iPoint Television iOS & Android App


Missing your favorite television shows, or movies always seems to be felt badly by people. With lives becoming hectic than ever before, missing these television favorites can be frustrating. This is exactly what our client thought about before initiating the idea of a revolutionary app that can aid people to watch their favorite television shows while on the go. Our client realized the fact that though people are out for work most of their time, one thing that always accompanies them is their mobile phone. This is where our client thought of developing an app that can help users to view television over their smart phones via an incredible app.

The Project Dynamics

With their intent clear, the client approached Prismetric with their idea and expected us to develop this TV app that will help their users view what they may miss due to work or other responsibilities.

The client wanted a simple yet good looking mobile app that can run smoothly across smart phones with ease. The challenge as seen by our expert team of developers was smooth live streaming via API. This was due to presence of many television channels and also VOD’s. Our team knew that this one would require extensive research; however, as usual, the Prismetric team rose to the challenge and got to work to overcome hurdles.

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The Solution

We began our work with aplomb and knew that with hundreds of television channels, movies and videos, our research needed to be extremely strong. Further, we knew that the intent to run all programs smoothly was a prime concern. Our team ensured that with research strings attached, we would be in a better position for deployment.

This is exactly what our team accomplished. We ensured that we developed a simple yet beautiful app that would stream live shows with extreme ease without hiccups. We knew that end users will not like buffering and hence, our endeavor was always directed towards ensuring that smoothness becomes a selling point for this app. The final product was loved by our client and that was our success.

The Outcome

Our development effort paid fruits and the app we created had the following incredible features.

  • Access to television networks, videos and your favorite shows at anytime and anywhere
  • Menu selection to choose whichever channels you intend to view
  • Ease of browsing through host of TV channels
  • Excellent streaming capability; both for iOS and Android users

The app is available free to download as part of a company membership.

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