Top iOS Mobile App Development Trends set to Amaze you in 2020

Top Trends in iOS App Development

Mobile app development has gone from strength to strength with each passing year, and 2020 will be no different. Be it using in businesses or everyday life, mobile apps have become the most integral part of our life. The advancement in mobile technology has done a world of good for the users as time, and again it has brought a sea of new changes.

Android and iOS are the top leading mobile OS platforms that are ruling the realm of mobile app development across the globe. iOS app developers have often been the trendsetters in developing mobile apps and features that are customer-centric, secured, and compatible with all the latest technologies.  That is why WWDC is one event that is on the hotlist of every iOS app developer and every elite iOS app development company.

As innovations keep coming on in iOS app development, the app developers must be updated with all the new happenings so that they can provide excellent service to the clients. Thus, we have brought the top iOS mobile app development trends that are going to shine in the year 2020.

Resourceful iOS Application Development Trends of 2020 to Look out for

Mobile app security

Apple is historically known for including features that is increasing app security. Ever since the inception of Apple in 2007, the iOS app developers have made sure that the OS platforms and the mobile apps are secured so that the hackers cannot perform any kind of malfunction. After the release of iOS 13, it has become a mandate to include ATS, i.e., App Transport Security, while developing iOS mobile apps. A secured iOS mobile app will give peace of mind to the users as well as the developers as the app will remain safe. Therefore, mobile app security is going to be significant in the year 2020.

Siri becoming powerful

Voice assistant apps are going to be big in the future, and research has shown that over 50% of the searches will be done through voice search in the year 2020. The new Siri will have a personalized touch and will be able to converse with the user in a much better manner.

The users can search their requirements easily as the new Siri has local languages to go along with the international ones. The personalized touch will also enable Siri to have a more natural conversation with the user and understand their requirements by analyzing the tone of their voice.

Internet of Things and Wearables

Through IoT, the devices can exchange data and information through a vast interconnected network which comprises of digital and mechanical devices. As per studies done by Statista, there will be 31 billion interconnected devices by the end of the year 2020. These numbers make the Internet of Things huge.

Thus it becomes essential for the iOS app developers to invest in the IoT devices to give more competent services to the clients. Moreover, organizations should look for IoT app development company who are proficient with iOS development to have a market-beating mobile app.

Apple has also launched Homekit for iOS devices related to IoT devices. Also, iOS apps that are able to connect with wearable through IoT will also be a major thing in the year 2020.

Mobile apps for clouds

Mobile apps integrated with the cloud will be the go-to thing for iOS app development companies as there will be a vast amount of data that will be needed for the business to function.

Cloud integration will help the companies to have a secure storage facility, allowing them to store data synchronously. This will enable the organization to have access to its data stored globally in real-time.

Opting for cloud computing will also become a great source of optimizing the cost of the iOS app development process and will help in keeping the budget in check. Cloud computing also increases the collaboration and productivity of app developers by increasing cooperation.

The rise of Machine Learning

Machine Learning, along with Artificial Intelligence, has changed the entire face of iOS app development. And it is all set to touch a new zenith in the year 2020. AI not only saves a plethora of money for the organizations, but it also helps in increasing customer engagement.

Moreover, the Machine Learning norms will play a massive part in developing customized iOS mobile apps with all the benefits of advanced technology.

Big Data

Along with AI and IoT, Big Data will be the third biggest pillar of modern age technology. Big Data will be pivotal in increasing the speed of iOS app development in 2020. The iOS mobile app developers can build robust and scalable through Big Data Services. These iOS mobile apps will be vital in the growth of the company and the businesses associated with it.

The predictive analysis with Big Data will give you a 360-degree view of the customer’s buying pattern, purchase history, demographics, etc. The analysis of this data will be vital in designing the future updates of your iOS mobile app to make it more relevant amongst the customers.

Final Words

Apple, as a company, is proliferating, and the innovations in the iOS mobile app development area testimony to that growth. Apart from being the pioneer of change, iOS app development has also been the trendsetter on many occasions in the realm of mobile technology. Thus, it’s high time for the iOS app developers to rise in their game and go on with the trends to stay relevant in 2020.

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