Post Office iOS & Android App Case Study


The need to track post was vibrantly felt by people and this is what prompted out client to make life easy for their customers. Tracking of parcels, delivery schedules, finding local post offices and other such things can sometimes become overwhelming. Our client intended to provide something more than a postal service to customers. They needed an app that can provide all these services at fingertips of people. The sole intention here was to provide ease in the somewhat complicated postal service system.

The Project dynamics

The client approached Prismetric with the idea of developing a mobile app that can help synchronize postal services and provide an easy and fast avenue to users in tracking their parcels and mail from their smart phones.

The challenge in development of this app was in making it compliant for use on Android as well as iOS platforms. Further, the time frame for development was not much and hence, planning and strategies along with implementation plans needed to be nothing less than perfect. Further, we also needed time for testing and bug detection before final deployment. Our creative and mobile application development team instantly grabbed the context of this project and sat down to crack their brains to devise an outline plan. The client just loved our efforts and gave the signal to get cracking with the development.
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The solution

Our app development team first gathered all relevant information related to postal services and systems based in the region. This gave us a clear picture about what difficulties were faced by people. Our plans were devised to negate these difficulties and provide a feature rich and user-friendly application.

Along with enhanced features, we intended to instill freshness and vibrancy in the app design. For this, we structured the app with fresh colors and authentic looks to make it seem professional, yet attractive. Our sole desire here was provoking users to instantly hook on to the app.

The outcome

All our efforts along with valuable feedback and suggestion received from the client resulted in final deployment over iTunes and Google Play for the app. The app had the following features which proved beneficial for users.

  • Tracking status of Speed post delivery
  • Tracking parcels
  • Searching and locating post boxes and agents became easy
  • The app allows users to calculate shipping/ postage charges; both for local and overseas transactions
  • Locating landmarks and postal codes was made easy
  • Learning about services and products offered by our client was facilitated

The app provided easy to understand navigation and users now had the facility of being able to track their postal requirements from anywhere and at any time. Our efforts paid fruit and the end result for an enterprising, feature-rich and easy to use mobile app.

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