Ideal User Onboarding Strategies for your Mobile Apps

The number of apps competing for downloads in a play store are more than the number of candidates competing for a employment in a prestigious organization like Alphabet (Previously Google). With the mob of mobile app around, every single field is facing turbulent times in grabbing the eye balls of the consumers. Stats also reveal the same as more than 80% of the apps gets uninstalled within 3 days of installation.

Onboarding Strategies for Mobile app

Most of the people install apps, but don’t extend the use on a continuous basis for some or the other reasons, therefore in the modern mobile app world; app retention is more important magnitude to judge the app’s performance than app downloads.

Try and keep your app simple, because on the first look if your app seems complex, the users are bound to abandon it during the onboarding process. Moreover, it will spread bad word of mouth among the users that will degrade your app’s ratings and reviews.

Therefore, your app’s first-time user experience i.e. FTUE is the key to app retention matrices and can boost the lifetime user value of your app by 500%. Thus the on boarding process becomes a major criterion in user retention and engagement.

Let us take a look at some of the methods that could enhance the users on board experience of your app.

Ask only the required things:

Try and keep the obvious elements straight, get your registration process simplified because no one likes long forms that require more information. Consider every form as a speed bump in the onboarding process and try to eradicate as many bumps you can. Try and keep two fields i.e email id and password during the registration process, because this will make the process smoother and the user will find it manageable.

Moreover, if the nature of your app allows, remove the registration process all together. Once the users is familiar with your app, you can anytime prompt an in-app message and create the user’s account once they have the momentum in using your app.

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Don’t ask unnecessary things upfront like credit card info, etc. Be very analytic and critical in your thinking about what information you are going to ask and design the app’s registration process according to that so as to enhance the on boarding process.

Establish Relationship with your customers:

Once the user has installed your app, he/she will be your official users rather than visitors. So, grab this opportunity and establish a personal relationship with your newly signed users, send those personalized emails and make them feel connected to your app.

Moreover, don’t ask the personal details to them directly; rather fetch those details from the social media accounts. You will get the information such as age, gender, date of birth, etc. that will enable you to send the personalized message more precisely.

If the relevant information is not available on the social media account, ensure asking relevant question to them before approaching at the right time

Explain the Functionality:

The process of functionality depends on the features and aspects of your app. If your app is simple, functionality is the fact that you should and can ignore. However, if there are some features that are not intuitive to the user at the first time, explain them previously during the on-boarding process instead of leaving your customers floundering and opting it out all by themselves.

Take into consideration about the things you are going to explain regarding your functionality. Don’t complicate things while demonstrating about them. Make sure that the visuals are clear and the facts are straight and concise. Create a simple hierarchy about the function according to their importance so that the user will find it easy to execute and move forward.

Remold Onboarding process periodically:

Reassess the onboarding process of your mobile app periodically and coordinate its content according to the trends prevailing. Consider the customer feedback as an authenticated source if you want to add new features or change the proposition of the onboarding process.

Conduct regular analysis and research of the app and see how it is used by the users, what the pain points are and how it can be corrected or removed. Bifurcate the points that needs additional feature or bug fixing and eradicate the remaining pain points by simply adding some simple instructions to the onboarding process of your mobile app.

Educate the user:

Anxiety of the unknown”, tends to hold people. So simply put this formula into your mobile app’s onboarding experience and don’t try to convey every single bit of information to the user. Instead of this, start from the basics and make advancements gradually once the user gets used to the functionality of your app. After that, reinforce the information that the user have already learnt and motivate them to dive deeper into the core of your app and learn new things. This method of educating the user during the onboarding process of your mobile app will play a definite role in user retention and reduce the fall out ratio.

Consider the Feedbacks:

The most important aspect of structuring an onboarding process for a mobile app is to consider all customer feedbacks as important. Gain in-depth understanding and analysis of your app’s users by quantitative research like testing and optimization and qualitative research like usability testing.

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This will help in understanding the onboarding strategies more efficiently, thus will help in boosting unique and effective results for your mobile app.

Most of the people in their excitement of launching an app, tend to forget the onboarding process. Therefore, it results in providing horrible and complicated registration process to the user and the apps get dubbed down before they are even started. Therefore, take due care about the onboarding process of your mobile app and avoid it in going to the 68% apps that are unused after FTUE.

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