Travel App Types – Which one is best for your travel business?

Know Popular Types of Travel Apps to build one that empowers your Travel Business

Travel App Types – Which one is best for your travel business

Developing a travel app comes with the complexities of identifying the types of travel apps and varieties of options depending on the niche or specific travel business aspect you want to focus on. For instance, mobile app development for ticket booking or sightseeing tours.

As an entrepreneur focusing on Tours and travel business, you should glance through various travel app types so that you can work on a specific section and roll out a niche traveling product to offer a different experience to travelers.

After our previous blog about travel mobile app development guide, in this blog, we walk you through the different types of travel apps. Having a complete understanding of all the types of apps for the travel business will help you take a more informed decision on the tour and travel app you need to develop for your travel business.

Types of travel apps according to their purposes

Various Types of Travel App

Types of travel apps can be classified further as per the services they offer. There are various purposes to facilitate travelers with myriad services –

Travel itinerary planning apps

This app offers every schedule of the plan. From origin to destination, the travel itinerary gives a clear idea about the entire trip to the traveler.

Examples: Wanderlog, Tripit, and Sygic Travel

Accommodation booking apps

All types of accommodation such as hotels, resorts, and even vacation rentals (houses) can be included.

Examples:,, and Trivago

Travel insurance apps

This app would secure traveling for wanderers. Any delay in the flight, loss of passport, medical or legal emergencies, and bounced bookings can be covered under this app.

Examples: Goose Travel Insurance, Allianz TravelSmart, and AIG Travel Assistance

Travel guide apps

While traveling to other places, travelers would love to know about the local culture, heritage sights, and other historic monuments. Also, it will help them to know about the must-visit sights. Hence, a travel guide app would be helpful for them to have a local tourist guide.

Examples: GetYourGuide, TripAdvisor, and Viator

Currency conversion apps

Offering a currency converter as a travel app is beneficial for tourists because they can then plan their trip according to their budget.

Examples: Xe Currency Converter and Money Transfer, and MyCurrency

Transportation app

Transportation is the backbone of any tour and traveling business. Offering buses, cars, taxis, bikes, and even bicycle renting could be considered a travel app category.

Examples: Uber, Ola, and Lyft.

Looking to create your custom travel application for your tours & travel business?

Language translate apps

Though English is an international language, many countries struggle to communicate in English. Hence, offering a language translation app, especially for tourists and travelers is a good business idea.

Examples: iTranslate Language Translator, SayHi Translate, and TextGrabber

Travel finance app

Many travel enthusiasts and backpackers don’t want to disturb their savings and prefer the finance option to wander around.

Examples: DiscoverMobile, Sofi, and TripMoney

GPS & Navigation app

Tourists are not familiar with local roads and areas. Hence, GPS-based features would help them navigate through tourist places without asking anyone on the streets.

Examples: Google Maps, KoMoot, and HERE WeGo

Photo & Videography apps

Taking photos and making videos to keep memories with you is common for tourists. Photography and videography apps with social media sharing options would make a great travel app choice.

Examples: Open Camera, Camera +2, and Adobe Photoshoot Camera

Virtual tour apps

Many tourists prefer having a glance at the places before visiting them actually; hence, virtual tour apps shall provide them with a 360-degree view of the monuments and preferably the streets of a particular place.

Examples: Google Earth, Sites in VR, and Egypt VR 360-degree

Travel deal alerts app

Nomads of many kinds love deals and discounts. In fact, they would wait for the offers to travel to other destinations. Travel deal alert application would be a really handy tool for them.

Examples: HolidayPirates, SkyScanner, and Hopper

Couchsurfing apps

Accommodation is the biggest concern in the travel and tourism industry. Couchsurfing allows locals to turn host and welcome guests on their vacation rentals. Travelers can save a large chunk by hiring local houses.

Examples: Airbnb, and Homestay

Ticket booking apps

This is the most basic traveling app through which wanderers can book their tickets of all kinds such as airway, roadway, and waterway. Booking tickets through mobile apps is convenient as users can find the availability of seats on particular days and times; furthermore, they can securely pay online.

Examples: Skyscanner, and TripIt

Travel journal apps

The latest addition to travel app types is the travel journal application specifically built to record and save great memories from tours and travels. Users can easily store photos, tickets, videos, and other stuff related to their outings and getaways on a single platform that they can later convert into albums or travel diaries.

Examples: TripCast, BonJournal, and Momento

How to choose better from the types of travel apps?

We have covered some of the most popular types of travel apps to provide you with a brief insight into the different travel solutions that can be built. One solution does not work for all problems and every problem requires some sort of customization in the solution that will suit their problem. To suit your travel business there may be some custom requirements, which you can discuss with the dedicated developers you hire.

All travel app types have essential business potential; nevertheless, with demographic and psychographic study and research in regions you are planning to have your travel business, the travel solution built shall change its course in terms of features and costs.

Having understood a brief about the different types of travel apps it will now help you to select the essential travel app features required to be added to your travel business app.

Still, if you are not quite sure of the travel application type that is best for your travel business you can take the professional help of expert travel app developers to venture into a particular tour and travel sector.

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