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Software Development as a Service- Why Should You Go For It?

Software Development as a Service – What Is It and How to Use It

Software Development as a service(SDaaS) has emerged as one of the fastest-growing markets today. The market size for SDaaS was estimated to be around $145 billion in 2021. Despite the success of the SDaaS model, many businesses are still apprehensive about hiring a dedicated software development team. In this blog, we will show you the business benefits of opting for the SDaaS model. Let’s begin.

What is Software Development as a Service?

Software development as a service or SDaaS is a concept in which the businesses who want to have a software developed contact a professional software development company for the job. You might be one of those businesses that have an in-house software development team.

Even then, you will need to acquire software development services as

  • For some projects, your strength might not be enough
  • For some projects, you might lack the required domain-specific expertise
  • You might be a business that does not require an in-house development team

These are the typical scenarios wherein the SDaaS model is helpful.

In the SDaaS model, you hire a software company. The difference between software development outsourcing and hiring SDaaS services is the dedicated team. The dedicated team is dedicated to your project and does not handle any other project. This way, you get undivided attention from the dedicated software development team in the SDaaS model.

The SDaaS model is a popular model for software development. The popularity of the Software Development as a Service model is due to the fact that the clients know exactly what they will get at the end of every development cycle. The transparency of SDaaS is one of the most distinguishing features of the software development model.

The hired software development firm that provides you with a dedicated team of experienced software developers handles the responsibility of recruitment of the employees, paying them salaries and ensuring adequate office infrastructure. This way, you as an entrepreneur get the luxury of having a dedicated team of skilled developers without the hassle of managing the team yourself.

When do you need SDaaS?

There are certain cases in which Software Development as a Service proves to be a good option. We have discussed the major ones below.

When you require economical solutions

When you do not have a clear idea about the scope of the software project, then costing becomes an issue. This is where SDaaS can prove to be a good option. A dedicated team of software developers that you build will work on the pay-as-your-work model.

This means that you need to pay only for the work the hired top software developers deliver. You could choose to add or subtract the features from your software project and still get the software developed economically with Software Development as a Service.

If your business is located in a developed nation like the U.S.A or Western Europe, then hiring in-house software developers can prove to be costly. Instead, you can avail leading SDaaS service and outsource your software development to a developing nation like India.

When you don’t have the required talent

In software development, it is difficult to find talent in every arena. For instance, if you have java developers and suddenly you require C# developers, then it can prove difficult to hire such developers immediately. This is where the SDaaS model comes into play. Instead of hiring the developers you require, you can simply outsource your work by availing of an SDaaS service.

By availing of an SDaaS service, you don’t need to invest in acquiring an in-house team of software developers. You can get competent programmers without disturbing your current team.

Imagine if you want to hire a Big Data analytics expert, and you find that the developer stays in Bengaluru and not in the United States, where your company is based. If you go for the in-house hiring model, then you constrain yourself in terms of talent access. With SDaaS, you get access to a global talent pool at competitive rates.

When you want more flexibility

The faster you are able to develop your software, the better it is for business. As they say, time is money, and by choosing to hire in-house, you will be wasting a lot of time in the lengthy hiring process. You should opt for the SDaaS service if you think that it is going to take longer than expected to recruit the right people.

Hire top software development outsourcing companies as they will provide you with an adequate pool of resources. With the help of such SDaaS companies, you can scale your team up or down according to your needs within a few days or weeks.

Talent retention cost is high

After the pandemic, many companies are experiencing a talent shortage. Even before the pandemic, the tech companies used to face a high turnover rate. So this essentially means that even if you are able to attract talent, there are low chances that you will be able to retain the talent.

You can solve this issue by opting for the SDaaS model. A dedicated software development team is the best option as attrition does not remain your headache. A prominent software development agency has resources in the backup. Thus even if a team member leaves the project mid-way, it won’t affect your software development project.

Benefits of Software Development as a Service Model

Benefits of SDaaS Model

With the SDaaS model, you will feel like you are working with your own team. with skills and talent from around the world at a cost-effective price is just one of the many advantages of the SDaas model. Let’s have a look at the other benefits offered by the SDaaS model.

Save resources

If you want to complete multiple projects, then you will invariably face resource constraints. You can address this issue by going for the SDaaS model. SDaaS can help you acquire resources as and when you require them. Moreover, with SDaaS, you don’t need to hire resources. The SDaaS model helps you to effectively collaborate with your resources and helps you to deliver your projects successfully.

Transparency and Scalability

The agile nature of modern businesses welcomes transparency and scalability. SDaaS allows you to pay only for those tasks that you demand, and you can work at your own pace. The SDaaS vendors can provide accurate estimates for every project as they follow a to-do list method.

With SDaaS, you get a highly scalable model because you can scale up or scale down your team according to your requirements. The transparency and scalability of the SDaaS model help you to plan better. The SDaaS model allows for faster response times, a valuable asset in the dynamic modern business environment.

On-time access to the right skills

The sdaas model proves beneficial when you are working on a product where the expertise of your core team is insufficient. You can solve this issue by hiring a dedicated software development team. SDaaS model provides you access to competent people. SDaaS model is a great way to supplement your existing team if the core team is busy with the current workload.

Sometimes you will require specialists only at specific stages of the software development project life cycle. These are the kind of scenarios in which the SDaaS model proves to be useful. You can even consider doing a long-term agreement with fixed monthly cost allocation with your selected software development team.

Dynamic result-based pricing mechanism

Businesses that hire in-house software development teams have to face large expenses without the guarantee of efficiency. This happens to be a common issue that acts as a roadblock for businesses that want to hire in-house software developers.

The SDaaS model proves to be a handy option in such situations. The major benefit of the SDaaS model is that you do not need to pay a fixed price. With an SDaaS team, you just pay according to the work delivered.

The best SDaaS service providers use a very accurate costing approach called the task list methodology. The improved pricing mechanisms provided by the SDaaS model often prove to be the edge your business is looking for.

Fast hiring process

Hiring in-house developers is a costly and time-consuming process. It takes a lot of time and money to hire resources. With an SDaaS model, you do not need to worry about hiring or retaining talent. You could just hire a software development company, and the company will take care of everything right from hiring to retaining talented software developers.

As a client, you need to monitor the progress of your project and decide whether to increase or decrease the number of developers.

As a client, if you go with the SDaaS model, you do not need to invest in hiring HR managers. Your premier software development partner will take care of the entire software development process, including the HR function.

Reduced time to market

You can gain a significant competitive advantage by minimizing the time spent on software development. The progress of the custom software development projects is always visible when a skilled SDaaS team works on your project. This way, you are able to reduce the time-to-market of the software.

Your search for ideal Software Development Company ends here.

Why Prismetric?

Prismetric is an efficient software development company having more than a decade of experience in completing software development projects. We provide Software Development as a service wherein you can hire a dedicated team of software developers. Our top software developers are experienced in all the latest software development trends and technologies.

We, at Prismetric, guarantee transparency, high-quality standards, and maximum value-for-money for all our clients. We have highly trained team of software developers who can assess your project requirements and deliver a solution accordingly. Our team will help you build your dream software.

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