5 Tips for Android Apps Development from the Marketing perspective

“Marketing is an art which can help your business to reach new heights and expand to new horizons”, the saying has been the centre stone for all the business whether inbound or outbound. Now, with the advent of mobile technology, the impact of marketing, especially app marketing has become significantly important as they are vital in setting the tone for the business.

Android Apps Development from marketing perspective

Mobile apps marketing is mainly dependent on the platform on which the app is built. Mainly iOS, Android and Microsoft are considered as the most sought-after mobile OS. Among these three, we will discuss Android Apps development as it have a wide range of devices having different screen resolution and thus developing the app according to the marketing perspective becomes very important.

Building an Android app according to the recent marketing trends is important because there are a plethora of options for the customers as Android is the most widely used mobile OS platform. Therefore Android developers must look to develop the apps that have interesting features and awesome UI design so that it can keep the users engaged for a long time, while the customer-centric features will help your app to get high rank among its contemporaries and get enough positive responses from the users. Your app will get more organic searches thus increasing its credibility. Stats also show that apps developed according to the marketing perspective get 40% more downloads than the apps without it.

Thus, it becomes very important to look at the tips that will make Android apps development market proficient. Here are 5 of the most prolific tips to get along with Android app development according to the marketing perspective.

Social Media Strategy

Regardless of the size and features of your Android app, you should develop it keeping the social media strategy in mind. This strategy can be beneficial to your app’s business in many ways like it would increase your brand awareness and capture the personal side of your app that will help it to connect with the audience in a much better manner.

Also, if the app development is done keeping the social media strategy in mind, it will prove to be a powerful communication tool for both: the app developers and the app users. This will help the developers to post about the recent updates and the change logs done in the app.

Social media is also important as through this you can market your app directly without any mediator and can prepend your Android app directly to the users. Social media is a great platform to maintain a transparent relation between the user and the customer. The app review and suggestion process can speed up with social media. Thus, for an Android developer, it becomes necessary to have a social media marketing strategy to drive in fruitful results for its app.

Organic Marketing

We all know that rankings are fairly important for any app to strive in this tough and cutthroat competition. Therefore, the developer should understand that the system of organic rankings works differently in App Store and Google Play Store. So, the Android app description must be loaded with all the key features and description so that it would give the optimum exposure to it on the Google Play Store. Here, the process of Android app development should concentrate on including the facilities that will give rich dividends instead of going overboard with the flashy and the nonimportant ones. As Google Play is based on app usage rate, the app development process should concentrate on developing the app which will have a higher user ratio. The ratio here defines the interest of the people in the content of the app and also about how often it should be updated to keep the users interested and coming back to the app at regular intervals. Because higher the ratio of satisfied users the more helpful will it be to have better reviews and word of mouth marketing which will increase the app’s rank and will be beneficial from the marketing perspective.

Focusing on building an App empire

Better previous assignments leads to better future ones! Yes, that is true for Android app development as while marketing you can give the reference of your previous apps and highlight their success ratio to build a strong base for the upcoming ones. Thus, an App development process should concentrate on building apps that will leave their mark on the customer’s mind and can be used as a competent reference for the future ones. This will also help you in building your own app empire and will give you a common and free way of self-marketing your app. You can always put in the click-through links so that the users can try out other apps that are related to the existing app and increase your app downloads and usage per app.

The Interface

It is always a developer’s dream to develop an App that not only fares well because of its usability but is also quite known among the contemporary app designers and developers for its unique interface. There is a conception that an app is gauged primarily on its usability with the design making it to the second position for the rating. But, as the every aspect of rating an app is interlinked, like an aptly designed interface adds to the usability of the app and the corresponding development to support it will help to provide a wonderful and a complete experience to the App users.

User-Friendly Apps

Last but not the least as they say!! User retention is the most important aspect whether you are looking to develop an app for Android or any other platform. From the marketing perspective too, the app should be developed with some additional benefits that would keep it a touch ahead of its contemporaries. The app developers should include notification feature so that they can keep the users updated about the changes in the apps. Moreover, the trick of sending push notification would work as a golden option as it would make the user feel wanted thus the loyalty gets developed.

For Android App, it is important to have a competent marketing strategy and keep an eagle’s eye on the process of app development as well. This will give you a clear idea about which way your app is heading and will make you think about the marketing approach to be adopted well in future so that you are up with an idea even during the crisis situation. Also, the Android app developed keeping the marketing perspective in mind fares well and has high durability.

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