The Benefits of Choosing React Native for Startup Ventures

Why Choose React Native for Startups App Development?

React Native- Fueling Startup Innovation

Facebook created the open-source React Native technology, which is a mainstay in social media. Various native components are known to be compiled by the framework as well.

Reusing a single code base is a nice feature of React Native that speeds up the creation of iOS and Android mobile apps. It decreases both the cost and the length of time it takes to construct an app. Apps created with the React Native framework operate and behave like native apps because they render native components.

According to Statista, 38% of the developers used React Native in 2021, and React Native takes a sixth stand with 14.51%according to StackOverflow developer’s annual survey 2021. React native is a famous framework with 22K forks and 102K stars on Github, along with an MIT license18,10,429 React Native Downloads till Oct 8, 2023,as stated by NPM Trends

Reasons why startups prefer React Native?

Due to the numerous advantages that React Native offers, startups and enterprises ask app development companies to deploy it to construct their products. The list of advantages given by React Native from both the business and technical points of view will help you decide on the software stack for your product.

Best UX

The user experience is one of the most crucial considerations whenever an application is out on the market. For all mobile users, React Native offers the finest user experience. Additionally, react-native offers a variety of native-like UI components to build apps that seem native. Because asynchronous JavaScript runs in a native environment, it enables the development of fluid, adaptable mobile user interfaces.

Larger talent pool

You won’t have to worry about obtaining the correct skills for your project because React Native is an exceptionally good option to save time and money for developing business apps. To access international talent, you might choose an offshore development route wherein the company offers you various hiring models and helps you carry out a product that aligns your business objectives.

Shorter time to market

Any startup needs as much time as possible to deliver their product from the MVP stage to the customer’s hands. For both iOS and Android, more than 90% of the code is the same. Additionally, React Native is one of the best options for code reuse feature helps developers create apps more quickly. Your MVP may be rapidly released as the application’s initial release. This approach is especially advantageous when you’re exploring trending mobile app ideas for startups. The following application update can then be used to add new features.”


One of the most important issues for businesses is the budget. For a reasonable fee of $15-45, you may hire a React Native developer. Each startup can reduce the application’s time and cost. The React Native code just has to be created once, and it may be utilized as cross-platform app development i.e., seamlessly used on many different platforms.


The developer just needs to make one modification to the code when using React; if using native platforms, the developer would need to make changes to both Android and iOS. React Native also comes with immense features and facilities that make the platform more scalable and user-centric. As a result, enterprises can build customized solutions to effectively present their products and services to their esteemed customers.

Technical reasons for React Native for startups

There are a few notable technological advantages of developing React Native apps that make it a great option for enterprise-level apps as well as SMEs. You can use back-end development tools like Django, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, and ASP.NET with React Native. Also, hot reloading enables you to make changes to your app’s code while it’s still active. Your app may automatically refresh, which significantly accelerates the React Native app development process. Reusable components are one of the finest features of React Native. It functions on both iOS and Android and in each instance, a single amendment is sufficient to update a specific component.

React Native wants to accelerate development as much as possible with the use of a variety of plugins and frameworks from third parties such as NativeBase (which enables your developers to build apps that look native) and Galio (a collection of UI components).

Facebook chose to provide support for Android to its JavaScript library as a result of the huge popularity of its iOS apps. React-Native’s architecture is modular. In other words, modules and distinct pieces of code can be used to divide and switch out various program functionalities.

React Native Apps for Startups may occasionally require a native platform API that is not entirely available in JavaScript. This is a fantastic alternative if you want to utilize any existing Objective-C, Swift, Java, or C++ libraries. Or if you need to write high-performance, multi-threaded code for jobs like processing. Imagine hiring a private chef to create a wonderful meal for you at home. In this case, you would instruct the chef on what to make rather than how to produce it (as in imperative style).

When to use React Native?

Knowing the needs of the business, the available money, and the amount of time can help you choose the right tech stack for your mobile application. Here are several situations in which react-native may be the best option.

Select react-native if:

Quick scalability

React Native for mobile app development is a great option for startups that need to grow their business quickly since choosing and scaling down the team of React developers is easy. Top offshore development companies do offer an option to clients that they can scale up or down their teams of programmers. On the other aspect, React Native is also a scalable solution by itself as it comes with loads of features and facilities that can be customized further for any business objective purpose.

Limited budget

If you’re a startup, you might only have a small budget to create an app, especially if your industry is non-technical or you have other urgent matters to attend to. Creating apps with React Native may be extremely affordable since it utilizes a single codebase to target several platforms. You can save loads as the single code works smoothly on multiple platforms.

Tight deadline

You must make sure your job is on time during the early phases of a company. In the shortest period, you must provide the best results. Using React Native this is exactly what upgrading and generating an MVP accomplishes. The developers can work quickly on the project and get you deliverables in time, quicker.

Robust MVP development

The idea of making an investment pitch interests the entrepreneurs. But theories alone are insufficient. When you approach the investor with your MVP, it is ideal. It will help investors understand the market potential of your app concept. You may provide it affordably to persuade people to contribute to the development of your software.

Well-known brands that use React Native

With the help of the well-liked React Native framework and enjoying the benefits of React Native development, it is possible to create mobile apps that may run on both iOS and Android devices. The most well-known applications created with React Native include:

Facebook: The company’s technology, React Native, was used to create the Facebook app. This program, which is accessible on both the iOS and Android operating systems, is one of the most widely used social networking applications worldwide.

Airbnb: One of the most well-known travel apps in the world, Airbnb was created with React Native. Users may reserve lodging in more than 220 nations and locations.

Instagram: In 2012, Facebook purchased Instagram, another well-known social networking application. Over 1 billion people actively utilize the React Native-built app.

Tesla: Tesla is a business that focuses on electric vehicles, solar energy, and energy storage. Users may manage their Tesla automobiles, examine vehicle statistics, and make service appointments using the React Native-built Tesla app.

Skype: Microsoft purchased the video conferencing and messaging program Skype in 2011. React Native was used to build the app, which is accessible on both iOS and Android devices.

Discord: Discord is a well-liked chat program made specifically for gamers. Users may establish and join servers, exchange messages, make audio and video chats, and more using the React Native-built app.

Walmart: A network of grocery shops, inexpensive department stores, and hypermarkets are all operated by one international retail conglomerate. Users may purchase online, examine product details, and locate stores with the React Native-built Walmart app.


A firm that doesn’t want to spend a fortune creating an app for its customers may find this platform to be a lifesaver. You can hire React Native developers who excel in this cross platform framework as it will be indeed advantageous for small firms with a limited budget for app development and a desire to enter the market rapidly.

Additionally, it could help you by offering the perfect balance of rapid delivery, inexpensive price, and superior software quality. With the help of a trustworthy startup app development company, one may fully utilize the React Native framework and obtain the results they want from their feature-rich mobile application.

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