Cook4Lyfe – an iOS app for Smart Cooking Case Study

Cook4Lyfe, a new kitchen convenience app, which restructures the cooking process by dividing  that process into a step by step “meal cycle” which will be helpful in deciding  what to cook, from where to fetch ingredients that are required and then finally how to cook that delicious mouth watering dish.

C4L is helpful in creating a simple home inventory of ingredients you already have by scanning bar codes and making use of swipe based control, add or delete items from your list. Cook4Lyfe will even suggest a grocery store on the basis of ingredients on your list and accordingly give driving instructions. Thus, it is a fully featured app.
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About Client

Client behind the development of Cook4Lyfe is a Patrick Kellenberger of CubeLyfe, Inc. a Denver, Colorado. They are interested in creating apps that make life simple and exhilarating by combining minimalist design with intuitive functionality and as a result cook4Lyfe is developed.


Basic requirement was to develop a kitchen utility app, with different features like, finding ingredients, and using ingredients that are available in the pantry, so anyone with or without any cooking knowledge can cook delicious recipes in an easy manner and for most popular mobile platforms like iOS. They emphasize that User should be able to use none other than this app while cooking, if the purpose is shopping for ingredients or for making a grocery list. Thus, creating highly featured app under one name.

  • User friendly and easy UI Design
  • Social media integration
  • Creates a unique Homelyfe inventory of ingredients.
  • Searching recipes based on those ingredients.
  • Creating shopping lists based on omitted ingredients.
  • C4L will suggest a grocery store based on ingredients on the shopping list.
  • Use of  intuitive gesture control
  • Bar code scanner
  • And finally cooking meal


Prismetric provided a solid solution by developing an efficient app for iPhone with the help of native coding. The process started from the wireframe iterations, then passing through the actual design of the application, it ended in effective solution which works on iOS platform effectively.

The major challenge 40,000 unique recipes from top food blogs, food and addition of Bar code scanner with 100,000 items in the database. Prismetric technologies used a method through which Added ingredients will automatically sort into prearranged categories. After this, they added facility of emailing shopping list, saving favorite recipes and in addition to that also adds maps of the grocery stores with easy to use radius selector. Thus, offering a complete set of features that run in an application without any problem.

This app enables users to delete, add, move items with single swiping gestures of a finger. The Cook4Lyfe mobile app is a modern, simple user interface with influential functionality to help users in going through everyday “Meal Cycle” with simplicity and pleasure


To summarize we have developed a kitchen utility app for a client which can work as a user’s personal shopper and cooking instructor and add more fun to daily cooking.


1-Finalist Best Recipe App, 2013 on!

2-Featured in USA Today in “The Only Cooking Apps You’ll Ever Need!”

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