Decoding the core of Mobile Apps checkout process

It is a proven fact that when any person, whether the user of an app or just an onlooker installs the app, he/she wishes to have a great mobile app experience. For a mobile app that involves payment, the checkout process becomes even more essential as most of the mobile app retention rate depends on the first time user experience (FTUE) a mobile app gives to its customer.
Mobile Apps checkout process

For an E-commerce app, the scenario becomes even more specific and peculiar because if the checkout process is not smooth; the customer is less likely to complete the buying process. Shopping online is more of a trend now as the process is easy, convenient and less tiresome. Moreover, the online stores provide the customer with a much larger number of choices and access to their favorite brand which is seldom available at the retail stores.

Conversion rates depend a lot on the checkout process it is as if the process is lacking luster; it becomes a great hindrance in bringing the customer back to your mobile app again. Context is the key when it comes to mobile app checkout process as it is considered as a vital cog in enhancing user experience.

Therefore, it is important to build a mobile app experience that remains consistent and good enough in any given condition. Let us decode the process.

Informing the customers in a rapid pace

See it’s no rocket science to understand that if the customer is not aware of the product, he or she would not buy it. Therefore, as long as possible, refrain from the habit of announcing a product when the customer is about to complete the checkout process. This will irritate the customers and thus would have a bad effect on the goodwill of the company. Instead of this, you should put forward something that would help the customers in knowing about the product so that they could dwell well after the buying process is over. Also, any additive products that can be used as an add-on with the product being bought will end up as an extended sale of more items including a happy customer.

A mobile app holds a serious position of being the communication medium between the user and the product, so even the minutest of detail must be taken care off. Thus the companies should look forward to adding latest and ongoing mobile app payment options such as Android Pay, Apple Pay, etc.

Integrating the best possible payment options

You should not make the checkout process by including more number of mobile wallets just to show the variety of options you have. Instead, the mobile paying options should be those that are easily feasible and most used by the targeted audience. Also, look to guide your users in every possible manner just to avoid any kind of last minute hiccups. Look to remove those part that makes the payment process longer and less diminutive related to the actual work.

Moreover, opt for a very simple interface so as to make the user feel more connected with the mobile app. Mobile Wallets these days is proving to be an important source of payment that many people are comfortable with. This is because the margin of error for the payment in the checkout process is very less and the impression created plays an important role in attracting a large number of customers. Therefore, you should stick to the basics even while doing innovative things for the betterment of customers.

Navigation must be Smoother

Mobile app development companies have to understand that the screen sizes of the smartphones and computer screen have a huge difference in sizes and thus need to design the navigation aspect accordingly. Because, if the structure of an app doesn’t change according to the mobiles resolution, it will cause inconvenience to the users adding to a very bad experience for customers. Ideally, the customer should find all payment options in a single window so that they don’t have to scroll back and forth every time, to know the list of payment options available with the app, while going through the checkout process.

Online payment often decides the future of E-commerce or bill payment because it’s the ease and security that the customers consider while deciding their buying frequency from the mobile app.

Reducing the form filling

Here comes a thing that, we as elite mobile app developer’s consider on our list of priority while designing the checkout process of a mobile app. Request forms are perhaps the biggest liability during the checkout process as it could frustrate the customers to such an extent that they could give up on the buying process. Therefore, the process must include top aligning form labels that stretch to the full width of the screen so the user does not have to scroll down much.  Also, it must be taken care that any repetitive information that needs to be entered, such as the cases where billing address and delivery address are same, must be dealt by providing an option to use the same address with the users’ consent.

An app development company should take utmost care of the checkout process as it would be the bridge connecting the customer with the product enabling them to complete their buying process. So if you ignore its importance, there are high chances that your app retention rate is a bare minimum and that will drastically affect the business. Therefore, keep in mind to put apt mobile wallets and payment option to make the process smoother.

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