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Why is using MERN Stack for Startup Apps an ideal choice?

MERN Stack best for Startup Apps

Billions of apps are used by 80% of the population globally. Taking such a massive population in the fence, web apps are the best connectors worldwide. That’s why startups need web apps to get connected with the target audiences from the early stage.

Web apps are significant to startup performance in the market for knowing consumer preferences, branding, creating a digital footprint, being responsive, and widening customer outreach. Based on project complexity, you can look to partner with web development company that dedicatedly works on your project.

Web applications can help startups to achieve desired results and ace the market only when web apps perform to the notch despite traffic spikes and increasing transactions. That’s where the technology stack for web app development helps in fulfilling all of these needs. However, with evolving web app development trends, changing technologies, and expanding usage of various technology stacks, selecting one technology stack that fits the bill for start-up app development is difficult.

Analyzing the business needs for technology solutions, technical maestros have come up with a tech stack that addresses all the startup app development challenges, that’s the MERN stack. If you have come up with mobile or web development ideas for startups, the blog will help you know how MERN Stack is an ideal choice. Also, if you are looking for web app ideas, refer to the article to know a slew of web app ideas for your start-up.

Onboard the journey of shaping your idea into real business app development using MERN stack with a brief overview of MERN stack and MERN stack benefits for start-up apps.

What is the MERN stack?

MERN stack is a set of 4 technologies and tools namely MongoDB, Express.JS, React, and Node.JS which forms the frontend, backend, database, and other components of web app development. The tech stack built using JS-based frameworks enables scalable, dynamic, and high-performant app development for startups in the least time.

Hire remote MERN stack developers that can handle various aspects of web development and brilliantly meet the business web app development needs. In the end, you would be surprised to see how the MERN stack served the purpose of a full-stack tech stack.

A detailed look at the MERN Stack

When we delve deeper into the MERN stack, it becomes clear how MERN stack components make web or mobile development effortless and efficient. Still, if you want to affirm the choice for MERN stack selection as a technology stack for your next website development project, the guidelines help you with the same. Cut to the chase: take a sneak peek into what is MERN stack for startup web app development.


The document database stores the data in various documents using JSON-based language. The documents are flexible to accommodate changing data structures with a modifiable number of fields, sizes, and content. The databases’ built-in scalable environments would run on multiple servers to store the multiple copies of data so that they can be easily recovered in cases of hardware failure. It supports flexible aggregation tools, master-slave replication, and MapReduce for better results.

The high scalability that MongoDB offers in terms of output and data volume is phenomenal because the data is handled by several machines. Also, providing enough flexibility for storing data in JSON-like documents across multiple data centers results in better consistency and data persistency. The associated cost of using MongoDB is significantly lower as this database runs on commodity hardware.


The web app framework of node.js is meant to simplify server code writing tasks. It eliminates the need for developers to repetitively write the code with the built-in router as it needs to be done with the Node.JS HTTP module. The framework boasts minimal architecture and speed it renders for secure and scalable web app development. The asynchronous and single-threaded nature ensures high performance.


The frontend javascript library built by Facebook developers leveraged for building views in HTML. It features virtual DOM, that’s a copy of the original DOM which re-renders only those values that are changed. It contributes a lot to improving web app performance. The support for one-way data binding brings better control over data flow in the application. With a range of UI building blocks, intuitive UI development becomes easy.


The JS runtime framework built on the top of Google’s Chrome engine is leveraged for building a powerful backend that enables high-performance and scalable app development. Mainly, it’s used for real-time chat apps, social networking apps, or server-side app development. Asynchronous APIs and single-threaded event looping enable fast data processing.

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Leading players leveraged the MERN Stack for their digital solution

There are many MERN stack project ideas that startups consider to transform the idea into a full-fledged solution. Here’s the list of startups or tech titans that takes the driver’s seat by aptly selecting MERN stack for their respective digital solution development:

  • Walmart
  • Instagram
  • UberEats
  • Facebook
  • DropBox
  • WhatsApp
  • Netflix

Do you want a custom-built Web App for your Startup?

How is MERN stack for startup web app development beneficial?

It is important for startups to always chose the right business model before they dream about business growth and plan for monetization. Establishing a digital presence with the best technology stack is vital to reap the expected benefits. Here, we have summarized all the benefits of MERN stack for startup web app development.

Open source

Startups don’t have huge amounts to spend exaggeratedly on different aspects. When technologies used for web development are open source, the startup doesn’t need to pay a proprietary license fee. MERN stack is available for free to use and saves developers from the challenges that pop up due to licensing technology-based code. The tutorials and documentation of the MERN stack are easily accessible which makes web development easier and cheaper.

Low learning curve

MERN stack is easy to learn even for rookie developers or developers having hands-on expertise and experience with JS technology. For start-ups, it’s beneficial in the sense they don’t need to invest much time and effort in hiring MERN stack developers or providing the necessary training.

Full stack development

Full stack development is favored by startups for end-to-end development. The same full stack development environment is facilitated by the MERN stack with all the technologies and tools available in the stack that startups are looking for in app development. With a three-tier architectural arrangement, MERN stack developers can access both frontend and backend thereby acting as full stack developers.

Testing tools

Launching flawless solutions is integral to a start-up app’s success. MERN stack ensures bug-free and high-performant web app delivery with rigorous testing that’s facilitated by a range of testing tools. Developers can test the app with precision and deliver impeccable applications.

Cost-savvy development

The open-source nature, low learning curve, and simple setup associated with MERN stack usage significantly reduce the web app development cost. The JS-based tech stack reduces the cost of talent acquisition which makes web development cost-effective.

Reduced time-to-market the app

Startups cannot wait long for product launches since there is always a fear of the competition outpacing them. The startups need to test the product idea quickly with MVP launch and iterate it rapidly based on users’ feedback. MERN stack for startup web app development helps adhere to strict deadlines with quick launches and faster variations. Additionally, scalability is key to startups to ensure the web apps scale as the business grows. MERN stack supports high scalability that allows startups to grow boundlessly with no app crashes or performance issues.

Community support

More than a decade old MERN stack has a big community of developers that are continuously using the tech stack for innovative and modern projects. Tons of resources, projects, and code help startups and their developers to complete the web development project faster without glitches as they get the resolution quickly.

What’s your call on using MERN Stack for Startup web apps?

What would you choose- MEAN stack or MERN stack? Are you confused by the question? But yes, the replacement of a single alphabet (MEAN = MERN) brings a lot of changes in the tech stack and the value they add to web app development. To avoid this confusion, the differences between the two tech stacks- MERN stack and MEAN stack will help have a better insight about the difference.

Let’s come to the point, MERN Stack Development is a notable selection as a tech stack for startups when they are looking for scalable, secure, and cost-effective web development in reduced time. The amazing performance and meticulous UI make the development cost invested to pay off well.

As a start-up owner, if you are looking MERN-based web app development company, you can count on our MERN stack developers who invest their years of experience and expertise in your project for delivering a successful solution. Get connected with us for your next-gen startup web app development using MERN stack.

But, if you have not yet made your decision and still in a dilemma, let us help you to hire the best and build your dedicated developers team.

FAQs on using MERN Stack for Startup Web Apps

Is the MERN stack good for a startup?

Yes, the MERN stack is good for startups as the technology stack helps to build cost-effective applications in reduced time. This allows the entrepreneurs to test the business idea in a short time and quickly iterate and scale the business as required.

Is the MERN stack good for big projects?

Yes, the MERN stack proves good for large web app projects as well, in addition to the smaller web app projects. The reason is that the MERN stack facilitates scalable, secure, and high-performant web app development.

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