Why is React Native a good choice for any startup?

Why is React Native a good choice for any startupStartups are the new in-thing in the digital century. It is common for the technology industry to churn out Unicorns at a regular interval. The lure of fast money draws thousands of entrepreneurs towards digital startups. In this cut-throat competitive world, startups need to work within tight deadlines, scale fast, and need to innovate quickly to be successful.

One of the most important decisions that a digital startup needs to take is regarding the choice of the technology using which it wants to build its product.

While thinking about different technologies, React Native is a name that springs to mind. Launched in 2015, the Facebook-backed cross-platform app development framework has emerged as one of the most popular app development technologies out there.

Being a top React Native app development company, we make it easy for startups to hire React Native developers and we thought we would share our knowledge regarding the platform’s suitability for startups.

When to consider choosing React Native?

One of the important decisions that dedicated developers need to take before they start a project is whether they should use React Native framework or any other technology to build the project. The following factors will help the mobile app developers decide where they should use React Native App Development Framework.

Does the business already have native apps?

If the business already has a native iOS or Android app, it becomes easy to change to React Native. This is because the experienced React Native app developers do not need to rewrite the entire code. This makes migration a lot easier, and this is one of the major reasons for React Native’s popularity.

When the company needs to scale the project fast

React Native is a very popular app development framework, which is why it is relatively easy to find the best React Native app developers. The fact that React Native developers are more in number aids a company to add more developers faster when it needs to scale the team.

This is why top mobile app development company consider React Native technology for app development project requirements in which they know that fast team scaling might be required in the future.

When flexibility is of prime importance

The coding style of React Native is declarative in nature as it focuses on what the code should do and not on how the code should do it. As it has a declarative coding style, React Native app development proves to be profitable and flexible for versatile app developers.

This is especially useful in new projects as the declarative style makes it easy for both the mobile app developers and the system to read the code. It also simplifies the coding paradigms and the coding process.

Fast MVP development

Saving money is a top priority for startups, especially during the early stages of app development. Minimum Viable Product development with React Native is fast and easy, which leads to the cost-effectiveness of an app development project.

Benefits of React Native like Code re-usability, availability of pre-built components, faster testing, and modular architecture help the dedicated mobile app developers to achieve faster development speed while building an MVP with React Native.

This is why startups need to build an MVP before going ahead with the full-fledged product development.

If your budget is strictly limited

Building an MVP with React Native is cost-effective. Apart from this, the top app developers can use React Native to modify and update existing applications economically as they will need to only insert UI components into the application and need not rewrite the code completely.

If the deadlines are tight

Time is of the essence, more so for startups who want to get their idea up and running before the competition. Being an efficient open-source framework, React Native Framework makes your Business Ideas more Feasible. Launching their digital solution fast not only helps startups outpace the competition, but it also helps them keep the variable costs of their business low.

React Native allows the startup founders to launch their product fast respective of tight deadlines. With vast resource library, and a huge list of helpful features are used effectively by expert react native developers to deliver the product fast.

Advantages of React Native app development for startups

Advantages of React Native app development for startups

Startups consider React Native for developing their product due to the wide range of benefits that the React native platform provides. We have discussed the most important benefits of using React Native for startups below.

Hot Reloading

Most of the React Native app developers will agree that hot reloading is one of the key advantages of using React Native. The hot reloading feature of React Native framework allows the React Native app development experts to inject new versions of files during run-time.

The app developers need to wait for some time while they compile the changes they have made. During the mobile app development process, there are many edits required in the code, and the time required to compile the code adds up and delays the time-to-market of the app.

The hot reloading process of React Native framework helps to eliminate this time lost during compilation. The hot reloading feature helps the React Native developers to do live tracking of all the changes made by the developers. The hot reloading feature ensures that whenever the code changes, the app reloads automatically, accelerating the app development time.

Lesser time to market

All successful startups know about the importance of taking the idea from the conception stage to a fully functional product fast. Competition is rife, and the first-mover advantage can prove to be a game-changer.

This is why all startups want to build their product fast, as they know that they cannot afford to spend years building their masterpiece. Startups prefer React Native because they know that more than 90% of the codebase is shared between iOS and Android.

Another fact that aids faster React Native app development is that the experienced React Native app developers do not need to recompile the application every now and then. Instead, they can reload the app spontaneously as React Native supports hot reloading.

This feature of React Native saves a significant amount of time lost in compiling and recompiling the app.

Readymade solutions and libraries

React Native allows its users access to a rich set of libraries and ready-made solutions. These tools allow the skilled React Native app developers to build the React native apps in a faster and cost-effective manner. Tools like Flow and PropTypes help the expert React Native developers type check their code and using the testing libraries, they can write bug-free codes easily.

More app developers are available

Facebook launched React Native framework in 2015, and React Native was one of the first hybrid app development platforms launched by a well-known technology firm back then. Facebook’s strong support to React Native has given a boost to the platform, and many mobile app development experts have joined the platform.

According to Statista, React Native is the most popular cross-platform framework used by cross-platform app developers worldwide.

Cross-platform mobile frameworks used by software developers worldwide from 2019 to 2020

The popularity of React Native means that it is easy for startups to hire React Native developers.

Supports third-party plugins

Building an application from scratch can prove to be a costly and time-consuming affair. Third-party plugins can help custom mobile app developers overcome this obstacle.

One of the key advantages of working with React Native is that it supports a broad range of third-party plugins. The third-party plugins allow the custom react native app developers to do a higher level of customization in app development as compared to other platforms. The plugins that React Native supports include native as well as JavaScript modules.

As React Native is an open-source platform, more and more React Native app development experts contribute towards developing the existing libraries and adding new libraries to the libraries’ ecosystem.

The React Native platform acts as a bridge between plugin and native module. The sophisticated React Native app developers need to search for an appropriate plugin from their favorite React Native library and use it to improve their app’s performance.

By using third-party plugins, the React Native developers can improve their app’s performance and reduce the time taken to develop the app.

Declarative coding

React Native allows skilled app developers to do declarative coding. Declarative programming is a style of programming that expresses logic without bothering to describe its control flow. In simple terms, instead of saying, “can you please fetch me a glass of that drink from the refrigerator?” one simply says, “water, please”.

The importance of declarative coding is that the React Native programmers do not get bogged down with the program’s state implementation details. In declarative programming, the React Native coders delegate the organizational component of keeping the application view consistent so that the coders do not need to worry about the program’s state.

Declarative programming hides the lower-level details making the programs easier to read. The React Native programmers can easily reason about the code as the declarative coding style describes the solution instead of the procedure. Thus, declarative coding helps boost the productivity of React Native developers.

Reduced costs

Startups need to focus on reducing costs in the initial stage of their business journey. The startups can substantially reduce their costs by going for a hybrid mobile app instead of two separate iOS and Android apps.

React Native allows startups to build a single cross-platform app that works on both iOS and Android platforms.

If the startup goes for two separate native apps, they need to update each mobile app separately. While with a hybrid app built with React Native, the maintenance costs would come down significantly as the startup would have to maintain only one app.

The hot-reloading feature of React Native proves to be another cost-saving feature of React Native as it allows the experienced React Native app developers to make instant changes in the code, eliminating the time wasted in recompiling the application. Thus, React Native makes the process of updating the app streamlined and economical.

Reusable components

React native is essentially a bunch of reusable components, each having its own logic and control. These reusable components work in the same way across iOS and Android platforms, which means that the expert React Native app developers need not take extra effort to ensure that the components support both platforms.

The beauty of using reusable components is that in case the experienced app developers want to change anyone component. They need to adjust the component in one place, and the effect takes place everywhere else.

The reusable components can be considered the lego blocks of User Interface (UI), which can quickly build apps. The reusable components let the React Native app developers split the UI into independent and reusable pieces, and think about each piece separately.

Open-source community

A startup cannot afford to lose valuable time to technical roadblocks. React Native is an open-source platform. Add this to the fact that React Native has been around since 2015, and one gets the answer to why React Native is so popular amongst the developer community.

There is a large community of React Native developers. There are Github or Reddit threads which cover most of the questions pertaining to React Native. This is one of the significant benefits as the React Native app developers know that they can always rely on the supportive developers’ community whenever they face a hiccup while developing their React Native application.

Another fact that attracts mobile app developers to React Native for app development is that it is a platform that is backed by Facebook, which is a technology behemoth in itself.

Don’t know how to hire the best React Native developers check out our in-depth guide on hiring React Native developers.

Startups that use React Native

Startups that use React Native (Discord, Uber Eats, Wix, Bloomberg)

Many startups use React Native for their mobile application development. Below are some of the most well-known startups that have chosen React Native for their app development needs.


Discord is an app specifically designed for gamers but has now evolved as a social media platform used by many millennials. Discord allows its users to communicate through text, video, and voice, and there are more than 300 million Discord users worldwide.

Discord developers use React Naive framework because React Native has allowed them to reap the benefits of reusable code and develop a small and mighty team.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats is a food delivery service started by a famous cab company. A small part of the Uber Eats dashboard was built using React Native. Using the power of React Native, the dedicated app developer team at Uber Eats built an elegant UI and a smooth UX.


Wix is a popular platform that helps people with no coding background build websites. The developers at Wix started their journey by using React Native for app development in 2015. The main aim of the development team working on Wix was to achieve scalability.

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React Native is a component-rich framework that allows developers to build quality apps. The vibrant ecosystem of React Native and the strong support of a parent like Facebook ensures a bright future for the framework.

Due to its ability to deliver high-quality apps within tight deadlines, React Native has emerged as a popular framework amongst the developer community.

To extract the full advantage of React Native, startup founders should focus and hire the best React Native developers to build their projects and provide the much-needed boost for your business to flourish.

At Prismetric, we have aided countless startups to realize their dream of building a top-notch product. We have one of the finest development teams in the industry who help us deliver state-of-the-art IT solutions to our clients located worldwide. We would love to hear your idea and guide you in selecting the best framework according to your requirement.

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