A guide to essential Travel App Features for a Successful Business

What are the top travel app features to take your business to the next level?

Unique and Must-have Travel App Features for your Business

While many applications just find a place on users’ mobile phones, a few can make their place on the home screen as they become the apple of everybody’s eye due to their best functionalities and facilities. During travel business app development, you can make sure that your product has some mind-boggling travel app features so that it stands out from the mediocre crowd. You can follow the guide to develop a travel app and stay on track with every aspect you need to take care of in a procedural manner.

Before setting out to brainstorm about the features you need, it is important to know the types of travel apps and which type will be the most suitable for you. Based on the travel application type you can further think of the most important features to have in your travel app.

For ease of understanding, we have bifurcated the travel app features into two namely general and special ones for travel apps. You must think of these aspects while getting your product developed for the travel business and offers a unique experience to your users.

What general must-have Travel app features should you not miss for your travel business?

Some basic features every travel app should have - Travel app features

General features can be categorized as the basic features most travel apps would have. These features are the prerequisites to make them usable. If you don’t go for a customized travel business app and prefer a readymade product instead, most of these features would come by default.

Login through various medium

Registration to a mobile application is the prerequisite to using the product. With multiple options available today to log in to your platform, you need to provide your users with multiple logins such as email, phone number, and social media. As a business owner, social media login gives you an extra edge as you can gather much-needed information about users’ choices and traveling habits. Nevertheless, you may allow users to simply browse through various categories on the travel app.

Search, sort, and filter

Travel app users come on the platform with a specific search in most cases; hence, it is important to provide users with search, sort, and filter. With this facility, they can get what they want. Here are a few benefits you can avail of having these features –

  • Particular destination for tour
  • Particular dates or periods for traveling
  • Price -high to low and vice versa
  • A specific search of hotels or traveling partner
  • Particular traveling packages

Ticket booking

According to market experts, more than 60% of travelers in the US prefer booking and paying online for any travel throughout the world. Once you help travelers with what they want, offering them ticket booking of various kinds shall help them reserve their seats at both places traveling and hotels. The ticket booking feature could have these extra features to make the user experience awesome –

  • High-resolution photos of the traveling destination
  • High-resolution pictures/videos of the interior and exterior of hotels
  • Incorporated maps to help travelers with travel and sightseeing plans
  • Loyalty points to retain users
  • Credit card rewards, hotel points, flyer miles, etc.
  • Local taxi/cab bookings for local traveling

Travel itinerary

Users want an accurate schedule at the end of their bookings on the travel business app. That said, from start to finish such as flight details, airport transport to a cab or any rented vehicle for local sightseeing, and hotel or restaurant bookings with tentative dates and times should be clearly mentioned. The itinerary, on the travel mobile application, should be available to view and also download. The users can carry the printout for their reference.

Instant communication

Instant Communication App Feature

The most important feature needed for any mobile app for the service industry is instant communication. That said, users should be able to contact customer care executives from the travel agent or company at any given point in time and place. This is quite crucial because any issue faced in the eleventh hour should be handled immediately. For instance, if the hotel refuses to take the guests in or if there is a difference in tariff paid by the user and the actual price, then the dispute needs to be solved as early as possible.

Instant communication could be placed during travel app development in many ways. Nevertheless, here are the most common options –

  • Live chat (more than 50% of travelers prefer this option)
  • Email
  • Talk over a phone
  • An AI-enabled chatbot (the latest feature included these days in travel app development)

Still unsure about which features to choose for your travel business?

Unique travel app features to make your business stand out in the market

To survive in the cutthroat competition in the travel and tourism industry, your product should offer something amazing that entices users and help your app retain visitors. To find a permanent place on users’ mobile phones, it is important for the travel software to include some unique or advanced features listed below –

Map integration

Map integration travel app feature

Most travelers love to explore places that are unknown to them. That said, the place is new to them and they have no clue about the directions to hotels and other sightseeing places. Map integration through popular APIs (say, Google Maps) would help users navigate through.

Travel planning

Travel planning travel app feature

A traveling plan would be a real plus point for your travel mobile app where tourists can carefully plan their entire trip. The app can offer the most economical transportation and value-for-money hotels as per their budget and choices. Users should be always given the freedom to choose their own ways to book flights, cruises, buses, and cabs. Nevertheless, travel experts can always be there guiding them, if they want.

Voice search

Voice search travel app feature

Statista’s forecast reports that by 2024, the number of digital voice assistants shall touch 8.4 bn units which is surprisingly higher than the world’s total population. Travel apps with voice search will provide your product with an added benefit as more and more people prefer searching through their voices.

In-App Language Translator

In-App Language Translator Travel App Feature

Another feature you can think of is the in-app language translator where travelers can simply use the application for translating the other local language to their known one. This is an extremely useful feature especially for those who travel abroad and to countries or regions where the language is different from their mother tongue.


Transportation travel app feature

Offering all sorts of transportation shall provide the best customer experience on travel applications. Merely hotel booking and flight booking may not be sufficient for travelers as their purpose, in most cases, is sightseeing and visiting historic monuments. Hence, a travel mobile app that offers transportation such as pick-up and drop-off from airports to hotels, and provides private or public vehicles for local sightseeing could do wonders for your app.

World Clock Time Converter

Traveling from one place to another, especially for long-distance travel, requires times to match. For instance, someone from Asia travels to the Americas, then the time zone changes and a lot of bookings and plans depend on them. Hence, a feature of the world clock will help travelers to check the difference in time zone and plan better.

Currency converter

Currency converter travel app feature

Travel applications with currency converters have an extra edge over other touring mobile apps. Tours and travel business go beyond geographical boundaries and, therefore, you need to offer users various currencies to convert into currencies of the destination countries.

Feedback and reviews

Not only do feedback and reviews help travelers know about the service providers such as sightseeing operators and hotels, but they also provide in-depth insight to travel app owners or operators to improve their services. For instance, with negative feedback about the cleanliness of rooms, travel operators can contact hotels and suggest they overcome such issues. On the other hand, users, too, can sort hotels according to their star ratings to avoid any unwanted experience on their tours.

Emergency services

Traveling to other locations always include a bit of risk to any traveler and, therefore, offering emergency services to avoid unwanted consequences could be a key feature of your travel business app. While integrating any emergency service into your travel app development, it is crucial to mind the multilingual support in cases where a person is traveling to another country or region where their native languages are different from locals. A few services you can think of as the best travel app features include –

  • Emergency medical services
  • Legal help for Emergency
  • Police Emergency Services
  • Emergency medical and travel insurance

Travel Journal

A new feather in the crown of travel apps is the travel journal feature wherein travelers can easily organize and save various photos, videos, and other memories from their tours and travels. Such travel journals also offer an easy conversion to albums and other documents such as travel diaries within a few clicks. It is a unique feature you can plan to have while developing your app.

Weather forecast

Weather forecast travel app feature

While most travel applications include several important features and facilities, only a few know the value of offering weather forecasts to the destined places for tourists. Weather is an important factor for travelers because depending on it they would plan their outings or getaways. During travel app development, you can take the help of third-party API integration to augment your mobile travel software. Some of the popular weather forecasting APIs include YahooWeather and AccuWeather.

Offline Access

Not all locations have an Internet connection. Carriers, in many places, fail to provide quality networks. Therefore accessing travel app features may not be possible if things work online. Offline access is an important feature to have on your travel app so that users can have important information or data as and when they want. For instance, the ticket or booking number.

Safe Payment Gateway

Safe Payment Gateway travel app feature

A secure payment gateway is one of the most important features you should have on your travel business app. Most travelers prefer buying and booking tickets and other stuff online. Multiple options (such as eWallet, Bank/Wire transfer, and Credit/Debit card) for paying online shall get your app an added advantage of usability.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications of all kinds shall have a great positive impact on your travel app users. Important alerts and notifications will help users not to miss any crucial date, time, or task while traveling. Notifications can be customized for travel apps as per users’ needs.

Navigate your travel business to Success with the best travel app features

It is quite common that the top travel app development company shall work as per your business objectives; it is called the custom-built travel app. Depending on research & market trends, and the type of travel app to develop, you can decide on the travel app features. You can further list special features and facilities that offer a unique experience to your travel app users.

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