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The Ultimate Guide For “I Have An App Idea Now What?”

How to work on App Idea

Great app ideas are everything to the world. It changes human lives, drives expansion, and innovates the way we do things. Slowly, the incredible ideas when executed aptly become the water in which we swim. The mobile apps that have become a part and parcel of our lives were first introduced as an unique app idea.

Coming up with practically feasible trending app ideas sets the foundation of a million-dollar business, but the launching and making the mobile app scale greater heights of success is not easy. The intriguing app idea becomes overwhelming to the entrepreneurs as they get into mobile app development.

Before leaping into action, the entrepreneurs have a lot of things in mind for shaping the app idea into full-fledged developed solution . It puzzled them about where to start, which tech stack to consider, how to monetize, and a lot more things.

Here’s the guide that helps you know how can you get the development of your app idea from scratch to a point wherein the app turns out to be booming business. The guide to follow from start to the final point.

Check financial feasibility- app development is a costly endeavor

Dreaming of building an app without capital is like digging a well without water. Transforming the app idea into a full-fledged solution is a capital-intensive affair that requires entrepreneurs to start collecting funds through loans, bootstrapping, or finding investors. After finding ways to acquire funds, the entrepreneurs need to take care of a few things.

A big endeavor

If you think that app development is the only hurdle you need to get through to ascertain the success of your app idea, then you are wrong. App development is a recurring process that can be seen as a long-term investment in terms of development and maintanance efforts. Before the project is rolled out on the development floor, the entrepreneurs should go through the following steps- validating the app ideas, checking app idea feasibility, pre-development marketing strategies, and much more.

It’s expensive

The mobile app development cost is not only about development cost (front-end development, back-end development, and testing), designing cost (UI/UX design and testing), and in-depth market research by the analysts. Depending on the type, industry, use and competition of the mobile app it is always advisable to keep a part of your budget allocated for the marketing cost (Customer support and marketing). The app idea validation, feasibility study, branding, user surveys, and pre-development marketing are expensive tasks that can’t be funded by family and friends. The premium validation techniques provide proof of concept, save entrepreneurs from mistakes, and let you ensure you are on the right path by putting in huge investments to build the app rightly.

Accomplish it with fun

The pre-development process is time-consuming and expensive, but enjoying this process is important. The difficult part of the app development journey is if taken with interest, the entrepreneurs can get develop an app that helps your business grow and seize an extra edge in the competition. It helps in introducing unique features and consistently upgrading the app to keep it stay aligned with customers’ requirements.

Go the extra mile to bring app idea to a vision

Entrepreneurs when coming up with a mobile app idea, they want to build a second-to-none solution and make bundles from it. Opting to build the app themselves is a hard nut to crack for entrepreneurs. Instead, hiring the Best Mobile App Developers is a good choice that is well-versed in app development of various industry verticals. When you want to build a successful product from scratch, it involves a series of processes.

Find the best developers

The road to success highly relies on the path that you take to reach the destination. The complexities and the increasing vulnerabilities result in a recipe for disaster. The pool of talented pros provides the best suggestions and insights that can help entrepreneurs know the things they are missing to achieve the best results. Before selecting a trustworthy app development company, you should keep the following things in mind.

  • Check the portfolio to identify if they stay true to what they are saying. It showcases the proficiency and expertise in building different types of applications.
  • Consider testimonials to find out the experience of the previous clients. The unbiased testimonials help you know whether you can trust the company for the development services or not.
  • You can also get connected with the previous clients directly to ask about their experiences because the companies post positive testimonials. You get to know if you are outsourcing the project to the hands of a reliable development partner.

Check technology prowess

You have decided to keep the best features in your mobile app before handing it over to the technical team. Behind the scene, one of the parts of the app development is the beack end development, that powers the mobile functionalities to work must be checked. The person who comes up with a mobile app idea does not necessarily know how to code the app.

Checking the technology expertise of the developers is necessary. You can interview the developers individually to know technical proficiency, and verify the suggestions they made for the technology stack, and their experience in niche industry app development. here, CTO is the best person to cross-check the technical requirements.

 Get your app idea patented

Before you outsource the app development project to the company to start shaping your mobile app idea. It’s essential to get your app idea patented to prevent it from being stolen by someone else. Remember, the clash between Apple and Microsoft where Apple claimed Microsoft had stolen the GUI idea, but no patent acquisition enabled Microsoft to win the dispute.

Understanding the magnitude of the patent effect on a mobile app idea before it’s turned into a mobile solution, the entrepreneurs should ask the outsourcing app development company to sign an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) to safeguard the unique app idea.

Patenting a mobile app idea makes you the right owner of the app idea and prevent others from stealing the idea legally. Failing which, the business competitor at fault will need to pay heavy penalties or infringement as per the state regulations. Here’s a detailed guide on how to patent the mobile app idea and further helps you to check if the app idea is already patented.

Get ahead with an executable plan

You poured in hard-earned money, valuable time, and effort to put your mobile app idea into action. It’s not a run-of-the-mill job. The game of mobile app development requires a lot of market research, strategic planning, and then finally developers build the app.

Validate app idea

Validate your app idea

With escalated use of technology, the market is overcrowded with mobile applications. The technology progress has mandated to keep up the mobile app with changing trends, else it won’t be long before the users will forget about your app. Here the importance of market research can’t be stressed enough, making it essential to perform market research for app idea before starting with any stages of app development.

The market research helps in identifying the app idea uniqueness and collecting user responses at speed. A procedural approach towards app idea market research also covers app idea validation. There are several ways to validate app ideas in the volatile app market.

  • Find out the target audience

Defining the target audience of the future app help in analyzing their real needs that no app in the market can fulfill. In the competitive world, it helps you what target users are looking for, and where competitors are lagging so that your app idea can fill the voids. Tailoring the business model and revenue model help in syncing the app to the users’ needs.

  • Connect and communicate with users

On social channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, or Instagram, you will find the pages or forums where different groups of entrepreneurs dedicatedly talk about the mobile app ideas and processes to achieve goals. Getting app idea validation is implausible, but you may get in touch with people who want to use such an application and gettheir feedback. The suggestions help in maximizing the app’s usability and utility.

  •  Harness technology power

The mobile app idea is a technical asset that’s validated using technology power. You can create a landing page that highlights what your app will offer to the target users. The customers’ response- the number of visits and required actions help entrepreneurs know what users think about the app idea.

Running ads on social platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram is an expensive way, but provides access to targeted users that are looking for such products. The impression, clicks, and actions showcase that target users are searching for the same featuresthat are a part of the app idea.

The three steps of homework provide a 360-degree view of the target audience, what the competitor is doing, outline the goals around the app idea, create USP, and enhance the planned functionalities. Besides, you get to know the future app positioning in the market.

Move ahead with the MVP way

MVP development for App
Now, you have secured the mobile app idea with app idea patenting and tested the app idea in the market with validation. It’s time to check the application in the real market with minimum investment. The MVP development is about building the basic features of the app with a minimal design that gives a brief of the app. The least cost of MVP development makes it an ideal option because it’s good to test the waters rather than reinventing the wheel with full-fledged solution development.

MVP development starts with identifying the core features that can help present the app idea to the public in a way that the users can understand and check the interest levels. Later on based on the analysis of the first working model of your app idea further upgrades to the app is planned to make the app more resourceful with a couple of improvements, addition of some new features, and the removal of some existing ones that did not interest the users.

The features to include in MVP development are identified during mobile app idea validation that wow the users. Later, enhancing the app is all-important to stay ahead of the curve. The MVP is also used by the entrepreneurs to showcase it to the investors for gaining funds and winning their trust.

 Partner with the team

After clerverly identifying the important app features to include in the MVP version of your app idea, it’s time to hire app development professionals. You can either build an in-house team of professionals or outsouce it to the professionals who will work from remote locations widely known as remote developers.

Outsourcing app development services is the option that most businesses opt for especially startups and SMB’s since it is more cost-efficient. There are different models to hire remote developers and selecting the best that suits your requirement is required. Once the hiring model is finalized you need to know how to hire remote developers and build a perfect team to outsource app development project.

Roll the mobile app development ball over

Mobile app development is a step-by-step process to achieve the desired goals or objectives.

  •  Wireframe

When you are clear with goals, competition research, and functionalities to integratein the app, it’s time to decide how the design elements and features to keep on various pages. The wireframe is a low-fidelity app that showcases the app workflow and positioning of elements which helps in visualizing how the future app would look like.

  •  Development methodology

When you have a visual view of the app ready, it’s time to decide which development methodology- agile, Kanban, or waterfall you use to get built an app. Agile app development is popular because it breaks the project into multiple sprints where each sprint contains a list of sub-tasks that are delivered to the client as soon as it’s completed. Building the app in sprints helps in getting the client’s view earlier rather than at the end, where fixing the problems becomes a big task.

  •  Coding

It’s time to put all the efforts into action with app coding that translates the mobile app idea into a high-performing application.

  • Testing

Making the app perform without glitches, crashes, and bugs is vital to make it live up to the customers’ expectations. Rigorous testing of the app is essential to render the best experience to the customers when they use the app.

  •  Launch

After passing the testing phase, the mobile app is submitted by the developers to the app store while following all the guidelines. The well-optimized app description, images, and target keywords make the app secure top rankings.

Stay successful

You keep the patience to read the blog to this point means you are interested in shaping the app idea into a reality. It’s a fact that a million-dollar idea won’t bring success unless it’s well-executed and well-optimized before it’s put in front of the target audience. There’s no shortcut to app success. The long route requires a lot of homework and tactical strategies to get build a mobile app that performs to the notch.

At Prismetrics, the development team of talented professionals built thousands of mobile applications to the perfection with required R&D and the best technology stack to keep the business successful with outstanding app development. if you come up with a mobile app idea and are not sure how to move ahead, connect with our app consultants who can help with the best advice.

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