Laundry Services Mobile Application

Laundry services mobile application allows users to have their laundry and dry cleaning orders picked up, cleaned, and delivered at the tap of a button. Moreover, users can also select their own date & time for Pick up & Drop off of order. Furthermore, users can also purchase a monthly subscription plan for getting wash and fold service at low monthly cost. Additionally, drivers can view their assigned laundry orders in the application.

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User App Features

Place Order
Price Breakdown
My Orders
Profile & Setting

Driver App


Admin Panel

Orders(Driver App)
User Management
Driver Management
Transaction History

Customer Application Flow


Users can view a List of recent order activity along with necessary details of the recent order.

Place Order

Users can place an order for wash & fold and Dry clean laundry type in the application.

Subscription Plan

Users can view all available subscription plans along with an option to purchase any plan from the list.

Profile & Settings

Users can view/edit their profile information along with option to edit/change their password & address.

Driver Application Flow

View Orders

Drivers can view their upcoming/assigned, past and canceled laundry and dry cleaning pickup & delivery orders.

Profile & Settings

Drivers can manage their profile and change their password including settings related to notifications alerts

Admin Backend Panel Flow


Admin can view numerical data regarding Numbers of Orders Out on Delivery, canceled & rescheduled.

Driver Management

Admin can Add & Manage Drivers.

Clothes Management

Admin can manage the clothes option for wash & Fold and Dry Clean laundry options.

Orders Management

Admin can manage pick-up and delivery orders and assign order to drivers along with delivery location instructions.

Subscription plan Management

Admin can view add/edit/delete subscription plan.

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