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How Much Does Flutter App Development Cost In 2023?

Flutter App Development CostFlutter is a game-changing cross-platform app development SDK developed by Google that has a relatively short history. First announced in 2015 at the dart developer summit, initially, Flutter was codenamed, “SKY.” Later, companies like Alibaba, Google, Tencent, and Reflecty showed their belief in the system and developed their apps on Flutter.

The real power of Flutter was unleashed on the world on 5th December 2018, when the first version- Flutter 1.0 was released. Later, the release of Flutter 2.0 and the latest flutter 3.0 version made the framework stable, high-performant, and secure. The usage statistics show that businesses are increasingly leveraging flutter for app development.Flutter Usage Stats

The continuous improvements in Flutter have led many entrepreneurs to hire flutter app developers to get build an app that works on multiple platforms. Prismetric’s specialist Flutter app developers have helped businesses with economical business solutions development as per the project needs.

Hold on! Everything is not so rosy. Development cost deters entrepreneurs to jump on the development bandwagon. Considering flutter app development before going ahead with flutter application development is necessary because you need to plan your budget ahead of time.

But before we get down to the cost to build an application in Flutter, it is necessary to know why app development using Flutter is more interesting and appeals to Flutter developers. Let’s dive in!

Why should you choose Flutter to develop your next mobile app?

Well, there will be a lot of reasons to opt for native app development or cross-platform app development but what makes it more assertive are the reasons that help with the selection. The reasons are simple and are explained in very simple terms that’s easy to understand for the entrepreneurs and decision-makers from different industries. Let’s take a look at the reasons that make Flutter a suitable framework to build your next app.

Reduced development time

App development using cross platform frameworks like React Native and Flutter has enabled the developers to reduce the coding time significantly. Being a cross-platform framework, Flutter allows the developers to write the code once and deploy it for multiple platforms. This helps in reducing the code development time as the developers do not have to write codes separately for different platforms like iOS and Android.

Apart from this, with the hot reloading feature of Flutter, this time is drastically reduced as it allows the developers to see the applied changes almost instantly without losing the current application state. In other app development frameworks, the developers need to wait for a few seconds to look at the effect of changes incorporated by them.

A few seconds lost while waiting to see the effect of changes might not seem that much. But when you multiply these few seconds over a few weeks, the number turns out to be a considerable one.

Thus, with the help of hot reloading, Flutter helps in reducing the development time substantially.

A Performance that is comparable to a native app

When it comes to performance, cross-platform apps have a bad reputation as compared to their native counterparts. Performance has been a bone of contention and a deal-breaker for companies wishing to proceed with cross-platform app development. But times have changed, and with the rise of high-quality cross-platform app development SDKs like Flutter, the performance of cross-platform apps is now rivaling that of native apps.

The performance of an application built with Flutter will be indistinguishable from the performance of a native app. In some cases, it would be even better (cases where there is a requirement of complex UI animation). Thus, if you know the process of how to hire the best Flutter app developers with required skillset and experience it would be beneficial for your business.

Dart is the language used in Flutter and both are Open Source and thus have very high compatibility. Now, this compatibility not only proves as a boon to be used across various platforms but also makes integration easier,This happens because while most of the cross-platform frameworks rely on some form of intermediate, Flutter is built directly into the machine code.

This feature of Flutter helps in eliminating any performance bugs found during the interpretation process. Quality Flutter app developers take advantage of such features which clearly justifies using Flutter for your startup or enterprises and build great performing apps .

Customize UI according to your choice

Being one of the top reputed mobile app developers in the industry, we at Prismetric understand that UI plays a vital role in making or breaking an app. One of the major distinguishing features of Flutter is its ability to let the UI /UX designers customize the UI according to their choice.

Flutter has a vast collection of widgets, and by using these widgets, a UI developer can create highly engaging and beautiful UIs quickly.

Apart from this, developing widgets using Flutter is a piece of cake for designers having basic programming skills. The ability of Flutter to provide a wide array of widgets makes it one of the best cross-platform app development SDKs in the world currently.

Another significant benefit that Flutter offers its developers is that it has its own rendering engine. A high-performance cross-platform rendering engine plays a vital role in making sure that the developers do not need to adjust UI while transferring it from one platform to the other. Skia is the rendering engine of Flutter, and because of this engine, a UI built in Flutter is virtually platform-independent.

How much does flutter app development cost?

The flutter app development cost start from $15000. The variation in cost to develop a flutter app depends on several factors such as features, complexity, layout, developers’ location, tech stack, server space rent, and industry. A clear picture of flutter development cost provides insights into the aspects in detail. Let’s dig deeper.

As you already know, that the cost of app development varies on a number of factors, and from industry to industry we’ll here help you have a clear picture by providing insights about the aspects that matter. Though the app development principles and processes that apply are the same there are certain differences in coding and development that separates Flutter app development from the rest.

Types of applications and their complexity

Any good cross-platform app development company will tell you how much does flutter app development cost based on its type and complexity. As the number of features with higher complexity increases, the development cost also surges accordingly.

For instance, when you want to build an Instagram-like app using flutter, the photo upload feature development incurs 20 hours and when it needs to enhance with advanced photo editing filters, the development hours increased to 120 hours. Also, when in-app chat needs to enhance audio calls or video calls, the chat feature development uplifts the development cost proportionately.

When an E-Commerce application is built, it will be much more complex to develop compared to a simple application as it involves integrating third-party plugins (social integration, push notification, payment gateway, analytics, and geo-positioning), developing a more extensive architecture model, and using in-built features of the device.

Number of hardware that you plan to integrate with your app

Making the app compatible to work on multiple devices increases the app’s coverage. So, it’s necessary to bear in mind- the number of hardware that you intend to connect with your application. Understand that the cost of the mobile is directly proportional to the number of hardware included in the app. When you get an app developed for a mobile device, it costs around $15,000, and when you want to extend the app to work on a desktop, optimizing the app for a desktop costs around $10,000 more.

With the release of Flutter 2.0, using Flutter for web development has ensured that it makes the whole process more convenient and comfortable for all the stake holders.

Maintenance and support cost

The app’s maintenance post-launch is all-important to keep the flutter app up-to-date according to the current market scenario and competition. The users’ feedback analysis provides a better idea for the addition of features, feature enhancements, or design changes to include in the app.

You should plan for the app’s maintenance and update costs before the app is built so that you won’t face financial problems. The app’s maintenance and support cost shell out around 15%-20% of the flutter app development cost, which goes around $10,000 every year but that again depends on the app’s complexity and size.

UI/UX design of the flutter app

App’s UI is essentially a layout that visually represents the design that engineers amazing user experience. Brilliant UI/UX design puts a laser focus on how easy it’s for the users to navigate through the application. The cost of flutter app development depends on how appealing you want to craft the UI that includes rich graphics, animation, several design elements, and user interactions. The UI/UX design influences the development cost when design complexity increases.

Location of the app developer

The cost of flutter application development changes, based on the place where you plan to develop the application. The hourly development cost of a Flutter app development company based in North America or Europe would be significantly lower than companies based in India, Ukraine, and Indonesia is based in North America, which ultimately influences development cost estimation. Here’s the table for flutter’s developers’ hourly rates in different countries-

  • North American developers cost $100-$200
  • Latin American developers cost $40-$90
  • European developers cost $50-$150
  • Australian developers cost $60-$160
  • African developers cost $30-$90
  • Asian developers cost $20-$100

Also, when the outsourcing hiring option is chosen over freelancer and in-house development, then it brings a range of benefits such as scalability, faster delivery, a huge talent pool, and diverse technology experts followed by cost flexibility.

Server space

The servers on which the app is hosted play a vital role in rendering high performance to ensure user requests are fulfilled in the minimum time while ensuring data processed and stored is safe. Local or unreliable servers are less efficient in ensuring high performance and security which may lead to the app’s death.

Using cloud servers such as Amazon or AWS is reliable, which stores and processes users’ requests quickly thereby reducing response time. the scalability is a plus point that ensures requests are processed timely even during traffic spikes. Using the cloud server 24/7 with 32 GB RAM costs around $1600 per year which must be kept in mind during flutter app development cost estimation.

App submission to the app store

When the flutter app is developed, the developers need to submit it to the respective app stores. The platforms charge a fee for the app submission; the Apple App Store charges start from $99 annually and the Google Play Store takes a one-time fee of $25. Also, the platforms take away a 30% fee for every in-app purchase and a 15% fee for every subscription.

Is Flutter an Ideal choice for every app?

Flutter is the next-gen language for cross-platform app development which can be used for building an app for every industry vertical. From large-sized enterprises to SMBs are relying on technology to get build an app for six platforms namely- Android, iOS, Windows, flutter web, and desktop.

The recent update has brought invaluable additions to the flutter that makes it an unparalleled choice for cross-platform development. The rising popularity of Flutter amongst the developer community proves the fact that they are viewing Flutter as a solution to their problems. Understanding the Flutter app development guide will help you take an informed decision and strategic approach.

In the future, we can expect businesses to switch over to Flutter. Hire a flutter app developer and fulfill your dream of building a high-quality flutter app. Prismetric has always been at the forefront of every significant technological development. The team has completed many Flutter-based projects successfully.

Closing thoughts

Estimating the flutter app development cost is not a straightforward task. At the same time, it’s not that difficult to calculate. The flutter app with basic features development cost starts you from $15000 and the price goes up as the features, design, tech stack, app type, and complexity gets increased. Also, the developers’ location and maintenance needs- scale up or down the cost accordingly.

When you plan to build flutter, create a plan for all the app’s needs and then compute the cost to get a rough estimate. When you have any confusion, it’s good to get connected with a reliable app development company and get a quote for the same.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to make a Flutter app?

The flutter app development cost starts from $15,000.

What are the main factors affecting the Flutter app development cost?

The flutter app development cost depends on various factors such as the number of features, the app’s complexity, design complexity, tech stack, location of developers, and support and maintenance cost.

Why Choose Flutter for Cross-platform App development?

The companies give credence to flutter for cross-platform development because of faster coding, high code reusability, diminished testing time, native elements leverage, and high performance.

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