PIT Fitness iOS & Android Application Case Study

PIT Fitness is full-body interval training that blasts your metabolism and builds functional strength via the only mobile app that puts you through a 30-day workout program that seamlessly allows you to change your workouts based on the tools available to you.PIT- Performance Interval Training- incorporates styles designed to shock the body to get you working like a pro athlete with explosive, full-body, fat-blasting movements that get men and women leaner, stronger and more athletic.
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About Client

Client is a CEO of the social media marketing company located in USA. He is also interested in fitness exercises and has very good knowledge of fitness. He is big fan of performance interval training.


Basic requirement was to develop a Fitness app which can work as personal fitness trainer for anyone with or without any fitness knowledge and for most popular mobile platforms like iOS and Android. User should be able to choose what their fitness level is and what work out tools they have available and based on that they should see custom workout routine created for them. Also client wanted to have an option where user can add music while using the app so user can listen to songs available from their devices.

  • User friendly and easy UI Design
  • Tracking of the time while user is working out
  • Social media integration
  • Integrating default music player of the device with the app
  • User should be able to search their workout based on tools, time they have for workout, Body parts, and their fitness level.


Prismetric provided a solid solution by developing an effective app for iPhone and Android through native coding. The process started from the wireframe iterations, moved on to the actual design of the application, and ended in effective solution which works on Android and iOS both platforms.

The major challenge was to create exercise database so users can get perfect workout routine based on their tools available and fitness level. Our experts created local relational SQLite database and optimized it for performance. Another challenge was integrating device music player with the app and playing songs in the app itself without stopping apps other functionality and our team has resolved it very seamlessly.

Users just need to pick their fitness level and tools they have for workout. And app will return the best workout program based their selection. User can view the day by day workout plan for next 20-30 days depending on their selection. They have option to start the timer so they can how much time they have left for that particular day’s workout. They can also add music from their device music library and listen to music while working out.


To summarize we have developed an app for client which can work as user’s personal Performance interval trainer which can provide workout routine based on workout tools available and fitness level.

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