How to Make a Medical App in 2023: The Ultimate Guide

Medical App Development - All You Need to Know

The advent of mobile applications for Android and iOS had brought a revolution in how shopping for products and services happens in the market. While most businesses felt the need and opted for slow but steady change, the unprecedented covid 19 pandemic attacks pushed the entire world to digital transactions and dealings, willingly or unwillingly. Here, we shall present you with a guide on how to make a medical app in 2023.

Benefits of healthcare mobile app solutions

The market size of mobile health (mHealth) was valued at more than USD 45 billion in 2020. Just after the pandemic changed the perspective of everyone and health became the priority, the market size shot to USD 100 billion just at the end of 2021.

How to make a medical app

The reason for the rise of healthcare mobile application development is a win-win situation for service providers and service seekers in all healthcare and fitness sectors including pharmacy, diet & nutrition, and hospital services.

Whether an individual doctor or corporate hospitals, the entire medical fraternity has benefited from the ease to offer services through healthcare apps solution; on the other hand, patients and health enthusiasts have gained great advantages because of the doorstep deliveries of healthcare products through health eCommerce, an accurate health data tracking through PHR, and online doctor consultancy or appointment booking via online doctor appointment app.

Popularity in medical app development has resulted in deploying more than 90000 health and fitness apps on Google Play alone. Considering health and medical apps on Apple Store, the figure is whoppingly stunning crossing a hundred thousand.

Types of Healthcare and Medical Apps

As the healthcare industry houses many sub-sectors, categorizing mobile apps for healthcare is a daunting task. Before you go for a mobile medical solution, checking on the types of it shall help you explore a potential area. Here is a broad classification –

Healthcare apps for professionals and medical fraternity

The medical fraternity and professionals can opt for custom app development for healthcare as per their needs. Such digital products can bring value to doctors (surgeons and physicians), nurses, and other medical facilities.

Medical app solutions for professional networking

Medical & healthcare is one of the industries where networking strengthens services and improves quality. Doctors and surgeons can build their medical network to discuss healthcare cases of all kinds. They can share and refer patients to each other for better diagnoses and treatment. Overall, the medical spheres are improved for decision-making strategies.

Medical billing mobile apps

One of the grey areas that exist to date despite many advancements is delayed medical billing. Digital operations such as medical accounts, healthcare or Mediclaim, patient appointments, indoor and outdoor patient department automation, etc. can accelerate the overall medical billing process.


The patient-doctor meeting for consultation or any other health concern is done through in-app messaging or video facilities in telemedicine applications. Research conducted to evaluate the benefits of telemedicine revealed that such a healthcare mobile app reduced ‘no-shows’ by 50%

“Telemedicine saves patients over 100 minutes of their time compared to an in-person visit, and they can conduct each appointment in the comfort of their own homes. When patients were asked what would encourage them to book a telemedicine appointment, convenience factors, including easy-to-use technology (69%), communication (57%), online scheduling capabilities (47%), and immediate appointment availability (47%), are largely driving adoption.”
Source: Medical Economics

Medical prescription apps

Lately, digital prescriptions have been quite popular among medical professionals. The smart medical prescription applications for Android and iOS help doctors select the right molecule or medicine for patients. In fact, certain healthcare software solutions can render medical help to novices. The latest digital healthcare innovations also enable medical experts with diagnosing the condition based on evidence-based medical practices.

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Similar to personal health records and medical records, electronic health records (EHR) are functionality in a healthcare app that simplifies patients’ data and crucial information. The data is then stored securely with the provision to fetch as per the norms. In other words, medical records are kept safe so that only authorized personnel can have access to it. The data helps physicians to diagnose, treat, and follow up on patients in a better way.

Fitness apps for patients and health conscious

Fitness application platforms can house multiple features and medical facilities as per the need of a buyer or user. Healthcare and medical mobile apps keep the person up-to-date with vital data. Various medical mobile app development methods can focus on users (patients or health enthusiasts) and include features useful to them while building a fitness app.

Apps for health vital stats tracking and medical diagnosis

Tracking of Health vital is one of the major concerns of health enthusiasts. The healthcare app features of such digital products include keeping an eye on vitals such as blood pressure, pulse, heart rate, oxygen level, and so on. Medical informatics research from medical diagnosis app is also making it possible to measure other vitals such as blood glucose, hormones, and enzymes.

Health awareness apps

Custom mHealth app can also consist of features that guide or educate patients and health enthusiasts. That said, various useful health guides and important medical information could be made available readymade or can be published and released as per the healthcare providers’ or hospitals’ schedule. Such events could be live or scheduled in advance. Patients and users would have easy access to such handy guides and information whenever they want.

Health monitoring apps

Monitoring daily habits can also be a part of a medical mobile solution. For instance, an app can have customized medical advice to its user if the sleep hours are fewer than certain (or predefined) hours. Sleep hours, total mobile screen time, walking steps, meditation hours – these all can be set as per the required period. At the end of a week or month, the medical records of such vitals can be sent to healthcare professionals so that they can plan the user’s healthy routine.

Diet and lifestyle healthcare app

More focus is given to the lifestyle and dietary habits of a person; in fact, this, to many, is a primary factor to look upon and observe. Most healthcare-related questions are about diet and lifestyle modification. A customized app development for Diet and Nutrition Tracking can include common or frequently asked questions about diet and lifestyle. Also, the user can update their calorie intake and calculate the total calories of the day to plan a healthy lifestyle.

Pharmacy delivery application

Another type of medical and healthcare mobile application development is a pharma app where local pharmacies and druggists can register on the digital platform and provide online pharmacy delivery. Patients can plan medicine orders online that go to the nearest registered e-pharmacy and the pharmacy owner can pack and hand over the medicines to a delivery boy.

Turn your healthcare business idea into a tangible solution.

Steps to build medical and healthcare app in 2022-2023

The current trend of healthcare and medical app development has a perfect blend of usability and contemporary technologies such as artificial intelligence, the internet of medical things, and machine learning. The present year 2022 and mobile app development for healthcare and medical field in 2023 shall focus on more user-friendliness and medical accuracy.

There is a grave need to develop medical mobile applications because of the extreme demand in the market and by the users. Here are a few impressive statistics that show why healthcare app has become mandatory today.

How to make a medical app.

There are many medical and healthcare app ideas for the medical fraternity and patients; furthermore, the 5G speed of the internet has brought all the medical worlds together and communication between patients and doctors is possible from any corner of the world. Here are some important steps you need to consider before you contact a bespoke mobile app development company and start with the medical app development process.

Identifying the target users

What you are thinking to build?

  • Medical billing solutions?
  • Patient-doctor interaction application?
  • A general healthcare mobile app?
  • A medical app for education or awareness?
  • An e-pharmacy delivery app?
  • A fitness application to help people stay healthier?

The first step toward how to make a medical app is to make a decision depending on the types of your audience or users.

Deciding the platform for healthcare app development

You can opt for healthcare Android app development or healthcare iOS app development; alternatively, an affordable option is to go for cross-platform medical app development so that it functions pretty well on both platforms. You can ask an offshore healthcare app development service provider to help you decide on a platform suitable to your objectives. You also need to make a survey among your patients or users and decide the platform for the app. For instance, in the US, most medical applications are downloaded on the iOS platforms; the other way round, Android medical apps are popular in India.

Choosing a top healthcare app development outsourcing company

Most offshore IT outsourcing companies around the world offer you customized mobile app development for healthcare and fitness; nevertheless, you need to select the one with relevant experience in the medical field. Check the portfolio and the works they have done in the healthcare industry before thinking of a business deal. It is often observed that software developers from third-world countries miss the medical compliances and their apps don’t abide by the rules and regulations of the local medical council. Hence, it is important that you discuss the legal and compliance matters with the service providers.

Assuring medical and healthcare compliances

This is probably the most important aspect you need to take into account when opting for any medical mobile software development. The functionality in healthcare apps should offer ease to the users, but simultaneously successful healthcare apps should abide by the local and concerned healthcare body compliances. Here are a few data controlling and data processing compliances known in the healthcare industry –

  • Protected health information (PHI)
  • HIPAA privacy rules
  • ADA (The Americans with Disabilities Act)
  • DPA (Data Protection Act: UK legislation)
  • HL7 (Health Level 7)
  • DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine)
  • Other regulatory compliances with the US FDA, China FDA, and EU regulatory bodies
  • ISO, IEC, and other standards
  • MFi program
  • HITECH Act, GDPR, and other data security compliances
  • Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines for CareKit and HealthKit
  • documentation

Other than the above-mentioned compliances, you also need to check the local healthcare authorities to get the list of digital platform regulations of data security and patient privacy.

How to Develop a HIPAA Compliant Mobile Application?

Draft MVP

To make the healthcare mobile application viable and usable, you need to build MVP i.e., a minimum viable product. In other words, you need to prioritize the medical mobile app features in the initial stage. Such a plan shall get you the medical apps deliverables quite quickly and hence you get the competitive edge in the healthcare industry.

While most of the stages such as user flow, functionalities, and frontend and backend operations of mobile app development for healthcare are similar to the other industry apps, you can customize it further to make innovative medical applications for mobile.

Chiefly, you can opt for two main categories –patients and for healthcare professionals.

Healthcare Providers
Patients or Health Enthusiasts

Let’s schedule a call to discuss all your healthcare application needs!

Beyond basic features

If your budget allows, you can go beyond MVP and ask the elite medical application development team to integrate the latest technology for the customization of the digital product, be it software, mobile app, or website. Here are a few contemporary technologies doing rounds in today’s market –

Artificial Intelligence medical programming: AI is of great help in customized healthcare app development services. There are many aspects of AI for medical software development; for instance, the development of neural networks can save a great time for programming as they learn and train themselves. Such particles help detect malignancy in human cells.

Blockchain in the medical app: Known as the most secure and safer way to keep data, blockchain has made revolutionary innovations in clinical trials, saving health records securely, medical supply chain, and sharing highly confidential data.

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT): Alexa, Google Home, and other voice assistances can be integrated and added to medical devices as they serve as the bridge between patients and technologies. Augmented with blockchain and AI, Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) can do wonders in medical app development.

Immersive technology: Most patients want to learn about their health ailments possibly with graphics. Immersive 3D technology and virtual reality can help them not just learn but also understand the outcome of the surgical procedures. On the other hand, surgeons too can convince their patients with such innovative technology.

Medical and healthcare app development cost

Once you are thorough with the above-mentioned steps, now it is the time to contact and negotiate the healthcare and fitness mobile app development for iOS, Android, or even cross-platform.

The workforce

Apart from technology platforms i.e., iOS and Android, you also need the database and other licensed tools to develop medical and healthcare mobile applications. In addition to this cost is the workforce or the manpower behind it. Generally, to develop a customized healthcare app you require the following workforce:

  • Front-end developer
  • Back-end developer
  • DevOps
  • Business analysts for the healthcare industry
  • Medical device and data compliances such as HIPAA
  • UI/UX expert for patients and visually challenged
  • Healthcare app project manager
  • Quality assurance team acquainted with healthcare standards such as HL7

Approximate costs

Function or Feature Estimation (both front and back end) in USD
Profile 60-100
Social Sign-Ins 110-150
Push Notifications 130-160
Chat or Messenger 220-250
Video Conferencing 200-250
Geo-Location 230-270
File Storage 100-150
HIPAA Compliance 250-300
Total 1300-2000

Apart from that it also depends on the place of outsourcing healthcare and fitness app development because, in first-world countries, the cost would be much higher as compared to third-world countries such as India and the Philippines.

Rates to Hire Developers as per Countries

Remote healthcare app developers also have different hiring models to build customized apps for the healthcare industry. For instance, a dedicated hiring model, fixed cost, and time and material.

The cumulative cost to develop a healthcare mobile app may cost you around USD 60000-100000 depending on the complexity, features, and customization you insist on.

Function Cost in USD
Developing the Application 52000-70000
Quality Assurance 5200-10000
Project Management 6000-20000
Total 63000-100000

Disclaimer: The costs mentioned here are purely estimated. For accurate costs, you should discuss it with an offshore medical app development service providing company.

Let’s calculate the cost to build your medical app.

If you have an idea to build a healthcare mobile app or you are a healthcare provider and own a small, medium-sized, or large setup, having a digital presence not only helps you grow your business but also streamlines your day-to-day medical administration (such as internal and external operations) that shall set you free from all management quagmire. Since now you have an idea about how to make a medical app, you can hire dedicated developers, or simply fix the deal with a renowned medical app development company and get the best digital product for your noble services.

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