What’s expected in Upcoming Android Version?

In anticipation of Android 4.4 was proclaimed, everyone had assumed that the Android 5.0 market introduction date would be around somewhere later this year. However, like all other surprises, as an alternative market got dazzled with Android 4.4 Kit Kat introduction on prologue this October and in the top of that indicated discharge, no one thought that it’s at this time expected that this globe will witness Android 5.0 revealed in intermediate of the upcoming year 2014, relatively perhaps at Google I.O, that is generally known as Google’s yearly developer meeting in San Francisco which will be lasting for two days as expected.

Next Android

Developer’s Conference and Launch:

Considering the previous, this is a time on commencing while public had in the beginning accepted to notice Android 5.0, awaited at Google IO annual conference of this year 2013. As seen before that Google declared Android 4.1 Jelly Bean at its same developer symposium, it appeared sensible to wait for witnessing Android 5.0 on this year’s meeting occasion. Other than doing that in 2013, the world got the corroboration that readily available would be no availability of Android 5 at this developer’s conference from Google’s fresh chief of Android.

Awaited Cell Phones and Android:

Where will be these sought, reports are of a fresh Nexus cell phone is in full swing dribbling. There were also gossips about this cell phone that it will be supporting Android 5.0 but the cell phone, afterwards crooked out to be presented as the innovative piece of Google Nexus 4, launched with supporting software of Android Jelly Bean. At the same time as the Nexus 4 was not launched with the supporting of Android 5.0, as expectation were strong enough, it was soon recommended and supposed that the Motorola X will be the one. The Motorola X was not on demonstration at meeting and as an alternative emerged in August of this year, bearing Android 4.2.2.

Expected Features in Android OS Version:

Operations are with Linux 3.8 kernel, which produced idea that kernel may influence Android 5. One upgrading that 3.8 kernel lifts is lesser RAM usage, which means that the phone with improved multi-task. The provision was to approach with innovative emoticons and Google+ so one can jump from Babel chat to other. Babble was the secret code for Google’s multi-stage provision and application with aspire of uniting its diverse talk facilities including Hangout, Talk, Messenger, Voice, natter with Google Drive and chitchat via Google+.

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