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Web App Development Cost- The Factors Affecting The Cost

Cost to Develop a Web Application
Taking your business where your customers are, enabled local stores to big brands to attract maximum users, increase sales, and earn ROI galore. With an option to go global and improve brand awareness globally, web app development is allowing business to become omnipresent.

More than 1.97 billion businesses excelling with web development in 2022. This number is continuously increasing since 2000. The 2019 Corona outbreak plays a vital role in online business growth. From mom-and-pop stores to SMBs have decided to go online to keep selling the products/services irrespective of lockdown and contactless deliveries.

The wide spectrum of opportunities opened by web development is followed by another concern, that’s web app development cost which deters small entrepreneurs to get build a web app. Adding a new frontier to the business is certainly a costly endeavor, but the business benefits and returns it brings in the long run make web development from a reputed web development company advantageous in every sense.

Before digging in the depth into all the factors that influence web development cost, let’s take a tour of all the reasons that speak one thing in essence- web development is good.

Why should you develop a web application?

Web applications are changing the paradigm of websites. As more and more people start accessing the internet through mobile devices, businesses are starting to think seriously about web application architecture with a view to building superlative web apps. This is because it is quite a cost-effective solution, easy to load and use a web app as compared to a native app or a website.

Studies show that

  • Web apps have better conversion rates(around 5-6 times) than native mobile apps
  • E-commerce major Alibaba has experienced a rise of 76% in conversions in mobile web by using web apps

Well designed web applications help your business in getting a leg-up on your competitors. And this after being associated with a proficient web app development company makes more sense. But before you proceed with building a web app, you must have a clear idea about why you want to build the web app. The answers to these basic questions will help you be more precise about your requirements.

  • Do you want to build an MVP or a web app that just provides some basic information about your brand?
  • Will your web app become your main source of revenue in the future and hence you want to build a complex web app with a lot of features?
  • You must decide the purpose that your web app will serve before proceeding. Your why will decide your next course of action, as it will answer important questions about the configuration of your web app.

There are many benefits of developing a web app which varies from industry to industry and the purpose of having one, however – a few are mentioned below.

2. Why should you develop a web application

Make your brand visible

One of the primary goals of any business is to make itself visible. For a business to gain business, more and more people should know about a company. With the help of web apps, a brand can easily make itself visible amongst its potential customers.

Customer support

By building a web application, a brand can achieve its goal of providing quality customer support to its end users. A web app with a capability of being accessible across devices makes it one of the most important points of contact for a brand with its customers.

Gain a competitive edge

In this intense and competitive environment, gaining an edge over your competitors has become essential. Aptly developed web applications can help you in achieving this goal of yours and be the difference since you just applied the technology before your competitors.

“Time is Money”, this holds true more than ever in the business world in this case.

How Much Does It Cost To Build a Web Application

Determining the exact cost of building a web app is beyond the bounds of possibility. When you want to build the app from scratch, the web application with basic features costs starts from $2000 while a more complex web application costs start from $ 15000.

There are a lot of factors such as functionalities, UI design, tech stack, developers’ location, and others on which the cost of web app development depends. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Want to calculate the cost to build your Web Application?

Key Factors Affecting the Cost of Web App Development

Factors affecting the cost of developing a web app

The cost of developing a web application depends on the permutation and combination of the factors listed down for you. Decide whether you are going to bust the bank while developing a website or you are going to build an economically viable web app.

Project Scope

Web app development is not only about building a few functionalities that are accessible through mobile. Instead, it involves third-party integrations, databases, mobile compatibility, hosting, maintenance, and more. All things together make up the development cost.

Type of web application

Web applications fall into three categories- simple web apps, medium web apps, and complex web apps based on their complexity level. simple web apps are essentially MVP development with basic features, medium web apps are dynamic apps with interactive pages, and complex web apps are eCommerce sites that take much time to develop. MVP development costs quite lower than dynamic and complex app development.

Complexity of UI/UX design

Crafting UI/UX design from scratch is costly as compared to leveraging and customizing readymade templates. UI/UX designing also varies based on complexity, the number of design elements, eye-catchy graphics, animations, and more. The intuitive UI design that delivers wow UX costs differently based on the design complexity level. Simple web page designing costs $5000-$7000 while a complex web app with tons of elements takes $10000-$15,000.

Technologies used

Web development cost gets done cost-efficiently when an affordable tech stack is chosen intelligently. JS-based web development is quite reasonable as it’s a one-size-fits-all solution to build a marketplace, cutting-edge apps, and more. Choose the web development tech stack that enables developers with the least effort and time consumption.

Hiring options

The cooperation model selected while associating with a web development company impacts the app development cost as well. There are three hiring options for hiring web developers- outsourcing web development the project to a remote team, building an in-house team, and hiring freelance developers. Each hiring option has its pros and cons that you can select based on your project requirements.

Development team’s location

The location where your website development company is located plays a significant role in determining the overall cost of your project. Website development is a labor-intensive process, and you have a better chance of pulling off a much better deal with a company based in a developing country instead of a company based in a developed country. You will save 200 to 300% by choosing to develop in a country like India as compared to a country like the USA.

If you are looking for a web app development, send your requirements to [email protected] where the team of experts analyzes your requirements and then clarifies the development expense breakdown for app development accurately. For more details, you can consider this comprehensive guide for web development

Tips to reduce the Web Development Cost

Not all businesses have big pockets that readily spend bundles on web development. If you want to minimize the website app development cost without compromising on quality, here we have come up with a few tips to diminish the web development cost.

  • The discovery phase helps in identifying the right way to start the project, finding possible risks, and mitigating risks that enable development cost reduction.
  • Build MVP to launch the product with a few features and validate the product idea without investing huge money.
  • Prefer third-party integration services that enable getting features implemented in the web app without building them from scratch, which saves a good amount of time, effort, and money. Payment APIs, push notification APIs, analytics APIs, and more are some instances of it.

Detailed Guide on Hire Web Developers for build website

Summing up

The cost of developing a web app might actually be less than the cost of not developing one. Websites have become obsolete in a world dominated by smartphones. We’ll be blunt here, it could be difficult to browse a website on a mobile device as opposed to using a web app since even today not all websites are optimized aptly based on the mobile-first approach. Also with so many native apps cluttering the user’s phone, the chances are less that the user will be interested in installing another app.

Web apps are quickly becoming a necessity now. In this highly competitive digital world, if you haven’t yet thought of building a web app, then you should consider availing of the services of professional web app developers. They will guide you in making a suitable web app, which will eventually benefit your business in a myriad of ways.

By building a web app, you will circumvent both these problems. A web app will take the engagement levels of your brand with the users towards the top and help you in outsmarting your competition.

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