Which World-Class Websites are Based on ReactJS?

What are the Most Popular Websites Built with ReactJS?

Top-rated Web Apps built on ReactJS

Web developers love ReactJS because the technology makes front-end development easier than ever before. Every website that is built with ReactJS should be carefully studied and learned before you opt for any web development services for your business.

The code in ReactJS is simpler to use and convey to other fellow programmers. A lot depends on an interactive user interface and React is known to make interactive UIs as it changes the state of the key components and virtually updates the DOM.

Prismetric pioneers in web technologies and you can hire ReactJS developers through different hiring models. With better clarity about the technology, you can take the right decision whether to go for ReactJS or not.

What is ReactJS?

As stated earlier, ReactJS is a library that helps build reusable UI components. When the aesthetics of web and mobile applications carry the highest weightage in the success and usability of any software, ReactJS is the backbone of any web development.

The technology offers the simplest possible programming model for developers due to which it is one of the most loved technologies by tech experts. Its features such as JSX, components, unidirectional data flow, and Flux make ReactJS many tech giants’ pet programming base. Since the technology is innovative and keeps updating itself to meet the present demands of markets and users, ReactJS for front-end developers has been a boon as they can build interfaces loved by their clients.

Basically, ReactJS was developed by Facebook for those who build not only browse websites but also OS applications. According to Statista (2021), ReactJS makes it to the list of the top eighteen active web frameworks, ahead of the extremely popular jQuery.

Why use ReactJS for web development?

ReactJS Benefits

There are several reasons stated by experts as to why use ReactJS for web development. With ReactJS, the project development speed is accelerated due to its easy learning and simple coding. Also, one can write custom components as it provides unique abstraction layers to offer code stability.

Apps built on ReactJS have scalability and that results in a vibrant ecosystem not just for developers but also for any future amendments.

Top websites built with ReactJS

Normal users are unaware of technologies and platforms, but if you are keen to learn about what benefits your business and how your website development or mobile app development should go, you may get surprised that ReactJS has been used by the most popular tech companies. Here are a few to name –

websites built with ReactJS


The streaming giant Netflix uses ReactJS to present its content in a clear yet attractive way. Probably the best UI example, Netflix has been the epitome of how the content should be presented to viewers in the most attractive way. According to the Netflix team, ReactJS’s speed, modularity, and performance have been the key features of why they chose it.


Earlier based on CoffeeScript and BackboneJS, Trello was struggling with the architecture support and caching. To overcome this, Trello adapted React and TypeScript, and later GraphQL. Ultimately, the tool grew and now it has become a powerful project management tool that is extremely capable of to respond any amount and size of queries.


The social media giant Facebook banks on React and other technologies. Its attractive and engaging user interface makes the platform dear to billions of users. The high-speed displaying elements have been improved using React and Relay embodied with GraphQL. Indeed, Facebook also uses several other technologies such as PHP and Python to keep its functions smooth.

Yahoo! Mail

For personal computers, Yahoo! Mail services revamped its interface and took a new avatar in 2017. The Yahoo! team chose the most powerful tech stack then including React. The platform provided state-of-the-art solutions in the industry that lead to the best-in-class user experience.


Targeting avid readers, Scribd offers subscriptions to thousands of books in electronic and audio formats. The idea was to provide the best possible user interface to readers who are specific about their choices. ReactJS was used as a front-end technology and the development team said that JSX code made their tasks easier.


Another pioneer example of the most popular websites built with ReactJS is BBC. Millions of viewers rely on this media giant for its content and presentation. Earlier, BBC had PHP for its front end and some parts of the backend. Later, the company initiated the cloud transition and in 2020, all its pages were transferred to Simorgh, built with React.


The tech giant Microsoft introduced Outlook to perform and streamline several tasks such as emails, calendars, planners, notepads, and contact managers. React remains the chief component in giving Outlook a new avatar with much more efficiency and user accessibility. The look and feel of the platform were the key concern that Microsoft achieved through an agile development environment through React.


Skyscanner helps users get all the required information about flights that can be further filtered with different criteria and choices. In 2019, the company planned and executed a major shift in the portal’s design and functionalities as a part of refreshing its brand. The Backpack design system took React components as its base and the company achieved its goal of providing terrific UI/UX across all platforms.


Beyond emails, planners, and social media platforms, ReactJS has been also a crucial base used by security platforms such as Cloudflare. Cloudflare is a server network where websites from all over the world are connected securely. The company claims that ReactJS helps them protect against DDoS attacks with its powerful infrastructure as it blocks the most deadly intrusion on the DNS system.

Dropbox (HelloSign)

HelloSign is a document signing service by Dropbox that enables users to share documents and sign online on various devices. Since signs are used to authenticate documents in legal matters, this service requires high safety norms. Dropbox migrated this service from JQuery to React for better reliability and usability.


Used by millions of people, Codeacademy is a platform dedicated to code learners. The platform is immensely popular among those who want to learn programming due to its highly intuitive and engaging user interface. ReactJS makes the platform more enjoyable as it can accommodate animation with the least coding.


In 2015, the company selected React library for its web applications as they loved its virtual DOM feature. Flipboard focused on providing highly attractive text and graphics as a part of drawing standard DOM objects so that the platform can perform better and provide the best user experience to customers.


Known worldwide for its online grocery store shopping, Instacart is a delivery platform that adopted ReactJS in 2016 from the earlier SPA-hosted foundation of Backbone, Query, and Underscore.js. The application grew over time and it required better technical infrastructure due to which the company thought of ReactJS. As a result, Instacart is bagging good numbers of users or customers and their reviews by them are clearly praiseworthy for the UI.


Grammarly is probably the first typing assistant for the English language with powerful artificial intelligence, NLP, and machine learning capabilities. The platform uses the framework to offer astounding features that range from spell check to plagiarism check and many more. Ever since the ReactJS libraries have been augmenting the overall application’s functions, there are more and more users subscribing to Grammarly services.


ReactJS helps improve all sorts of websites and portals under any category; for instance, Asana, a web-based project management application. The app initially used Luna but then they started facing issues with scaling and therefore they started finding the right option for their tool. The company then decided to go for ReactJS for its interface. Today, it is backed by ReactJS and Typescript and according to the development team and tech experts in the company, the present technologies have provided them with excellent stability to render optimum performance of the tool. The results are quite visible as they are now engaging more people and the user base has significantly increased.

Planning to build a web app for your business using ReactJS as the frontend?


FAQs on Popular webs apps built with ReactJS

Why is ReactJS famous among the top websites in the world?

ReactJS is known for its easy coding, simple learning among developers, and for its astounding features that help designers to get the best user interface. Technically, ReactJS offers virtual DOM and reusability of components along with numerous libraries and readymade components to make the overall programming easy and holistic. On the other hand, renowned websites don’t want to compromise on user experience; hence, these websites use ReactJS.

How to hire ReactJS developers?

You may contact mobile and web app development companies and ask whether they have experienced ReactJS developers to hire. Check out their portfolio and previous work in ReactJS before you build your own team of ReactJS programmers.

What can be built with ReactJS?

ReactJS technology is suitable for all-size projects – from a small webpage to a large-scale complex portal, ReactJS fuels all technical requirements of startups and enterprises of all industry verticals. The React Native version also caters to great features and offers scalable solutions as mobile apps.

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