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How to Hire the Best React Native Developers – An In-Depth Guide

hiring react native developers guide

Hiring React Native developers is not easy as it seems. There are different nuances of hiring developers that come along with their own challenges. What skills and experience do you need to look out for a while going through a bunch of applications? How to select the best React Native developers? This blog will help you effectively evaluate developers with a detailed construe of steps and things to keep in mind while hiring React Native developers.

The native mobile application can be complex with verbose frameworks, complicated environments and long compilation times, a quality native mobile application is no easy task. It is no wonder that the market has seen its share of solutions come to light. We are witnessing a new paradigm in the mobile application development landscape and React Native is at the forefront of this shift.

React Native took web development by storm when it was first introduced in 2015. It was initially used to build user interfaces for web applications. It has evolved since then and now can also be used to build server-side and robust mobile applications. React Native has a lot going for it.

In addition to being backend and open sources by Facebook, it comes along with a tremendous community of motivated people behind it. Facebook, with its million users and groups, is powered by React Native. Some of the other renowned firms are either using React Native in production or are investing in it such as Airbnb, Amazon, Ticketmaster, Microsoft, Bloomberg, Sound Cloud, Tesla, Walmart, Uber, and Instagram. Hire React native developers to develop an exceptional application with robust features for your customers.

What is React Native development?

React Native is a JavaScript framework for developing natively rendering mobile applications for iOS and Android. It is based on React, Facebook’s JavaScript library for building user interfaces, but instead of targeting browsers, it targets mobile platforms.With React Native experts can build native views and access native-specific components using JavaScript.

React Native offers faster mobile development and more efficient code sharing across iOS, Android, and the web without sacrificing the end users’ experience or application quality. React Native leverages and combines the main advantages of JavaScript and ReactJS. Due to the prevalence of its code, applications developed can work faster and more.

Business benefits of hiring React Native developers 

benefits to hire react native developers

There are a ton of benefits of choosing React Native as a mobile application framework for startups or implementing changes in the current application. Because the application renders native components and APIs directly, speed and performance are much better than other hybrid frameworks. With React Native, entire applications can be written using a single programming language-JavaScript. A lot of code can be reused, reducing the time it takes to ship a cross-platform application. Hiring and finding quality React Native developers or React Native app development services is much easier and cheaper, leading to an overall less expensive process.

Currently, React Native framework is one of the fastest and most efficient environments for mobile app development. To know more about mobile app development, its functionalities, tools, and its scope in the near future visit a client’s guide to mobile app development.  It is analogous to ReactJS and here are the business benefits it brings along:

Coding efficiency 

There is no need to develop separate mobile applications for each platform with React Native. The coding efficiency in React Native includes reusable code and components, which further reduces costs. It allows developers to write code once and share it from 90-99% between iOS and Android platforms without technical glitches.                 

Ease of development

With React Native, the bulk of the source code can be reused. It means that the code can be shared across platforms. Thus, developers don’t need to develop code separately for iOS and Android. It makes the development process a lot easier and faster.

SEO friendly

React Native uses JavaScript that ultimately helps you get faster loading pages with good UX. This helps in getting more traffic and a higher ranking in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).                      

Better user interface

As React Native comes with ready-to-use UI components, developers can create their own interface from scratch and create an exceptional user experience. With the latest versions of React Native, the entire app development process becomes smooth.


The reusable code and ready-made components in React Native play a huge role in cutting down costs. As you don’t need to have two separate developing teams for Android and iOS development, the entire development cost is reduced significantly.                   

High flexibility 

React Native comes along with high flexibility for developers as they can multitask with this framework. They can develop UI codes and test them simultaneously. This allows them to bring consistency and fully optimized UI that perfectly works on numerous devices.    

Looking to Hire Dedicated React Native Developers?

Roles and responsibilities of React Native developers

React Native developers have been in high demand. The reason behind this is the complex yet subtle architecture that allows developers to use the same code across multiple platforms. However, there are a few responsibilities and roles that fall under the hands of React Native developers to deliver a magnificent app:

  • Create high-quality programming from wireframes and prototypes
  • Build applications and websites that are extremely sensitive
  • Retain easily understandable code
  • Use native APIs for tight integration across all frameworks
  • Create automation checks to test the software
  • Build interchangeable front-end modules and repositories
  • Create new user-facing functionality
  • Increase the efficiency of a close to a native program
  • Find bugs and fix them

Things to remember while hiring React Native developers

Before we dive into the steps and cost of hiring React Native developers there are a few things to keep in mind while hiring them.

Proficiency with JavaScript

The foremost thing to look out for when you hire React Native developers is to make sure that they are proficient in JavaScript. It is the heart of almost everything in native app development. The potential candidate should know how to structure the app logic, understand the flow and build robust components.

Developers should be fluent in JavaScript but they must know about including enhancements and unique features to the application. At an infrastructural level, the skills and experience of JavaScript open doors to the possibility of building interactive UI components and structuring application logic.

React Native components and functionalities

In React Native development, concepts such as JSK, Virtual DOM and component lifecycle should be familiar to the developer. You should check the applicant’s understanding level on all react-native components and functionalities. As complicated as it may seem, the component lifecycle enhances the application performance as well as the user interface.

Potential developers should have basic knowledge of handling and customizing the parameters and state of react components. This caters to the smooth functioning and efficient onboarding of the entire development process.

Writing functional codes   

Understanding the dynamics of cross-platform applications is important as the apps created by the chosen development team should be consistent and, more importantly, functional. This is vital as you need to maintain the application after its made easily. This also includes making improvements in the future.

Writing functional and clean code isthe backbone of the mobile application development process. Usually, this is a must-have for developers, but they must also be fully aware of the intersection of the different classes of codes. This can be done by conducting mock tests and identifying React Native-based fragments and events while developing codes.    

Optimizing app performance

Developers should know the common approaches to optimizing app performance. They should also be able to offer ideas on optimizing the performance of various types of apps. They should be able to identify performance issues and surface any related errors quickly.

Performance optimization and tuning are vital skills a developer should be aware of to achieve maximum app performance with optimal resource utilization. This also plays a huge role in improving the speed of the application, loading time and overall performance regardless of the users’ platform or device. Developers should possess optimization skills such as managing UI drops, reducing animation sizes or shapes and handling UI transitions.

Develop native features 

The React Native developer should be able to work by eliminating the need to develop native applications separately. Your ideal candidate is someone who has hands-on experience with native frameworks such as Objective C, Android Studio, Swift, and the intricacies of different platforms.

The ultimate goal of any successful mobile app ideas is to deliver a unique user experience through customized widgets and an exceptional user interface. These customizations involve integrating system resources such as speakers, cameras, GPS, and other features. The platform-specific elements and system resources are complex in nature but provide better accessibility to native applications.        

Third-party dependencies                     

React Native development is a cross-platform framework that allows the integration of third-party tools with native features effortlessly. It improves accessibility, functionality and responsiveness through external API development and integration. Integrated third-party APIs need to be monitored and updated periodically.

As it is not simple to use them, developers should broaden their horizons and look for dependencies issues within the application and deliver effective solutions swiftly. They should add external widgets and pre-designed plugins rather than building elements from scratch as it saves a lot of time in a hectic development process.

Testing and debugging

The React Native developer should be aware of the automated ways to ensure the application works as expected, ranging from static analysis to end-to-end tests. They must possess the ability to conduct different variations in testing and debugging to ensure that the mobile app doesn’t fail. This step should not be neglected as even the slightest glitch can hatch a negative impression on the users’ end.

Testing and debugging an application is a post-maintenance task that needs your attention occasionally but at regular intervals. Developers should perform automated tests and conduct various variations in testing and debugging to ensure that the development process doesn’t go off track. You will need to look out for their fluency in tools such as Typescript, Flow, Prop types and Jest.

Key steps to hire React Native developers 

steps to hire react native developers

React Native is a thriving technology that allows you to create splendid applications and versatile solutions for your business. If you plan to take on React Native as a core technology for your application, you will have to find suitable developers that align with your business and project needs.

We have prepared a step-by-step guide that will make the process less complex. Let us get started.

Step 1: Hiring levels – Choose the level of React Native developers

The foremost step is to choose the level of developers by understanding the needs of your project and aligning them to pan out a seamless developing team. Whether you are hiring remote React Native developers or you are hiring off-shore React native app developers, these are the three primary levels of hiring developers varied by their skills and experience:

Junior developer

Junior developers and trainees are often interchangeable and, in most cases, blend into the same role. The real strength of a junior developer is that they bring in passion, motivation and energy in the development process. At this level, they are no expert in React Native but are expected to be aware of different technologies and approaches. If you are looking to hire developers with an eye to cut long-term costs, then junior developers are your best bet.

Mid-level developer

The mid-level stage is considered when a developer has knowledge, experience, and skills to execute the project but often needs guidance to channel their energy. Developers at this level can prove to be an essential asset to your project. If you are looking for someone with 2-3 years of experience with moderate costs, then a mid-level developer is your top seed.

Senior developer

Senior developers are also known as problem solvers because of their specialized knowledge and exhaustive experience. They are knowledgeable in React Native, allowing them to effectively transit between projects and products with their intuition of deep domain understanding. If you are looking for an adept practitioner and a good instructor, senior developers are worth their gold.

Step 2: Do not forget to check portfolio

A portfolio is a compilation of materials that exemplifies a developer’s qualifications, beliefs, skills, experiences and training in React Native. It simply provides your insight into their personality and work ethic. There are certain domains where a portfolio proves more helpful than just a simple resume showcasing developers’ skills and experience.

This is especially true for web development projects in React Native. Whether you are looking for in-house developers, freelancers or a development agency, review your candidates’ portfolio thoroughly. It reflects their ability and personality required for your project. To know more about web development and its types check out this comprehensive guide to web development.

A perfect React Native developers’ portfolio includes a paragraph stating a statement of originality, work philosophy, career goals, resume, professional accomplishments, and major skill set areas that would be important in your native app development process.

Step 3: Check the experience to hire the best React Native developers

Make sure the potential developer is emphasizing past projects and work related to React Native. As an interviewer, you will have to identify the skills they have gained through their past experiences and how they leverage in your current project. Professional experience will prove helpful as proof of a developers’ organizational, communication, and tangible React Native-related skills.

You can also check the recommendations of potential developers’ previous employers and past projects on their LinkedIn page. This is relevant for developers who have worked on commercial projects.

Step 4: Check the skillset of the React Native developers

Portfolio and experience are only the beginning, you will also need to look out for a range of other skill sets to ensure that the candidate is a perfect fit for your project. We have shed light on the skills you will need to look out for a while hiring React Native developer.

Hard skills

Here we have taken a closer look at what hard skills a React Native developer should have to be an ideal fit for your project.

  • Native app development
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Integrating frameworks and libraries into React Native apps
  • Building an effective team workflow
  • Delivering continuous integration
  • Active participation in project discussions
  • Research and analytical skills
  • Sharing ideas leading to effective solutions

Soft skills

These skills depict a candidate’s personality and are as important as hard skills. For a successful project, these skills are proven to be more effective and applicable than hard skills. Developers should have soft skills such as passion, curiosity, problem-solving, accountability, teamwork and above all, a burning desire to learn and grow. Although, these skills vary on various levels of developers. For instance, a senior developer should possess strong leadership skills, while a junior level developer should have inquisitiveness.

Along with these soft skills find someone with a similar mindset that shares your companies’ values. In the long term, cultural fit influences a developers’ cohesion, productivity and performance within your project.

Step 5: Do check the tools and technologies that developers are master

Along with the skills and experience, the developer should be fluent in using the tools and web development technologies on which the project will be executed. The developer should be well versed in some of the react-native tools and technologies as such:

  • Visual studio code
  • Sublime
  • Reactotron
  • Reduxsauce
  • Ignite CLI
  • Enzyme
  • Bitrise
  • Redux
  • Jest

How much does it cost to hire react native developer?

The rates of React Native developers vary depending on their location, skills, expertise and experience in the business domain. The cost-affecting factors also include the complexity and design of the React Native application. Among these factors, the location of the developer plays a vital role in the rates of potential developers. For instance, in America, developer rates may vary from $100-$150 per hour. In Australia, it will cost about $60-$90 per hour. It will be $30-$45 per hour in Russia, and in India, it will cost about $20-$40 per hour.

3 Ways to hire React Native developers 

The hiring developers you choose depends on your goals, resources, and priorities. To make a thoughtful choice, think about your top priority quality, price, communication, or time.

ways to hire react native developers

We have outlined the advantages and disadvantages and the different ways to hire React Native developers.

Hire in-house React Native engineers

The in-house team is always available and understands your company and its culture. It is a cost-effective solution but a time taking one. Building an in-house team and training it to work effectively takes time. It is an excellent choice if you already have a team and an office with enough space.


  • Guaranteed availability
  • Proper understanding of corporate culture
  • Quality control


  • High costs
  • Time taking
  • Getting to know

Hire freelance React Native developers

Freelancers are independent workers who are not attached to any company or organization for their work. They charge for their work and themselves that might cost a tad more based on their expertise in React Native. One of the notable advantages is that you can find experts with knowledge and experience according to your budget.


  • Cheaper
  • Flexibility
  • Global talent


  • Less secure
  • No supervision
  • Independent

Hire a React Native development company

If you want to quickly bring your application to the market and are concerned about the quality and costs, then consider hiring a React Native development company. A specialized company that offers a team of dedicated react-native professionals working closely by taking your goals into account is the best option if you are planning a mid-sized or large project.


  • Saves time
  • Cost optimization
  • Limited risk
  • Quality of developers
  • Good communication
  • No cultural differences


  • Time zones
  • Language barrier


In user experience-driven technology, a well-designed and well-executed app is the key to staying ahead of your competitors. The good news is that with React Native, you just need to design one splendid application for every platform available on the market. Now, the only thing left is to choose a reliable IT company that delivers cost-efficient solutions in real-time.

Prismetric offers high expertise and experience in developing React Native applications, helping you increase your business credibility and sales. Request a quote now for your React Native app development project to be successful and beat the competition.

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