to consumers. Using the solar service specialist partner app, the experts can:

  • Partners can register, get the required training, and start offering solar services.
  • View total jobs, accepted/rejected, canceled, and completed jobs.
  • View the locations to find nearby training centers.
  • Work for flexible hours by toggling their availability in the solar services app.
  • Directly search or look for categorized products required for solar services.
  • View and access the products that they can recommend to the customers when required.
  • View the job and chat with the consumer who has requested solar panel expert services.
  • Expert solar panel professionals get assured payment for delivering services as requested by the business consumers.

Technical Specification & Implementation

Android App:

  • Tool Used:Android Studio
  • Language: JAVA

iOS App:

  • Tool Used:Xcode
  • Language: Swift


  • PHP, Laravel


  • MySQL

The Comprehensive Solar Service Solution

We successfully built solar service apps that bridge the gap between solar panel customers and solar panel professional service providers. The pre-post solar service platform ensures the best experience for consumers and service-providing professionals. The specialists visit the customer’s site for product selection, followed by installation and other services.

Even the Solar Service Partner App provides the opportunity for the experts to register and get the job based on their availability. The convenience is accompanied by transparency throughout the solar service app. Further, the consumers as well as the expert service providers can acquire any additional knowledge that they need about the solar panel and all the related services.

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