Car Rental Business - How to Start and succeed in this digital age?

How to Start a Car Rental Business?

Starting your own Car Rental Business? Everything you need to know

These days the expenses of living are sky-scraping. Living costs, food, commute, and other things are all exceedingly difficult to manage for most of the populace. among these expenses, owning a car or vehicle adds up to the menace. But there are times when one desperately needs a car to avoid public transport; there are times when public transport cannot really help us get what we want. Renting a car is a more convenient option in such a situation.

Thus, renting a car is the best alternative in such times. Thanks to modern times, we have a provision for such a concept in these times. So, it is not exaggerated to say that the car rental business is one of the best rental business ideas.

The car rental business is new, yet has been doing well. This segment has been projected to reach a sum of around $99.54 billion US Dollars by the end of the year 2023. The same is about to grow by a share of 4.65% from the CAGR 2023-2027.

Why is the car rental business lucrative?

People are shifting from the conventional way of owning and committing in terms of their possessions. People these days have very calculative moves when it comes to buying something.

So, in any case, a car is often seen as an asset that might be subjected to depreciation. This is where car rentals come into the frame. Simply put, there are many business models for startups, and car rental could be a potential one to meet the surging demand today. Renting a car is a non-commitment, easy solution to all those needs that public transport can’t fulfil.

  • The car rental market size is about to reach a huge number of 616.5m users by 2027.
  • Though it still might be in a transformative stage, the car rental segment is bound to grow in the upcoming years.
  • People dread the monthly and yearly costs of maintaining a car once bought.
  • Also, it comes out as an eco-friendly alternative to commutation.
  • People prefer renting a car they cannot afford to buy, which is the best way to have memorable experiences.
  • For those who have a travel-heavy job, it is considered better to rent a car than to invest a huge amount in buying and paying the maintenance costs of a car.

Why is it important to start a car rental app or website in growing the business?

Traditional ways to rent a car aren’t in practice anymore. Since you have everything manageable through mobile applications and websites, on-demand car rental app development shall add fuel to your business on the ground. As the stats mentioned earlier in this blog, more and more people now prefer booking cars and cabs through mobile applications. This is high time you should think about developing a customized software solution for your car rental business.

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Steps to start a car rental business

steps to start car rental business

A car rental business is, no doubt a profitable business and has a lot of scope in the coming years. These days, the global working population is humungous and has a big contribution to businesses like this one. Thus, to help you get started with a car rental business, we have computed a few steps:

Step 1 – Market research

Before putting your money into any business, put your brain to work and do a lot of research about the market of the industry you’re thinking of diving in. Indulge in deep research of the market size, the trends, pros and cons, get a reality check on the figures, look for the costs of starting the business, and a lot more. Here are some things to wonder about:

  • Check if the business is high in demand or not. If yes, where would it be more lucrative?
  • What is going to be your target population and why do you think it has potential?
  • Does the fleet cost manageable for you?
  • Are there existing businesses in the segment? If yes, are they profitable?
  • Do you have a plan for getting it registered and the fleet going on the roads?

Once you have thought about all these things and you are positive about the business being able to take off, move on to the next step.

Step 2 – Determine your services

Now that you are certain that you want to move ahead with an idea, you should hone your idea. For that, you need to think more about what kind of services you are willing to provide and what additional products will you have in your fleet. If it’s going to be a bargain rental service, pick on the cars on the lower end of the budget and if you’re enthusiastic about a luxury rental service, you’ll have to look on the upper side.

Mold your services according to the needs of the customers from your target population. This will help you gain more leads and people will actually start buying into your business if they are offered services based on their requirements.

Step 3 – Come up with an attractive name

Now comes the brainstorming part. You need to come up with a unique name for the business as it will be your identity. Remember, a name that is distinctive to ears, yet easy to remember and describes the motive of the company is what we are looking for. The name should be short, catchy, and easy to spell and locate in the memory.

Choose a name that can be expansive for the future. For example, the name ‘Kacy’s Bakery’ instead of ‘Kacy’s Cookies’ would be better to go with. Make sure the name is not taken at least in your region and state. Also, pick up a name that is web-friendly to make a presence online, if required in the near future.

Step 4 – A foolproof business plan

Now that you have a name and a determined decision, you can go on and start making a business plan. The business plan is needed to include everything from scratch. You need to understand the goals of your company along with its objectives and vision for the future.

Keep aside the executive summary of the company, the business overview, products and services to be included, market analysis, competition analysis among other counterparts, operations plan, and most importantly, a strong financial plan. Alternatively, you can also get good guidance from trending startup mobile app ideas that can help you build better strategies for your business.

Step 5 – Registration and licensing for Car rental business

Different states have distinct permits and licensing requirements for car rental businesses. Make sure you get in touch with an expert regarding the permits and licensing procedures. Also, you need to pick up a business entity that suits your business plan and get your company registered.

Step 6 – Tax registration for car rental business

The next step is to get your company registered for the taxes. You need to get an Employer Identification Number (EIN) for the purpose. This can be done manually on an online website or you can simply contact your legal advisor to get this done in no time. Once the EIN is allotted, the tax year is to be chosen.

Step 7 – Get an official business bank account

To keep all your expenses, separate for your business, you need to apply for a distinct bank account for your company. This helps organize all the expenditures, gains, and profits. You can easily track your company’s financial growth if you have a different account for your business.

You may also apply for a business credit card if you wish to avail the rewards on your card and maintain a credit score.

Step 8 – Funding for car rental business

Now, the truth be told, unless you hail from an extremely rich, wealthy background, you will need to raise some money from investors in this business. being financially secure is significant for a business to start smoothly. You can either opt for bank loans, SBA-guaranteed loans, government grants, angel investors, bootstrapping, venture capital, get money from family and friends, or do crowdfunding.

Step 9 – Spread the word about your car rental business

When the business is out there, on the track, it is your duty to give it the push it needs for a smooth upward ride. You need to put some effort into the marketing of the company for it needs to be known among people. Only if people know about the existence of your business would they make up their minds to put in some money to buy the services.

You can either go for organic marketing, or advertise your business on social media, print media, or even digital media platforms. These days, it is very easy to get a catchy poster or pamphlet made for the purpose of your business. By far, the best way to help your business reach places is by getting a website or app. So here comes the next step.

Step 10 – Build a car rental website or application

What better than people having an app or website to hire a car from the comfort of their couch? Give them the convenience to rent a car the moment they are planning on something while sitting in their beds. You need to have a clear idea about the car rental application you want to develop and inform the experts you hire about your idea. Now, all you need is an automotive software development company beside you as your tech partner.

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The business models for car rental platform

The owner can take up any of the following business model or revenue model for their car rental app:

Owner’s fleet

In this car rental business model, the owner has to invest in a lot of cars and get assigned drivers for each of them. The drivers have to provide the pick-and-drop service to the end customers. They can be paid monthly or on a commission basis.

Self-driven car rental

Those who have a license and have a knack for driving their own car can choose this car rental service where the car is delivered to them and they can take It for a round and use it as per their needs.

Commission-based revenue

In this business model for renting a car, the users can get in touch with the car owners who can give their cars for use in the city and the business owner can earn on the basis of commission. Here, the car owner and the car rental businesses both get a share of the earned profit.

Corporate rental service

This car rental business model is in high demand because there are several people who have a daily commute from their homes to far-off office locations. In this case, they can rent a car and get to their office each day without any hassle of changing public transport.

Outstation car rental

This business model for car renting allows the customer to take the rented car out of the city and get it back in a certain number of days.

How does a car rental business work?

How does a car rental business work?

  • A car rental app can be used to locate cars that are free for being rented and people can effortlessly get their dream car for their vacation.
  • First, the customer logs into the account on the app and then chooses the location where he wants to rent the car from.
  • Once the location is chosen, the different cars available are shown to the customer. It can work like a cab renting system if that business model is chosen.
  • The customer then selects the cars according to his/her preference and budget, and the car booking is scheduled for the customer. This is when the payment for the rent is done by the customer.
  • The customer receives the car from the app at the scheduled time of delivery by an agent at the preferred location. The car is then handed over to the customer and they can take off the ride from there. Alternatively, if they want, they can have a driver with the cab.
  • The customer has to return the car to the agent at a given location at a set time.

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Factors to mind while developing a car rental platform

The car rental business, when brought onto a digital platform, does not get you freedom from certain important factors. There are important things to consider when you initiate a car rental business.

Car Rental Platform Development- Key Factors to Consider

  • Insurance: Insurance of vehicles, drivers, and third-party damages
  • Safety and security: Adherence to government guidelines and transportation rules
  • Speed limit: Restricting the speed limits of vehicles for safety and staying away from legal hassles.
  • User authentication: Legal identity of drivers, vehicles, and even passengers is important. You may have the policy to upload UIN etc. to authenticate as per local government policies.
  • Service and maintenance: Timely maintenance is the core of any car rental business because if vehicles fail to provide good services, the business is at stake.

How Prismetric can help your Car Rental Business succeed with a well-designed App?

Starting a car rental business can be a challenging but rewarding venture. However, to take your business to the next level, it’s important to keep up with the latest trends and adopt new technologies that can help streamline your operations and increase customer satisfaction. A well-designed car rental app can do just that, by providing a seamless booking experience for your customers and simplifying your business processes.

To get a good app built, consider engaging experienced developers who understand the unique requirements of a car rental business. Hire developers that are experts at building customizable features, up-to-date with technology, and high-quality services from ideation to deployment.

Prismetric is renowned for mobile app development services and has expert teams with a wide experience in various fields and across industries. Our services range from ideation and consulting to deployment and maintenance.

Need to grow your Car Rental Business with a powerful app?

FAQs on starting a car rental business

Is renting a car profitable?

Yes, the car rental concept benefits the customer and is a profitable business for the owner. Nevertheless, you need to have the right customized car rental mobile app in place.

Can someone put their car for rent on a car rental app?

Yes, some businesses have a provision for clients to get their cars rented on their app and earn a good amount while their car is taking rounds of the city. It all comes under various car rental business models.

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