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The Advantages of Using Node.js for Startups: Faster Development and More

Advantages of Node.js to Startups

Every startup is launched with a unique idea, which if well-received by the target audience, the startups grows at lightning speed. It means accelerated growth is achieved by the businesses only when the one-of-a-kind idea is shaped into a high-performant, secure, and stable solution. The excellent results are driven by the application when the right technology stack is used for web development.

Node.JS- the runtime library built on the top of Chrome’s V8 JS engine is known for high-performance, secure, and scalable app development. Node.JS was used in 2% of all websites worldwide in 2023. Node.JS features have made leading companies such as PayPal, Netflix, Yahoo, and LinkedIn power the app using Node.JS. You can join the gold rush by partnering with remote Node.JS developers and enjoy a plethora of advantages of Node.JS for app development that we will discuss in the blog detail. Let’s dive in!

An Overview on NodeJS

Node.js is an open-source server-side JavaScript runtime environment that is used by developers to build scalable and high-performance applications. The tech stack was introduced in 2009 and has ever since grown in popularity among developers who find it beneficial to use NodeJS for web development.

What makes Node.JS stand out?

Node.JS is a go-to choice for building applications as its non-blocking, event-driven architecture uses a single-threaded event loop to handle user requests efficiently. The unique design makes Node.JS handle simultaneous connections without requiring excessive resources or a system down. As JS is used across the tech stack, it helps boost productivity due to code reusability and streamlines the development process.

The ability to use JavaScript effectively on client-side and server-side makes Node.js stand out among other technologies. Furthermore, Node.js works as an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model, which makes it efficient and lightweight. This means it can handle several concurrent connections and requests without slowing down or crashing. If you ask experts like us, these characteristics work together to make Node.js the go-to technology for web development.

Which types of applications is Node.js best suited for?

Node.js is ideal for developing applications that require real-time communication and data processing, as well as high scalability and the ability to handle a large number of concurrent connections. Let’s have a look at the different types of applications that may be built with Node.js:

  • Real-time web applications
  • Streaming applications
  • REST API servers
  • Online payment systems
  • Social media apps
  • Virtual emulators
  • Multiplayer games
  • Real-time collaboration tools
  • Messaging apps
  • Chat programs
  • IoT applications
  • Single-page applications

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How does Node.JS bring a plethora of advantages to startups?

Benefits of Nodejs

Startups look for technology that helps them make inroads into the market with a mature solution development at affordable rates. The tricky part in managing the budget is knowing how to hire Node.js developers that suit your project development needs. There is a multitude of benefits of using Node.JS that startups can cherish.

Easy learning curve

Node.JS- the JS runtime library is easy to learn by developers who have basic knowledge of JS and object-oriented programming language. Understanding the client-server model and asynchronous flow is a little difficult, but once mastered, the development environment becomes comprehensible. Besides, extensive documentation, tutorials, and courses make understanding Node.JS easier. The low learning curve with smart moves helps startups to get Node.JS developers easily and kick-start web app development using Node.JS. Expert developers at Prismetric have helped business clients with web development leveraging Node.JS and have been adjudged as the leading Node.js development company.

Simplify development process

The development team needs to switch back and forth from frontend to backend and vice-versa for handling moving parts of development, but it is tricky especially when different technologies are used. For instance, when frontend developers submit the design to backend developers for design engineering, and then backend developers share the design to know issues from frontend developers.

Node.JS eliminates the hassle by enabling frontend and backend development using the same technology. It empowers developers to build frontend using Express.js and Socket.io frameworks. Additionally, backend development using Node.JS require less coding and facilitates code reusability. With no need for separate teams for frontend and backend development, the development gets simplified.

Node.JS frameworks such as Express.js, Socket.io help simplify the development process and eliminate the need for separate frontend and backend teams. They come along with certain benefits such as improved code reusability, real-time analytics, live updates ease of use, real-time web app development and much more.

Faster time-to-market the app

There are a lot of web app development ideas that startups can use to grow boundlessly. However, startups need to shape the app idea into a full-fledged solution as early as possible to quickly test, iterate, and deploy the solution within budget. Node.JS, being lightweight technology reduces the time for developing the same functionality. Simple deployment enables getting feedback in the least time that diminish the time-to-market the app.

This is the reason Node.JS is a good fit for startups to test the app idea’s competitiveness within budget and time investment. The rapid development of MVP helps startups quickly assess the app’s viability and gain feedback for the next iteration.

Reduced development cost

Node.JS development means using the same language for frontend and backend development, which reduces development time with limited developers required for app development. The startups don’t need to hire more developers of different skill sets which alleviates the spending on recruiting, managing, and retaining the developers. Thereby app development cost gets mitigated by a large fraction, which makes it another advantage of Node.JS for the startup.

High scalability

Startups are certain to grow and expand in the future, which cannot be pre-determined. The business apps should support the business growth with scalability that includes features addition, redesigning, and more integrations. With Node.JS, the mobile apps are scaled conveniently through load balancing and concurrent request handling.

The support for horizontal scaling and vertical scaling facilitates scaling the components separately. Thereby scaling one feature won’t impact other functionalities.

Optimal for mobile development

In rapid mobile app development, ease of use, scalability, traffic handling, and security are indispensable. Node.JS enables app development covering all of these aspects. Also, if connecting a mobile app with the desktop app is required, Node.JS enables the same as well. For the MacOS app development, a large portion of the code of mobile app development can be reused. It’s one of the great advantages of using Node. JS.

High performance

With technology progress, the users’ expectations for mobile app development have also surged from unique functionalities to high-performance rendering. Make sure the app’s performance won’t get influenced by a large number of features addition or heavy graphics that increase response time. Node.JS enables the seamless addition of new features and integrations without interrupting other services.

Real-time app development

The concurrent request handling capacity and displaying updated results in real-time while retrieving data from the database- capability makes Node.JS a perfect fit for real-time app development. Node.JS enable populating and updating the database without much back-and-forth.

Plus, the ability to handle input and output operations with coding, transferring, transcoding, and conversion of HTML, audio, graphics, and video in real-time speeds up the real-time app performance.

Improved community support

The vibrant community of hundreds of developers is one of the greatest benefits of Node.JS as they are continuously working to make Node.JS more stable and mature. It makes the Node.JS applications accessible and innovative. In fact, code shared on GitHub allow developers to track issues and get necessary assistance when required. Besides, the node package manager with more than 2.1 million reusable packages speeds up code-sharing possibilities.

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Closing thoughts on advantages of Node.js for startups

As a startup, if you are looking for a high-performance app, accelerated app development,  secure and scalable app, Node.JS fits the bill. It means startups can rule the market when Node.js developers are hired to build networking tools, micro-services, web servers, real-time chat apps, or MVP development. The success stories of leading brands such as Yahoo, Netflix, and NASA illustrate that technology helps in creating a solid foundation for startup apps. What’s more? Technology is continuously improving day after another to meet evolving user needs and development requirements, so try your hands-on technology to cherish Node.JS advantages.

To get an application built, all you need to do is get the best developers for hire onboard to work on your web development project The selection of the developers should be done based on your requirements and your business goals.

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FAQs on benefits of using Node.js for startups

What are the advantages of Node.JS over others?

Node.JS brings a plethora of benefits over others with high performance, scalability, robust security, faster time-to-market, vibrant community, and code reusability.

Is node JS good for startups?

Yes, Node.JS is good for start-ups as it allows startups to grow and prosper without worrying about security, scalability, and performance needs.

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