3 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Next App on Windows Phone 8

Recently launched Windows Phone 8 garnered rave reviews for its amazing new features, refreshing user interface and interesting layout. If you have a brilliant app idea but are not sure which mobile OS to choose, read on to find out top 3 reasons why it makes sense to consider Windows Phone 8 for your next mobile app development.

#1. Supports Rich Multimedia & Gaming Experience

Increased GPU support allows developing apps with high quality graphics, audio and media playback. Unlike its predecessor, Windows Phone 8 allows spectacular 3D rich games loaded with advance features to run smoothly. Great OS for developing power-pack games, entertainment apps, news apps, social apps and for every app category that needs to be jazzed up with stunning multimedia effects.

#2. Secured Internet Browsing

Those seeking to build applications that require secured internet browsing, Windows Phone 8 gives them a reason to rejoice. Window Phone 8 comes with Internet Explorer 10 which is complete with phishing filter and other security features. Windows Phone app development is a secured alternative, especially for business apps, finance apps and mobile shopping apps.

#3. Future is Bright!

Windows Phone 8 powered HTC Windows Phone 8X and Nokia Lumia 920 are gaining positive response from users. This is likely to lead to a sharp increase in demand of quality Windows Phone 8 applications. Also, Samsung Galaxy Ativ S that runs on Windows Phone 8 received great user reviews. The competition on Windows Marketplace is substantially low which gives your application higher chances of success.

With stunning features and encouraging user response, it seems that with Windows Phone 8 Microsoft has finally arrived with an amazing mobile OS.

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