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Top 10 Advantages Of using MEAN Stack for Web App Development Project

The Advantages of Using MEAN Stack for Web Application Development

Building a website just for the sake of creating an online presence is not healthy for businesses nowadays. They need to add all the secret ingredients (technologies, tools, and third-party services) to the website to make it live up to the tech-savvy audience’s expectations. In the same vein, modernized, next-gen custom web app development is not an easy game you need to partner with experts for web development services.

Advanced web app development requires businesses to go beyond HTML and CSS leverage, use available repositories and libraries, build a powerful backend, craft elegant UI, deliver high performance, ensure robust security, and keep room for upgrades. All of these require a lot of strategic planning and using the right technology stack. You can consider these trending web development technologies for winning outcomes.

Saying tech stack is the wishbone of web applications won’t be an overstatement at all. There are many tech stacks like- MEAN, MERN, LAMP, and others that are largely looked at by businesses for powering their web development project. MEAN stack turned out as a powerful stack that covers all the requirements of web app development for all sizes and types of businesses.

The stack has benefits and resolves a lot of challenges that occur during web application development process. If you want to be 100% sure about the choice for MEAN stack leverage, the guidelines to choose the right tech stack would help you. Cut to the chase: Take a look at MEAN tech stack in detail and understand why is it beneficial to use MEAN stack for web development projects. Let’s dive in!

What is MEAN stack?

MEAN stack comprises four JS technologies namely- MongoDB database, Express.JS framework, AngularJS framework, and Node.JS framework to build enterprise-level, next-gen applications. The tech stack also has testing frameworks such as Karma.JS and Mocha.JS that make writing test cases for web applications damn easier.

Take a sneak peek inside at MEAN programming stack and how it helps in developing different components of the web application.

  • MongoDB- the open-source NoSQL database management system that enables data sharing between client and server. Also, it stores data in JSON-like files which improves data accessibility, scalability, and performance. JSON query language leverage makes communication with the backend easier.
  • Express.JS- Express is a popular JS framework that’s used at scale by developers for building web apps at speed. The lightweight framework connects Node.JS with MongoDB. In the process, the framework works side by side as a server with Node.JS to build RESTful APIs. It provides functionalities that make high-performant, single-page, and multi-page web app development effortless.
  • AngularJS- Officially supported by Google, AngularJS is the frontend framework that facilitates extending HTML vocabulary, user request processing, and meticulous UI creation that makes the frontend appealing. The support for two-way data binding addresses the challenges associated with syntax binding. AngularJS follows MVC (Model View Controller) architecture and along with the modular structure helps in building dynamic and highly scalable custom web applications.
  • Node.JS- Node.js is a framework built on Google Chrome’s V8 engine. The backend framework for JS runtime library is well-known in the development landscape for its usability. The lightweight backend development platform has a range of libraries that are known as NPM and follows non-blocking I/O and event-driven models. The event-driven architecture, asynchronous language, and others are the plus points.

The combination of technologies made tech titans such as Accenture, LinkedIn, Raindrop, and AngularClass use the MEAN stack for web app development projects. If you want to build web apps backed by MEAN technology stack, hire MEAN stack developers that help you bring a wide spectrum of MEAN stack advantages to your business web app.

How is using MEAN stack for web development advantageous?

It’s an era of facts where people want to see results. We have discussed a lot about the MEAN tech stack, now, it’s time to know how it helps businesses reap the benefits. They are-

Reduced development cost

MEAN programming stack consists of JS-based technologies that are open-source. Businesses don’t need to hire 10 different specialists; instead, hiring MEAN developers is enough to build web apps. Also, the developers can leverage functionalities that are available for free. MEAN stack code is reusable and sharable which facilitates the developers to not write code repetitively for the modules that are already built. All of these things together make web development process cost-effective when the MEAN stack development technology is leveraged.

Isomorphic coding

MEAN stack programming has all the JS-based frameworks which make code reusability possible among different frameworks within the MEAN stack architecture. It guarantees the code works well everywhere- this is what isomorphic code does (Runs both on client and server machines). The optimal performance of the app regardless of the platform where it’s run- boosts SERP as Google crawlers look at the consistency as well. In addition to the reusability of native code, the code maintainability feature saves developers time due to diminished code liability.

Enable JS-based programming

Using MEAN stack for web development means leveraging JS framework for both- frontend and backend development. Also, JS is compatible with Linux and Windows operating systems and is effective in data management and recovery. This way developer-friendly framework enables faster development process and swift upgrades.

Accelerate development speed

MEAN stack programming provides a solid set of technologies that allow backend and frontend development quickly and easily. Being a JS-based framework, it enables to developers know about moving parts of web app development without needing to switch from backend to frontend. The availability of readymade solutions and module reusability allows for building a basic web application in the reduced time possible. For MVP development, the MEAN stack development technology is a good stack to test the waters.

JSON availability

MongoDB in the MEAN programming uses JSON files to store data which inherits isomorphic properties thereby saving developers’ time in accessing data. It facilitates a seamless data flow between the frameworks of the MEAN tech stack and enables importing and processing data from MySQL with the help of functions and code.

Massive libraries

MEAN tech stack has a rich set of libraries of JS modules that makes custom web app development effortless. The pre-defined outputs of libraries eliminate the need to write code for specific functionality thereby improving assistance for developers. The flawless code of libraries ensures that the website developed will be error-free and increase the development speed as well.

Unmatched performance

MEAN stack architecture includes the Node.JS framework which is known for rendering exceptional performance for dynamic web applications. Node.JS is well-known for coding backend, non-blocking I/O for data transfer to the client without client requests, and quick caching that reduces loading time, thereby enhancing the overall performance of the custom web application.

Cloud compatibility offers flexibility

MEAN technology when used for web app development, many libraries, public repositories, and modules are leveraged for the same. Purchasing infrastructure is quite expensive for storing web application data, which is no more required when the MEAN technology stack is used because of cloud compatibility. MongoDB DBMS facilitates data storage on the cloud and horizontal scaling, which is a great benefit for businesses. additionally, the capability to run and test code on cloud platforms makes web application development efficient.

Interactive User Interface

With user interface gaining importance, the features have been looked at as the most wanted ones by the developers. Because of AngularJS, the MEAN stack framework also follows MVC architecture. This enables MEAN stack developers to not only create attractive, high-quality web apps but also build user-centric UIs to create native-like web apps.

Best data management with MongoDB

MongoDB is a well-known database management system that’s used for enterprise-level application development. As all the data is stored in JSON format, managing petabytes of data won’t be a hassle as it sorts data. Auto-sharing automates horizontal scaling that helps servers with data storage and distribution.

Easy talent acquisition

JS is a widely accepted and used language worldwide. The frameworks in the MEAN tech programming are backed by JS programming languages which makes it easier to find framework specialists. Thereby you can get MEAN stack developers effortlessly and get the web project done. A large community of MEAN technology stack also helps in completing the project glitch-free.

Do you find MEAN stack for web development to be effective?

Are you planning to make money with custom web development, but short on quality revenue-generating ideas? The list of web app ideas would help you start a new venture successfully. However, the ideas need to turn into full-fledged solutions leveraging the right mix of frontend, backend, and database technologies. That’s where the search for the right tech stack starts.

Many times, when entrepreneurs first heard about the MEAN tech stack, they get confused with the MERN stack development technology, which creates confusion. The one-to-one comparison of MERN stack and MEAN stack makes things clear fairly. Jump to the advantages of the MEAN tech stack that enables web development in reduced time, cost, and effort, which makes it an ideal solution for businesses.

The businesses not only get scalable, dynamic, and secure applications but also overcome all the hurdles that come into web app development with the MEAN tech stack. The benefits of MEAN programming stack indicate that it makes perfect sense to leverage MEAN stack for the web development project. If you are looking for custom web app development for a next-gen business web project, build your web development team with Prismetric to get the necessary assistance and help in web application development.

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