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App development with Flutter is a breeze. Flutter lets you cost-effectively build high-quality apps.

Flutter- The latest trend in app development

Flutter, the app development framework from Google has received rave reviews from the developer community. The ability of Flutter to give pixel level control to designers, faster development and testing capability to developers, and reduced cost of app development for businesses has lead to this unprecedented popularity. Apps built on Flutter have successfully proved their mettle in many industries like e-commerce, entertainment, finance, education, sport, navigation, lifestyle and travel.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an SDK (Software Development Kit)developed by Google on which mobile app developers can use a single codebase and build beautiful cross-platform apps having native-like performance at a lightning fast speed.
Flutter reduces the time to market for your app, increases the fluidity of your app, saves on the cost of production, and gives the designers the requisite tools to design a beautiful UI and a smooth UX.


Why choose Flutter app development services?

Let’s have a detailed look as to how Flutter helps in creating great apps;

  • Build once use everywhere
    Mobile app development can be a tedious process, especially if you are planning to publish your app on both Android as well as iOS.Flutter takes the clutter out of the equation by providing you with a single codebase. You write the code once and then your app runs on both Android as well as iOS platforms, saving you the time and cost involved in developing two separate apps.
  • Increase the speed to market
    Flutter allows developers to make changes in the app while the app is running. Earlier you needed to edit code and then compile to see the changes. Flutter allows for a more dynamic approach where developers can see their changes instantly and make the necessary adjustments while the app is running. This technique is called static hot reloading. It reduces development time substantially.
  • Beautiful apps
    Flutter is a UI designer’s dream, as it lets them control the look of the app right up-to pixel level. With lots of customization options available, designers can create a unique design which is in line with their “vision”. Flutter has a wide range of material design and Cupertino widgets which empower designers to develop apps having an engaging UI and UX. With little programming knowledge, designers can customize and create their own widgets, adding another level to the customization capability of Flutter.
  • Flutter is the Future
    IoT devices are taking the world by a storm and changing every facet of traditional businesses. In case you want to integrate IoT technology to your company and you have an app developed in Flutter, then developing the app for IoT will be much easier on Flutter compared to an app that is developed on other frameworks. Flutter is a future-ready framework, as its latest version 1.5 can support app development for IoT devices. Google has envisioned Flutter to be a future-ready framework; hence, you can be rest assured that an app built with Flutter will be compatible with upcoming technologies in the future.
  • The Art of DART
    Apps developed using Flutter work in a fast and smooth manner; they don’t hang or cut during scrolling, thus giving you a performance rivaling that of native apps. Flutter is developed on Google’s own programming language called DART, which allows Flutter to use reactive styles without a JavaScript bridge. Hire our Flutter app developers who have good expertise in DART and can use it to build apps faster.
  • Compatible with older devices
    Apps developed using Flutter are compatible with devices running on Android Jelly bean and Ios 8. This unique feature of Flutter helps in saving time as the developers need not imbibe necessary tweaks in your app for it to run on older versions. Along with this, it increases the range of devices on which your app will be supported. Also, it leads to a reduction in the work for the developer, thus saving on development costs. Flutter has been tested to incorporate the material design on Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2.
  • Flutter is ‘hot.’
    Flutter allows developers to reduce the time to market of the app, by virtue of its features like static hot reloading and widgets. Apps built on Flutter are hybrid apps, those apps which can be launched on both Android and iOS platforms. This reduces the costs associated with mobile app development considerably, as now you do not need to develop separate apps for Android as well as iOS.
  • Growing support community
    Flutter is an open-source SDK and hence has a large developer community. Google actively encourages developers to develop widgets for Flutter. This ensures that developers have access to rich third-party libraries and widgets which they can use to speed up their app development process. Google is solidly behind Flutter and has even made its new Google ads app in Flutter. Large companies like Alibaba have already built their apps on Flutter, and the future looks promising.


Prismetric has always been at the forefront of mobile app development.

We have evolved with changing times and embraced new technologies which are required for app development solution. New technologies like Flutter have enabled businesses to build high-caliber apps in an economical manner in much less time than it was possible earlier. Mobile app development started with apps being developed on Java and Objective C in Android and iOS, respectively. Then it shifted gears as Google and Apple came up with Kotlin and Swift respectively, which enabled app developers to build apps in an easier and faster manner. Hire Flutter Developer from our team, who have closely followed the changing trends and have adapted themselves to suit the needs of the Flutter app development arena.


Hire Flutter App Developers from Prismetric

We as a leading Flutter App Development Company understand that the time to market for an app can be reduced substantially by efficiently utilizing features of Flutter like static hot reloading. Flutter app development becomes effortless with DART- Google’s own programming language, which is the engine responsible for speed and agility of Flutter. Hire dedicated Flutter app developers from Prismetric who can effectively implement the power of DART to build polished and nimble apps.

Flutter is an excellent tool for app development, but you will need expert hands at your service who will utilize this tool to create your perfect app.

Why we are the best Flutter app development company?

Prismetric makes developing apps with Flutter, smooth as butter.

Unwavering Reliability

Our team is committed to provide you with a robust app which works under varying conditions assuring you the best value for money.

Deadlines delivered

We understand that an app delayed is business lost; hence, we work round the clock to make sure that the app is delivered before the deadline.

Communicate and collaborate

We believe in having clear communication protocols and keep you updated about the status of development.

Develop apps Faster

Prismetric uses the thousands of widgets which Flutter has to make app development lightning fast with better efficiency.

Fluid Flutter

We use the inherent wherewithal of DART, Google’s own programming language on which Flutter is written to enhance the fluidity and reliability of your apps.

Future proof your product

We can easily integrate your app developed using Flutter on IoT devices, or other compatible technology and solutions quickly.

Robust process

Through years of experience, we have perfected an app development process that has always ensured a satisfying smile on our client’s face.

Customized creativity

Prismetric uses Flutter’s rich library of widgets to craft unique and elegant apps which portray your brand’s efficacy in the most appropriate manner.

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