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How to Build a Market-Leading Language Learning App?

Language learning app – how to build features, and more

These days, global opportunities to trade and fix deals are not a dream anymore. Thanks to the cyberage where businesses have found their places beyond geographical boundaries. From an individual businessperson to a multinational company, everybody has made a beeline to find the best education software development company in order to develop a customized language learning application and join the bandwagon to get great profits in the education and learning industry.

Today, there are many trending mobile app ideas for startups. It is not a hidden truth that today, learning more than one language is not just a fashion, but also a necessity. As the world is becoming a global village, learning a foreign language gets an individual or a company an extra edge to communicate with their business partners and bring in fairer chances to have a long-term business relationship. An e-learning app development services company can help you build a bespoke solution to provide your users with an unparalleled learning experience.

Global stats for language learning app

Back in 2015, the digital market for learning and education market reported over USD 2 billion which crossed the mark of USD 5 billion within five years; the global online language learning market is likely to touch USD 10.5 billion by 2025. The best example of enormous growth is set by Duolingo, a well-known eLearning application that reported over USD 100 million within six years of its establishment.

The trend was further pushed by the unprecedented pandemic that made the world stand still for months together. According to research, more than 1.2 billion students were forced to shift to e-learning platforms due to the coronavirus lockdown. The e-learning trend continued with its forms being expanded from mere video learning to video conference, gamification, 2D and 3D virtual classrooms, 3D models, audio-visual tutorials, online tutoring, social media eLearning apps, and many more. The trend continued and even after the pandemic lockdown was called off, the habit of learning online education continued.

The revenue model for a language learning app

As a business there are many ways to monetize a mobile app and when it is particularly about language learning application there can be changes based on the business model you implement. The primary ones are advertisements or commercials and the second business model is to have subscriptions through which you get a number of subscribers. Let’s understand it can be implemented in a language learning app;

Advertisements: Just like other customized mobile applications for various industries and sectors, advertisements could be a primary source and a business model for language learning apps. You can charge various tutors, institutes, schools, colleges, universities, or other vendors associated with the education and learning industry. The ads could be banners, posters, audio-visual ads, and even short videos or tutorials.

Subscriptions: Another language learning app business model for revenue generation is subscription. Offering limited to moderate to full-fledge features, the subscription charges and types may differ. A few business models for subscription-based learning apps include ad-free learning, offline learning, and individual learning or tutorials.

Freemium: The language learning app can be downloaded and utilized without charging a dime to the users. Nevertheless, the free e-Learning mobile app would come with limited features, and to add more features and facilities the learners may have to go for a paid version.

One-time purchase: Many language and education companies have online language learning applications and software that can be bought once and for all. The software tool has a fixed price and can be bought online with various payment options. Further, such applications can have regular updates to keep the app up-to-date and not obsolete.

Language Learning app features from a business perspective

The education and e-Learning industry has flourished manifold, especially in the past few years. Entrepreneurs can build a language-learning mobile app with special features from a business perspective. Here are some of the features typically beneficial to entrepreneurs –

Language Learning app features

Admin panel

The administrative panel in e-Learning mobile app development gives several rights and privileges to app owners as well as administrators. There could be more than one admin if the language learning mobile app development is customized as per the business model. Alternatively, there could be a master admin controlling everyone on the app. This panel has some common features –

  • Add, edit, or remove any profile
  • Control over app content
  • All promotions for the language learning app market
  • Change or develop different learning models
  • Push notification and other communication channel control
  • Gamification and reward system control


For any business, analytics is the core factor to develop further strategies to expand their products and services or to restrict (if things are going wrong). In-built language learning app analytics help businesspersons know their app’s performance. Depending on the data and information they get from the language software, they can change or continue their business strategies on e-learning platforms.

Third-party API integrations

No application is a complete application as there is always a scope to improve the product. The e-learning app development services could have many things to offer but then there are always chances to augment their functionalities further by adapting other features into it. The third-party API integrations from other businesses and e-learning tools could set your product a class apart in the market. Such integration may vary from the payment gateway to GPS-based services, social media live streamlining, and so on.

Post-pandemic when physical classrooms were affected heavily, video calling and learning prevailed significantly. You can enhance your e-Learning app by having video calling using third-party integration. Such a video calling feature would connect the learners with masters and also with communities to address their concerns and solve queries in a jiffy.

What do learners or users want in your online language learning app?

While you have chances to improve and expand your services on e-learning language applications through features you want, more important is to have features that your users (here learners) want! As an entrepreneur you should include the must –have app features and also include special features related to education industry that would make their application to be in demand

You should mind that if the product is not user-friendly and provide what your customers want, your language learning app will not perform well in the market. Hence, to find a permanent place on a learner’s (user’s) mobile phone, you must include the following features –

Secure login and payment

The first thing that all users including learners want is easy yet secure login and payment methods. Integrating Payment gateway is a necessary and secure process to ensure security. Make sure that the e-learning app development services company you partner with includes multiple ways to register and log in to an online language learning mobile application.

Multilingual support

Unless you restrict your language-learning mobile apps to a specific region, no app would limit itself to a particular country or nation. That said, the learning platform should have different languages especially Chinese, French, Arabic, English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish.

24/7 community support

Any online learning would require quick support and that comes through a powerful online community from all over the world. The best part of having such communities on your e-Learning mobile app is that the queries put by anyone from any time zone could be answered just in time. A quick response would make the e-Learning mobile application engaging and therefore push it closer to success.

Powerful content

A lot depends on the content and, especially, for e-Language learning software, content is a decisive factor. Learners are pretty excited while downloading an online language learning application but then it is seen that gradually they start losing interest due to the complexity of the learning processes because no language is easy to learn. Motivational notifications, messages, and encouraging content is the key to any language-learning mobile app. Timely reminders, push notifications, and delightful and funny content that engages users are non-ignorable factors of your digital product.

Pronunciation check

The integration of Artificial Intelligent tools can help check learners’ pronunciation, a very important factor in learning any language. Language learning app development should not miss or ignore the pronunciation check is likely to fail miserably.

User interface

The most important factor about getting into mobile app development for learning apps is to have an intuitive and engaging learning app UI. Millions of dollars are being spent on improving UI/UX to not just attract new learners but also to retain the registered ones. The subscribers heavily depend on how the user interface quenches their thirst to learn a language online.

Rewards and offers

The learning process online can be made more interesting and fun by offering gamification on an e-Learning app. Different gamification such as rewards and unlocking the next levels can be planned according to the progress of the users on the software tool.

Recording and tutorials

Learners often want the recording and tutorials in case they could not attend a live class. Alternatively, they also feel to refer to the e-Learning lessons in the future and for that, they would often seek the e-Learning mobile app that has facilities to record sessions.

Language learning tools

Dictionaries, audio clips, video clips, vocabulary lists, and other live conversations with friends and community members are a few language-learning tools that enhance users’ (here, learners’) experience. Many e-Learning app development services companies can offer you advanced digital technologies to integrate language learning tools to augment your product’s capability. For instance using AI in learning apps for realtime engagement and analysis will just elevate the users interest in using the app.

Benefits of developing the learning app

The benefits of learning mobile app development are many. While owners have a lucrative business through the app, the main benefits go to users, here language enthusiasts as learners from all around the world. Here is the list of general benefits to users –

Language Learning App Benefits

Quick learning

Easy and quick language learning is possible through mobile applications. Users don’t need to go from post to pillar to learn regional and international languages. Right from their applications, they can enjoy the full language learning course free of cost or pay a nominal amount.

Multilingual support

To make language learning easier, multilingual support works as a mediator between language A and language B. For instance, if an American wants to learn Chinese, multilanguage support would include texts and content from both languages English and Chinese.

24/7 support

Many e-Learning portals and apps offer support around the clock. E-language learning apps can offer powerful community support and language experts who are willing to work and support 24/7. In this way, the learners would have their queries addressed in no time.

Language learning levels

Depending on their hold on learning different languages, the learners can get the benefits of earning language learning level certificates. The authorized institutes and language experts can provide certificates and grades to the learners who can use them further as per their needs.

Best examples of language learning apps

There are thousands of applications that offer online language learning. Nevertheless, there are a few e-Learning mobile apps that have set a tremendous example to showcase the best business in the education sector.


Founded in 2011, Duolingo grew like mushrooms in rain. With more than 500 million users worldwide (and counting!), the e-language learning application surpassed many milestones since its establishment. The business model of Duolingo is crowdsourcing information which ingeniously attracts the present generations. The Freemium business model is the core of the app but then paid subscriptions and ads plus in-app purchases also contribute major to its revenue.


An English-learning app, Cambly offers actual conversation in the language and it has a prime focus on Asia, the biggest continent where English language learning has been always the rage. The unavailability of native English-speaking people was the biggest grey area in almost all e-learning app and that is where the founders of Cambly struck. They offered time slots where language-learning enthusiasts can book native speakers’ consultancy. This model worked immensely and the app is extremely popular today.


Earning from its premium version, Busuu language app features one-to-one language learning tutorials with certified and experienced tutors. The app also offers personalized study plans and integrated artificial intelligence-powered grammar training. This app is also backed by a powerful community where native speakers help language enthusiasts by correcting their language flaws.

A step-by-step guide to developing language learning app

A complete app development guide shall get you a thorough idea about how to build a mobile app. But, the development of any language learning app typically starts from a mere thought to putting your thoughts on paper, finding the best service provider, then finally getting built a product with assurance of proper deployment and maintenance. Here is a quick look at important steps in building a learning app –

Strategy based on market research

The market is flooded with learning and education mobile applications and software tools. You must make intense research based on audience/learners and maybe even regions. Offering a completely strange language learning where it is not popular makes little sense to businesses. The research should include which languages are popular in the region and what expertise you can get to deal with.

Tap the users

Here, users are learners and they are from all walks of life. You may have children, teenagers, adults, and even elderlies as your customers. Tapping the right users in the right places at the right time would help you plan and design a constructive growth for your learning app. E-learning applications should cater to everyone’s needs based on their tastes and choices.


In recent years, e-Learning applications have grown like never before. Nevertheless, just like other mobile apps, language learning apps also require engaging UI for the best UX. Many enterprises consider UI/UX as the core of their products and, therefore, language learning app development costs would have a specific chunk to make the user interface engaging and yet simple to understand even by kids.

Find the best language-learning app development company

You can opt for an online directory to search and find a renowned e-Learning app development agency to outsource your project and save a good amount of time and money. You may hire the best mobile app developers as your hired technology partner will provide you with quality app development services or if required can also help you build your own team of developers who are experts in e-Learning app development.

Budget and kickstart

Once you fix the service provider, it is time to fix the budget and kickstart the project earliest. Renowned software development companies offer budget-friendly hiring models to choose from. You may take the help of their consultation to get the best deal.

Quality assurance

You will have to have a special recommendation and emphasis on quality assurance. You may conduct a separate meeting to make service providers understand the quality of the product you want and what can be the likely factors that should be infallible. The data and content on e-Language learning apps are sensitive and a trivial glitch can lead to an inferior user experience for learners. Hence extra precautions should be taken for QA.

Deployment and maintenance

After quality is assured, a perfect language learning app development would end in a proper deployment or installation and a foolproof plan for maintenance. You may sign a maintenance contract with regular updates to keep your product up and running.

Tech stack for language learning app development

Special tools, technologies, and platforms are used to build a language learning app, web portal, or software tool. Here is a common list of tech stacks required for the same. You can be assured of these stacks from a renowned education app development company though.

Cloud Environment AWS and Google
Front-end Development CSS3 and Bootstrap
Back-end Development Angular JS, Python, or JavaScript
Database Cassandra, Postgres, MongoDB, HBase, MySQL
Data Management Datastax
SMS, Voice & Phone Verification Nexmo, Twilio, Sinch
Real-time Analytics Spark, 1BM, Apache Flink, Hadoop, Cisco, BigData
Data Storage & Security Amazon data servers or Google Cloud Storage
Payment Methods Braintree, Stripe, PayPal, & Credit Card
Real-time Notifications APNS, ACtvate W

Cost to develop a language learning app

The e-Learning app development cost could get you a rough idea. The cost to build a Language Learning App starts at USD 40000 and it can go quite high as you add on the features and security layers. As stated earlier, language learning applications have no limits in including features and facilities, and therefore, it depends on your business requirements and the budget you allocate to your project.

For instance, including an artificial intelligence-driven chatbot would cost you thousands of dollars extra. Likewise, the integration of third-party apps and other licensed tools shall also cost you extra. You may always rely on the cost estimated by your language learning app developers for the same.

Ready to develop a language learning app?

The time is now! Look no further and simply get on to steps to build a result-driven e-Learning app for language. The market is hot and your app should get your business a big boost if it hits the target. Hire the best developers now and spread the good word of education.

frequently asked questions

Which are the popular language learning apps?

There are innumerable mobile apps that offer online language learning platforms. Nevertheless, a few giants include Duolingo, Cambly, Bussu, Byju’s, and Upgrad. They work on different business models and have a unique identity in the market.

How much does it cost to make a language-learning app?

Depending on the complexity and size of language learning apps, the cost may vary from company to company and even country to country.

Nevertheless, a language-learning app cost may start at USD 40000 and go high as you make it more potential and capable with newer technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and augmented reality.

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