The Future of Android App Development – Top Trends that Will Rule in 2023

Since the inception of Android, which was more than a decade ago (2008), Android mobile OS has taken the tech world by storm and has been the pioneer of many changes in mobile technology. Android has a stupendous market share, which is around 85% and an estimated number of shipments that will reach 1.41 billion in the year 2022.

The year 2023 will witness an even more significant turnaround as more and more businesses will be opting for mobile app development and, specifically android app development.

Android App Development trend 2023

As the adoption of Android apps has grown as a whole, we see more significant innovations that are beneficial to the customers. The changing trends in the Android app development process include the incorporation of best practices that will enhance the mobile app design and the user experience.

Hire Android developers to guide your business through the changing trends and emerge triumphantly. It is essential to epitomize the trends of tomorrow to stay relevant in the constantly changing mobile app development market. Hiring efficient Android app developers will not only help you to capitalize on the trends but will generate ways to ride the wave and be a class apart from the competition.

Now, the question that arises is how to find and hire the best Android app developers.

Therefore, to understand what Android app development has in store for us in the future, let us see the trends that are going to rule the roost.

Android App Development Trends that businesses should follow

Smarter Apps with Machine Learning

The usage of Artificial Intelligence had made tasks possible that were unimaginable a few years ago. Studies also show that modern Artificial Intelligence increases the productivity of an organization by up to 40%. AI is instrumental in evolving the process of Android app development and bringing a paradigm shift into the realm of mobile app development in general.

With AI, top android app development companies can develop smart android apps that are capable of performing advanced technology things like image labeling, landmark recognition, barcode scanning, etc. The amalgamation of machine learning and AI will ease the work process of the users on Android apps, increasing the user experience.

Android developers can also use image labeler with the help of Artificial Intelligence so that they can classify the image and do semantic segmentation utilizing the technology.  Machine learning also helps Android apps to improve themselves with experience without being programmed explicitly for it.


Kotlin runs on Java Virtual Machine and is a statically typed programming language. The latest version of Kotlin, which is Kotlin 1.3.60, can convert Java to Kotlin so that all the popular apps can have a smooth migration from Java to Kotlin. It becomes more comfortable for android app developers to start again with Kotlin after converting the Java Code.

The performance of the apps developed through Kotlin is high as it can perform like any other java application. The mobile app compile time will get faster with ideal quality and increased performance.

Kotlin will utilize all the tools that are existing in the Android Studio and do the process of refactoring, debugging, auto-complete, and so on. The quality mentioned about Kotlin makes it the best Android app development language, and android app developers prefer it highly. Hire Kotlin developers to leverage the benefit of Kotlin for your Android project.

Android Enterprise

The pandemic has changed the way companies work. Work-from-home is accepted as the new normal now and many companies plan to continue the work-from-home method either partially or completely. Android enterprise is an initiative by Google to help Android app developers integrate Android devices and apps in the workplace.

Under the program, Google offers APIs and other tools to the developers so that they can smoothly integrate support for Android in their EMM(enterprise mobility management) solutions.

The idea behind Android enterprise is to make Android apps work best on managed Android devices. Android enterprise helps Android app developers modify the Android app so that the IT admins can specify custom settings for the apps.

The Android enterprise solution also helps the developers deploy a single sign-on(SSO) to simplify the sign-on process for users signing in to various apps on their managed devices. The trend of work-from-home and BYOD(bring your own device) will continue to be dominant in the tech world in 2023 and that’s why Android enterprise app development will be a strong trend in 2023.

Rise of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is ruling the news in the tech world for all the right reasons, as it is the most buzzed technology of our times. A survey done by PwC indicates that 84% of the organizations of the world are involved with Blockchain technology in a very effective manner. The market of the Blockchain mobile apps will reach a market value of $20 billion by the year 2024.

Today, business models are designed and built by taking blockchain technology into consideration. Thus top mobile app development companies will come in handy for your business in designing a strategy around Blockchain so that you can build your Android app in a better manner than your peers. This process will help in generating high profits as many industries prefer Blockchain.

Multiplatform on the Rise

With the increase in usage of Flutter, the developers can build beautiful, durable, and authentic hybrid mobile apps with a single code base in both Android and iOS. The Flutter framework is a mobile SDK that will provide reactive views without using JavaScript bridge. All you need is to hire Flutter developers to competently build a mobile app solution based on your business needs.

The process of delivering mobile apps is a B2C procedure as of now, but since there is a rise in demand, the app developers are currently looking for methods to deliver multi-platform apps as well. Top app development companies use React Native to develop apps, which results in the ability to reuse 70% of the codes.

As a result, the option to hire react native app developers for developing Android apps has been considerably sought by businesses. This will help them save money, time, and get more effective android apps developed.

Android Jetpack

Android Jetpack is nothing but a cluster of tools or components that help the elite android app developers to build android apps that can perform with precision and speed in the real market. The Android developers can use the jetpack components anytime and at any rate as they are unbundled libraries that are not part of the Android Platform.

Android jetpack will allow the android app developers to add the functionality to the app and release it on the play store and then give the users all the features in a single day. The Android Jetpack comes with backward compatibility, the mobile app built through it can run on various versions on the platform. During the android app development process, you can view the live data, and if any changes occur, the changes get notified in the view.


Beacon is a technology that is adopted by retailers to provide personalized messages to their in-store customers. Beacons are essentially small Bluetooth powered devices that establish a connection between the retailer’s database and the smartphone of the user.

When the customer enters the store, the beacons relay information like personalized discount coupons, offers and new product updates to the users. Retailers like Leroy-Merlin use beacons to provide customized offers to their customers. Using beacons, the retailers can optimize the product placement as they can analyze the patterns of the movement of the customers.

Retail is just the beginning for beacon technology and using customized beacon apps, many other industries can leverage the beacon technology to their advantage. According to grand-view research, the beacon market size is expected to reach $58.7 billion by 2025.

With retail sales exploding all over the world and personalized retail targeting becoming the norm, we believe that beacon app development is going to be a major trend in 2023.

Enhancing the development process with IoT

It will not be an overstatement in saying that mobile devices have become an essential part of our daily life. The estimated number of connected devices by the year 2025 will be 75.44 billion, 10 times its figure since 2015. There is a marked increase in the number of automation companies as IoT devices are helpful in both household and commercial purposes.

Through IoT, the businesses can automate and remotely manage their devices and manage the data systematically. As far as the usage of IoT devices in daily household work is concerned, with the amalgamation of AI and voice assistant devices, the electronically connected devices can be managed in an even more competent manner.

The huge rise in the number of Android apps and the number of Android-based devices have together worked as fuel to fire. As availability will drive this trend, it becomes essential for the companies to capitalize on it.

Cloud-Based Android mobile apps

Cloud-based Android apps will play a significant role in keeping a considerable amount of data safely without occupying the phone’s memory. The apps can directly access all the data saved from the cloud anywhere and keep processing at the same rate. The cloud-based Android apps are flexible, and the cloud is a secure platform to store data.


The businesses need to understand their targeted audience as they begin to capitalize on the Android app development trends. Because with the upcoming trends Android app development is going great guns and is all set to provide the results that the businesses yearn for.

Capitalizing on the mobile app development trends will make the organizations race ahead of their competitors and develop quality apps. 2023 will define a significant change in the app development process on the whole and incorporate the latest technologies.

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