Key Considerations For Enterprise Mobility Solution

Mobile app is like a company in the stock market whose share prices have never fallen down no matter how many fluctuations have come in the market with the new technology evolutions and innovations. Well, it’s an exception to consider.

Enterprise Mobility Solution

The mobile technology continues to hold its stake in the enterprises with significant growth and unmatched performance. The enterprises, be it a large scale or small scale are getting benefited with enterprise mobile apps through efficient resource utilization, improvement in the workflow, streamlining of the processes, and operations optimization. Furthermore, with the business advancement and the changing market matrix, the enterprise solution can be scaled to meet the upcoming needs and changing preferences.

It makes building the enterprise app a good idea, but the app needs to be built on a strong functional base, best core practices, and system-compliant factors to ensure its success.

Here, we have enlisted the things to keep in mind before hopping on to the Enterprise Mobility Solution development bandwagon:

Be clear about the goal: Create the enterprise app blueprint that covers the functional aspect, internal and external operations, work schema, departmental roles, communication system, the resources involved, and the execution model. Brain-sketching of the idea and its where abouts helps in identifying whether the app idea suits the enterprise digital foil in the functional format or not.

Keep “User experience” first: The mobile is a key driver of consumerization in the enterprises where optimizing the user experience is a must. Steer the mobile app development efforts the way users access your app and the data on any device, which allows them to easily sync and share the files, and automate controls on data sharing and management. Creation of the strategy in a spirit of collaboration with the users brings true delight and satisfaction.

It’s time for MAM: Crafting a standard application that controls the users’ access to the resources is imperative to derive the maximum benefits. With mobile application management in place, the app is automatically configured for every user where the network, location, authentication, pass-code, and provisioning will put the limit on the resources which can be accessed and shared by the users.

Sensitive data protection is above everything: With the proliferation of mobile devices, achieving a higher level of security is difficult for the enterprises. Based on the business security needs, the data protection can be classified into three categories, namely- public, confidential and restricted to provide a distinct level of protection to the data. The public data is for the public with no privacy, confidentiality or compliance implications. Confidential data pose risks that require access through enterprise network only for the high level of protection. The restricted data pose a significant risk that can put the enterprise reputation at the stake.

Get prepared for new technology adaptation in addition to mobile: Don’t build today’s strategy for your enterprise mobility app that will represent your enterprise and impact the overall operations in the future, hence a futuristic strategy must be built. Make it scalable so that it can seamlessly get functional with the advanced technologies, modern programming tools, and the upcoming mobile devices. Maintain the right functional proposition and communication matrix embracing the shift to make the app future-proof.

Let’s discuss in detail about the slew of technology integration paramount for the Enterprise Mobility solution:

Big data

The mobile app solutions are bringing the massive influx of user-generated unstructured data which enterprises acknowledge that it’s really difficult to manage and tap the value out of it. Marrying the enterprise mobility with big data analytics bring hoards of benefits in terms of improved responsiveness, making the services relevant, identifying the trends and initiating the action that brings transformation.

When the B2B and B2C enterprise organizes and harnesses the value out of the volume of the varied type of the data at high velocity in the real-time, the huge success with enriched user experience increased knowledge sharing, personalized interactions, amplified efficiency and robust data security in the cloud will be no bar.
Interweave the data-centric culture in the enterprises to measure the performance of every investment and decision made to gain the measurable ROI at the end.


With the integration of wearable like- smart watches, smart glasses, smart shoes, and smart belts, the enterprise mobility has taken to the next level with a mobile workforce, enhanced workplace efficiency, improved safety, high productivity and the augmented customer experience across every industry vertical.

The wearable offers more than the real-time communication with the presence of the sensors such as the accelerometer, heart rate monitor gyro, altimeter, barometer, and ambient light. These sensors enhance the work safety in different use cases like- informing the doctors about the patient’s vitals when they are at a dangerous level, prevent accidents with continuous monitoring of the pilot fatigue, or allow the field workers of the chemical industry to communicate hands-free.

There are many wearable devices available which meet the security requirements and the compliances in the regulated industries like- banking and finance that makes the wearable the best EMM solution for having access to crucial data or share the data which ensures high security and manageability.

 SAP software

For the performance and productivity gains, the SAP enterprise mobility software is a notable solution that enables the optimal asset utilization, lower administration costs, the best customer services and improved decision making on the grounds of real-time data. Want to see how?

SAP solution standardizes and centralizes the business processes and records across the business, which in turn greatly reduces the administrative cost, eliminates the overheads of maintaining the paper records and zero down the errors that occur due to incorrect data. The workforce efficiency gets doubled when they have access to synchronized information even away from the desk.
Going ahead, executing, negotiating and closing the sales on-the-go becomes a piece of cake for the sales consultant. Additionally, SAP mobile integration services modernize the customer support where the support team members are aware of the customer query’s status and can update the same to the customers without needing to check with the concerned department.


The internet of things technology has an overwhelming impact on the enterprises, in addition to workforce empowerment with real-time information and collaboration. With IoT, everything in the enterprise from people to machines will get connected and the intelligent sensors provide the information ahead of the time that enables proactive decision-making which keeps the enterprise ahead of the curve.

Also, it’s easier to overhear the upcoming trends and the signs which internal and external stakeholders are showcasing. The data enable the workforce to quickly connect, collaborate and collect the resources for the future change and run the experiments at speed to better react in the competitive landscape. Tracking the operational procedure of various segments in the enterprise allows the enterprise to remotely monitor and control the things that ensure the operations will continue glitch-free.

The uptime management and the security are the other plus points of embracing IoT where, when any breach, error or unexpected exception in the routine network protocol occurs, then it can be identified and rectified instantly. It aids in preventing the cyber attacks and threats to sensitive data.

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According to Nascomm, “The Global enterprise mobility market is projected to be $140 billion by 2020.”

The enterprise mobility is not just going to bring a gala of transformation, but it’s going to blow up, making it impossible for the industries to remain immune to it. It boils down to the fact how quickly, and efficiently the enterprises will get ready to partake of the mobile revolution, the easier will be the consequences for them to face.

Undeniably, mobile has taken the #1 position in the world and touched every sector and every enterprise. Now, it’s moving at fluid pace, but its widespread acceptance signals are not like an abrupt gush of the technology that will fade away in time. It’s going to stay. So what all the enterprises need is having a great idea, considering a solid enterprise mobile app development team in place to build the enterprise mobility solution leveraging the cutting-edge suite of technologies that perfectly fits with their enterprise needs and goals.

This approach makes sure the enterprises that they are on the right path. Still confused? Get connected with our business consultants to get the most value out of your future enterprise mobile application!

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