Rise in the popularity of Chatbots in Mobile Apps

Either you are in the chilly weather of California or in the scorching heat of Mumbai, the exuberance of smartphones or their adoption is visible everywhere. There are few trends that are taking off, but the one which has been gaining the most momentum is the usage of text based services or CHATBOTS I should say. After the recording breaking growth of e-commerce and m-commerce, there has been a major rise apps providing personal assistance over chat.

Chatbots in mobile apps

As there is a constant rise in the competition in the technology world, organizations have no option but to be on their toes all the time and think on their feet. Statistics also show that, more than half of the companies i.e. 51% say that in order to succeed their business needs to be available 24/7 for their customers. For this, they need an assistant that would be there for their customers every time ready to hear their questions, queries and suggestions. Therefore, a Chatbot is utterly necessary as it will provide all the necessary suggestions to the customers instantly. Autoresponse, autobots during games, voice recognizer for e-commerce websites and apps and intelligent personal assistants are the major facilities that are facilitated by Chatbots for mobile apps.

With such stupendous qualities and features that are for the future, many tech pundits consider Chatbots as the next frontier for mobile apps. Developers too are developing such mobile apps that could fodder profoundly the services of Chatbots for their better functioning and customer engagement.

Let us see in detail the reasons behind rise in popularity of Chatbots in mobile apps.

The numbers of Bots are growing

The organizations nowadays are steadily beginning to realize the impact and what all can be accomplished through Chatbots. From the mobile apps point of view, bots can create their own set of attraction and attain the targeted audiences’ attention in a grand manner. In addition to this, they can be the main factor in bring the audience on board and make them your loyal and trusted customers.

Technically also, integrating the chatbot in the mobile app is not too difficult. All you need is a simple interface in order to get your bot activated in the app. Integrating Chatbots will allow the apps to communication on the scale of one-to-one or one-to-many as per the requirements. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and more importantly machine language are the core technologies that are used among the many for Chatbots.

All these technological advances have made the Chatbots ubiquitous and trendy. They are everywhere, right from the banks offering customer services through a conversational bot, to the funny cleverbots that are used for entertainment purpose. They give the customers an entirely new experience that is beyond the normal or the traditional methods that are followed.

Business Perspective

We all know that there are billions of smartphone users around the world and they are rising with every passing day. Therefore, it becomes a necessity for the organizations to engage their customers that will be compatible to the businesses in different shapes, sizes and requirements. Seeing the trend already rising, many top companies are using Chatbots for their mobile apps for authentic app distribution and enhanced user retention and engagement. In the coming future, the technology will be the key for optimum consumer experience, app productivity and customer service. Stats also show that almost 46% of the people would choose a messaging mobile app rather than an email as a first mode of communication before starting a business. They (emails) have been around for decades yet people decided to move away from them, this shows the level of exuberance and juggernaut mobile apps has caused in businesses nowadays.

The reason behind this is that mobile apps give the customer a chance of interacting with the company at a personal level and a chatbot there acts as the ideal catalyst in it. As compared to emailing, mobile messaging apps render instant back and forth communication between the consumers and the businesses, also in addition to providing them a sense of privacy so that the customers can feel at home while purchasing anything from the company’s website or app.

What hold does Chatbots provide to the mobile apps?

You will be probably wondering what is the significance or a hold that Chatbots provides the mobile apps in this competitive business scenario. Here are some perks of it:

  • Whether your mobile app is E-Commerce or messaging, Chatbots will make your mobile app or business available and reachable 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • The integration of it will be messaging mobile apps such as WeChat, Messenger, etc. will help in delivering the messages to the customers without them needed to log in the site.
  • The customers can contact the company in numerous ways through Chatbots, which allows them to navigate between different departments with utmost ease.
  • The usage of Artificial Intelligence in the process of customer service is also an added advantage that can be the perfect foil in imposing better brand impression on the customers.

Final Words
At present, Chatbots are in their infancy and it would take them a lot of time and effort to reach the oblivion. They can help the mobile apps to give a fully immersive and unique experience to the customers that would help the apps to be afloat in this cut throat competition. So if used to the core, Chatbots in mobile apps could lead into a very formidable technological bonding favoring both the consumers and the organization in the future.

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