How to Hire Node.js Developers? - A Simple Guide

How to Hire Node.js Developers? – A Simple Guide

Hire Best Node.js Developers

Node.js is an immensely popular javascript runtime environment that is primarily used to develop backend apps. Using Node.js, the developers can build apps that are

  • Fast
  • Scalable
  • Event-driven
  • SEO friendly

Node.js can improve the performance of the application by 50% and also reduce the development cost by 58%. Like countless entrepreneurs, if you too are looking to hire Node.js developers that can build a high-quality Node.js app for you, then this write up will help you.

Concerns of clients regarding Node.js

Before you look for javascript programmers for hire for your Node.js app, there are certain concerns about Node.js that you should know about. We have mentioned below the major concerns regarding Node.js development.

Lags in heavy computing tasks

As Node.js is single-threaded and event-driven model, it cannot execute heavy CPU-based computing tasks easily. Whenever a Node.js application is tasked with a sizable CPU-driven task, Node.js utilizes all the available CPU power to accomplish the task. As all the CPU power is taken up, there is a deceleration of the overall event loop, and this further hinders the application’s interface. To solve this issue, Node.js has introduced a worker threads module that helps the developers execute multiple threads simultaneously.

Frequent code changes

The backwards-incompatible frequent API changes are one of the most significant drawbacks reported by Node.js developers. Due to these frequent API changes, the Node.js developers need to continuously change the access code to be in sync with the latest version of Node.js API.

Difficult to maintain code

Due to its asynchronous approach, Node.js relies a lot on callbacks. The callback function operates after every task in a queue, safekeeping several queued tasks in the background that are still running. The callback function adversely impacts the performance and quality of the code itself. The callback function makes it tedious to understand and maintain the code sometimes.

Lack of library support

Several registries and libraries of NPM are either of poor quality or lack proper documentation. Due to the lack of proper libraries, it becomes difficult for amateurs to develop a web application with high-quality code in Node.js. Hence it is vital to pick qualified and hire experienced Node.js developers to build a Node.js application.

Few experienced Node.js developers

The popularity of Node.js poses a problem of talent shortfall. As the demand for dedicated Node.js developers is growing much faster than expected, it is difficult to find experienced Node.js developers to match the needs of the industry.

Why Node.js?

Node.js owes its popularity to a wide range of factors and it is one of the major components of MEAN stack development. We have enlisted some of the most important benefits to choosing Node.js.

Why choose Node developers

Robust technology stack

With Node.js, the MEAN stack developers get the benefit of a robust technology stack, as JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages today. The developers of Node.js get all the benefits of full-stack JavaScript development like:

  • Code reuse and sharing
  • Good performance
  • A large number of free tools
  • Nice overall developer productivity

The benefit with Node.js is that the developers who have knowledge of front-end JavaScript can easily learn to program the server-side. The Node.js developers can reuse the code both on the front-end as well as a backend by creating new abstraction levels and by wrapping it into modules.

Fast-processing and event-based model

Node.js is fast, and there are a few reasons for its phenomenal speed. The first reason is that it uses chrome’s V8 engine. Written in C++, the V8 engine of chrome is used to compile functions written in JavaScript into machine code at lightning-fast speeds. Google invests heavily in the V8 engine, and there are improvements every year in the V8 engine.

The asynchronous request handling and non-blocking input/output features of Node.js have made it capable of processing requests fast. The synchronous processing assumes that the code is executed in a sequence. In synchronous testing, each request blocks a thread, making other requests wait for it to be finished.

On the contrary, asynchronous processing allows Node.js to process requests without blocking the I/O thread. Once a request is processed, Node.js can push out a callback and continue serving the requests. This feature of Node.js helps to reduce the response time as Node.js is able to utilize the full potential of single threading.

Another benefit of Node.js is the event-based model that it follows. When the coding language for both server as well as client-side is common, it speeds up the synchronization process.

The same programming language for server, as well as client-side, proves to be an asset for event-based real-time applications. Due to its non-blocking, single-threaded and asynchronous nature, Node.js has proven to be a great choice for any solution that requires real-time data.

Scalable technology

One of the major reasons why full stack developers and MERN stack developers prefer Node.js is the fact that it is a highly scalable technology. Many developers find Node.js to be an excellent choice to build scalable apps as it allows them to use microservices architecture. The microservices architecture is an approach under which the developers build a single Node.js app as a combination of several small services, each running independently.

The microservices architecture allows the Node.js developers to create a single monolithic core, boosting flexibility and laying the groundwork for further growth. For a Node.js development company, it is easy to add more microservices on top of the existing ones. In a microservices architecture, each microservice communicates with the database directly through streams.

When Walmart shifted its growth to the microservices architecture with Node.js, it got the following benefits.

  • 98% growth in mobile conversion rate
  • 100% uptime on Black Friday sales
  • Minimum 20% savings on overall operations

Rich ecosystem

Node.js has a rich ecosystem of JavaScript tools available in npm, its default package manager. Node.js developers have more than 1 million libraries to choose from, with thousands of libraries being added every month. As such a vast variety of free tools are available to the Node.js developers, the development with Node.js becomes very fast and easy. The wide range of Node.js tools reduces the overall cost of development and the time to market of a Node.js app.

Strong corporate support and widespread adoption

Node.js enjoys strong corporate support with companies like IBM, PayPal, SAP, Microsoft acting as the founding members of the organization. The Node.js Foundation was created in 2015 with the aim to enable widespread adoption of Node.js. Very few open source projects have enjoyed such widespread support from the world’s leading companies. The strong corporate support that Node.js enjoys speaks volumes about its potential as an efficient app development technology.

There are more than 300 companies that use Node.js, and the number is constantly growing. The list includes names such as Medium, Uber, Trello, and PayPal. The widespread adoption of Node.js by the world’s renowned companies is another testament to the efficiency of Node.js as an app development platform.

Seamless JSON support

The benefit of Node.js over other backend technologies like PHP and Ruby on Rails that use the JSON format for communication is that Node.js does not require conversion between binary models to do so. This feature of Node.js proves to be especially handy when the Node.js programmers want to build RESTFUL APIs for NoSQL database support. Node.js provides seamless communication with one of the main data transfer standards, and this proves to be a major advantage of Node.js.

Roles and responsibilities of a Node.js developer

Node.js Dev Responsibilities

Before you hire a dedicated Nodejs developer, it is essential to be clear about the roles and responsibilities of a Node.js developer. Having clarity regarding the roles and responsibilities of Node.js developers will help you to hire the most appropriate Node.js developers for your project. The following are the node js roles and responsibilities that you need to check before hiring a Node.js developer.

Server-side application development and enhancement

One of the major responsibilities of Node JS developers is to develop server-side applications or processes that will serve as a backend for the customer-facing application interface. The Node.js developers should be able to utilize any of the freely available tools and libraries to develop server-side web applications tools and processes to support the front-end.

Tool integration of client-side and server-side processes

Another responsibility of Node.js programmers is to develop solutions that link and integrate server-side applications with front-end functionalities. Node.js developers should also be able to develop processes and protocols that link the application tools with third-party web services to improve the application’s functionality. The Node.js developers should also implement protocols to make sure that the data storage solutions used are integrated into the solutions that they build.

Build efficient, scalable, and reusable apps

While developing server-side solutions, the Node.js developers are responsible for writing reusable and efficient code. The Node.js developers have a responsibility of developing low-latency, scalable, testable and high-performing Node.js applications. To build an efficient and high-performing application, it is essential to ensure that the form and code of the application are efficient.

Implement security and safety measures and protocols

Security is one of the major Node.js developer responsibilities, and the Node.js coders must implement robust safety and security measures and processes to protect the data of the Node.js app.

Keep up with the latest trends

The Node.js developers have a responsibility of building upon their skills and knowledge on the Node.js tools and technologies that will help them deliver great Node.js apps. The tools and technologies might include tools like the latest Node.js libraries, frameworks and other similar tools. Apart from gaining the skills themselves, the Node.js developers also need to share the knowledge with other team members.

Good with front-end

Many Node.js developers do not explore the front-end side of Node.js and limit themselves as backend developers. A good Node.js developer will need to have knowledge of both front as well as the backend to finish the entire project with ease.

When you search Node.js developers for hire, you will need to ensure that the developers are well versed in front-end development. Hiring full-stack Node.js developers are important because if you hire different front-end and backend Node.js developers, then it will make the process more expensive.

Write clean code

The Node.js developers must write efficient, clean and easily readable code. When the developers write clear code, it means that the developers have deeply understood the code. The Node.js developers should write object-oriented code in a uniform format. While writing the code, the Node.js developers should follow the standard coding practices to ensure clarity and continuity in the code. A clear and concise code will prove beneficial for the other developers working on the project.

Can work with databases

Knowledge of working with databases becomes essential when you want to deliver personalized content. This is the reason why you need to select Node.js developers who have good knowledge of working with databases. The Node.js developers should be able to use Node.js in combination with databases and configure the data storing process in Node.js applications. The Node.js drivers and libraries available in NPM speed up the configuration process. MongoDB is one of the most popular database management systems for Node.js.

Third-party integrations

To run even moderately complex websites and apps, you will require the assistance of third-party services. For instance, it is easy to integrate the payment gateways like PayPal, Braintree or Stripe in Node.js, as there are a lot of ready-made modules available to do so.

The ready-made modules reduce the development time and cost of the Node.js project, and hence it is necessary to hire Node.js developers that know how to smoothly integrate the third-party services with the Node.js app.

Detecting and fixing bugs

Bugs waste a lot of time in the development process. Once the Node.js developers are done with writing the code, the QA team detects the bugs and other imperfections in the code. Any bug arising in the development process needs to be resolved in a timely manner. The Node.js developers need to resolve a bug even if the code was written by some other developer.

Communication and collaboration

The Node.js developers need to collaborate with other developers, clients and people from other departments to finish the Node.js project satisfactorily. If the dedicated Node.js developers you hire do not have communication skills and have a hard time collaborating with other team members, then it would become very difficult to finish the project.

This is why whenever you search Node.js developers for hire, then you should ensure that the Node.js developers have decent communication and collaboration skills apart from good technical skills.

Skillset required in Node.js developers.

According to their experience level and skill set, the Node.js developers can be categorized into

  1. Junior Node.js developers
  2. Mid-level Node.js developers
  3. Senior-level developers

Skills of a junior Node.js developer

Junior node js developers are normally fresh IT graduates with little experience in developing Node.js projects. The junior developers have 0-1 years of experience and cannot work independently on Node.js projects. It is best to keep the junior Node.js developers under the guidance of mid-level and senior Node.js developers.

The following is the desired skill set of junior Node.js developers.

  • Knowledge of Javascript
  • Should know basic HTML/CS
  • Knowledge about database basics like MongoDB

Skills required for a middle Node.js developer

Mid-level Node.js developers normally have 1.5-3 years of experience and are competent enough to work without any supervision. Experienced mid-level Node.js developers can train junior Node.js developers.

The mid-level Node.js developers should possess the following skills.

  • Should be able to understand the REST paradigm
  • Knowledge of programming languages other than JS like C, PHP and Ruby
  • Good understanding of MySQL/PostgreSQL, AWS, Docker and other tools used with Node.js

Skills of a senior Node.js developer

A senior Node.js developer has an experience level of 3-5 years. The senior Node.js developer can act as a team leader and guide the other developers. The following are the desired skills in a senior NodeJS developer.

  • Expertise in Universal libraries
  • Knowledge of DevOps
  • Good understanding of the client and server-side processes
  • Performance utilization and database handling knowledge
  • Experience in big projects
  • Expertise in JavaScript frameworks

Hard and soft skills required in a Node.js developer

In order to finish a Node.js project successfully, you should hire dedicated Nodejs developers that have the right mix of hard and soft skills. The following are the hard and soft skills required in a Node.js developer.

Hard skills of a Node.js developer

Hard skills are the core technical skills that are required to finish a Node.js project. Below mentioned are the desired set of hard skills in a Node.js developer.

  • Knowledge of front-end technologies
  • Ability to write clear code
  • Good error handling skills
  • Good hold on asynchronous programming
  • Knowledge about user authentication and authorization
  • Understanding of various Node.js frameworks
  • Expertise in RESTful APIs and API communications

Soft skills in a Node.js developer

Soft skills are as important as technical knowledge as sound technical knowledge defines the knowledge the Node.js developer has, but good soft skills determine whether that knowledge will be beneficial for the team or not.

Any good Node.js developer needs to have the following soft skills

  • Clear communication
  • Empathy
  • Critical thinking ability
  • Collaboration
  • Time management skills

Hire javascript developers that have a nice combination of hard and soft skills to ensure that your project meets the desired level of success.

Hiring options for Node.js developers

So far, we have discussed the roles, responsibilities and skillsets of Node.js developers. Now we shall discuss the hiring options available to the employers who want to hire Node.js developers.

Freelance Node.js developers

Freelancers are individuals that take up a project for the short term. With the rise of freelancing platforms like Upwork and, it has become really easy nowadays to connect with freelancers all over the world. The difficult thing is to select the correct freelancer based on a few ratings and reviews. Mentioned below are the pros and cons of hiring Node.js freelancers.


  • Low cost


  • No guarantee of work completion on time
  • Can leave project mid-way
  • Quality of work gets affected due to lack of supervision

In-house Node.js developers

The second option is to hire in-house Node.js developers. The cost of hiring in-house developers acts as a deterrent for most companies. Mentioned below are the pros and cons of hiring in-house Node.js developers.


  • Complete control over the project
    Effective for long-term projects


  • Costly
  • Long hiring process
  • Additional office space required
  • Unsuitable for short-term projects

Outsourced Node.js developers

Most businesses prefer to outsource their Node.js development work and hire a Node.js development company. The outsourced Node.js developers give you the benefits of both the in-house and freelance model minus their hassles. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of hiring outsourced developers.
Need to write in detail


  • Economical than hiring in-house developers
  • Hassle-free development process
  • Better efficiency
  • Can scale the team up or down based on requirements


  • Communication can be an issue sometimes.

Although there is no one best hiring model, in most cases, outsourcing Node.js development to a Node.js development company often proves to be the better option.

How to select a top Node.js app development company?

When you choose to outsource your Node.js development project to a professional Node.js development company, it is critical to choose the correct company for your Node.js project. The following steps will help you hire Node.js developers according to your needs.

Specify your needs and budget

Before you start your Node.js development project, your needs should be specified in no unclear terms. What are the kind of features that your Node.js app will provide to its users? Do you want to use any specific Node.js framework like NestJS or Express? Provide some basic understanding of your requirement to the Node.js developers before they start the development work. It will help avoid confusion between you and your Node.js developers.

Along with the requirements, you will also need clarity regarding the budget of your Node.js project. When you specify the budget, ensure to keep a buffer and go for flexible pricing instead of fixed pricing. Why? Because it rarely happens that the final project is 100% the same as what you had initially planned. The ever-changing market conditions and customer demands might force you to make the changes that were not envisioned initially and increase the cost of the project. Hence it is always good to have a flexible pricing plan and a buffer to mitigate any unforeseen changes in the Node.js development project.

To get a more realistic idea about your budget, you can ask the Node.js company you hire to estimate your budget. To control the costs and to get a better idea about the customer demands, you should consider building an MVP first and then invest more according to customer feedback.

Check the work portfolio of Node.js development projects

Before you hand over your Node.js development project, it is critical to assess the work portfolio of your Node.js developers. Normally all good Node.js development companies keep case studies on their websites.

Study these case studies and see if anyone matches your project requirements. Even if you don’t get an exact match, look for applications built with similar technologies or the apps that are in your industry niche. By reading the case studies, you will understand how the Node.js development team approaches the problems that they face during the development process.

It is important to know how the Node.js development team solved the various problems and what the outcome was, as it will instill confidence in their ability to build your project.

Talk with previous clients

Before you give the project to a Node.js development company, it is essential to get an unbiased review of the company from their previous clients. You will get the client testimonials on the website of your prospective Node.js development companies.

Read the reviews of the Node.js development companies that you are planning to work with and try to analyze their strengths and weaknesses. Along with the reviews mentioned on the company’s website, you should consider reading the client testimonials collected by third-party organizations like or Google.

The probability of getting unbiased reviews on third-party websites is more as compared to that of the reviews mentioned on the Node.js development company’s own website.

Communication skills

Communication is a factor that has a major influence on the project’s success. The Node.js developers you work with must have a robust communication process. The Node.js team should immediately communicate any update in the development process to you.

The team should provide regular, clear and comprehensive information to all the people involved in the project. You should be clear regarding the mode, time and frequency of communication with your Node.js developers before you start working on the project. Chalk out a communication plan with your Node.js development team.

A good communication plan should clearly detail

  • Meetings that will take place regularly
  • Purpose of these meetings
  • Channels of communication that shall be used
  • Where will the documents and project files be stored?

NDA and source code access

One of the major hurdles that you face when you decide to outsource your development work to another company is the fear that your outsourcing partner will steal your idea. To mitigate the risk of your idea being stolen, it is necessary to sign an NDA(non-disclosure agreement) with your outsourcing partner before you start working on the project. Another point to keep in mind is to clearly write in the contract that once the project is complete, all the documents related to the project like the source code, the agreements, invoices, burndown charts and hourly reports will be submitted to you by the Node.js development company.

Test Node.js developer skills

Test the skills of the Node.js developers to ensure that you are assigned the best Node.js developers available with the outsourcing Node.js development company. Ask for some code samples, or if you have a technical person available in your team, interview the Node.js developers who are supposed to be assigned to your project.

Test both technical as well as soft skills like communication skills and problem-solving attitude. Understand that to build good Node.js solutions, the Node.js developers you hire must be able to suggest solutions and guide you during the development process and even challenge your decisions if they deviate from the project’s goals. For this to happen, the Node.js developers you select must be skilled and experienced.

Post-development support

The final step to consider when you hire javascript developers would be to ask for the kind of support that you can expect to receive once the development is complete. For instance, if you want to build a Node.js mobile app, then ask the Node.js developers whether they will help you with in-app store publishing and app store optimization? What shall be the guarantee period of the Node.js application? What shall be the maintenance charges on the app?

Questions to ask a Node.js development company

Interview Questions For Node

You can get a decent idea about the expertise level of a Node.js development company by asking the following questions.

  • What kind of experience do you have in Node JS development?
  • Are you upgraded according to the latest developments in Node.js?
  • What are the different types of Node.js development services that you offer?
  • Do you have expertise in DevOps and beyond HTTP protocol?
  • What are your Node.js development skills?

Choose Prismetric to hire Node.js developers

Node.js development requires a high level of expertise and a team of experienced Node.js developers. At Prismetric, we have assembled a team of the best Node.js developers in the industry today. We have a track record of delivering high-quality Node.js apps within tight deadlines to our clients across industry verticals. When you choose Prismetric for your Node.js development needs, you will get the following benefits.

  • Know-how about system architect design
  • Expertise in serverless microservices
  • Efficient API integration
  • Customized Node.js plugin development

Let’s discuss your Node.js project and take your business to new heights together

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