Know Your Customer: The Intelligent way to improve Business through Apps

The businesses across the boundaries are offering the ridiculous range of the products and services. The mobile apps have become the greatest weapon in their arsenal to extend the reach to the customers, improve the business offerings’ accessibility, and meet the customers’ needs efficiently.

 Intelligent way to improve Business through App

There exists no reason which makes having a mobile app useless for the business of any size. This is why mobile apps have taken the driver seat and bringing immense growth to the businesses. No research study or statistics needed to prove the same. Take a quick glance at the ways mobile apps are boosting the businesses:

Rethinking marketing: It’s a valuable marketing tool to promote the brand through social channels, location-based advertising, relevant push notifications strategy, dynamic offers, and loyalty programs because the mobile apps are the best source of gathering customer’s data.

Better branding: The customers think about brand only when they are shopping for the products or services or physically while standing in the brand store. But, mobile app breaking the tradition will always keep your brand in their mind as the brand name and logo will always appear on the screen as the users browse the mobile anytime. No matter where the users are, it becomes difficult for them to neglect or forget branding.

Acquiring new customers: People’s mobile addiction has become a great advantage to the businesses to extend their reach to them by using the same device that’s very close to them. They can catch up and engage the customers at the right time with the right message. Grabbing the attention of the people in the real-time helps in bringing more leads down the funnel.

Enhancing customer support: The mobile app is a promise to the customers that the business is always with them, always ready to help them and always will remain the same. The sense of trust improve the customer experience with the brand and the real-time support of the business get appreciated.

The key factor that lies behind the improved growth of the businesses is they are serving the customers with a great convenience.

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But, how about when the customers are served before they demand or exactly what they have a need of using the same mobile app. It’s miraculous.

It’s feasible when the mobile app is armed up with customer’s data, then it becomes a powerful tool for the businesses to make profits. There is a myriad of the technologies such as big data, cloud computing analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine intelligence that makes the app more personal and hyper-targeted in the market along with endless creative possibilities by knowing the customers.

Let’s hop onto the technology bandwagon while going mobile to see how it helps in knowing the customers better, which in turn help the brands to serve the customers better using the apps:

Map the customer journey

Mapping the customer journey helps in unearthing the customer’s micro-interaction with the application which makes it easy to identify all the points that engages the customers, find out the customer behavior across every touchpoint in detail, understand the impulsive points that encourages the customers to act, and keep collecting the data to fill the potential gaps in the customer experience.

The important information helps in creating new unique customer journey where no room for customer frustration exists, and if it’s still present, then it can be removed through a continuous journey mapping process. Undoubtedly, the customers can be served better than before.

Gain insights to get to the heart of the customers

Tracking the customers’ activities unveil the key emotional motivators which provide insights into the type of experiences the customers care about and respond to them. The emotional connection with the brands not just stimulate the customers to keep buying products and services, and visiting the app often while drawing the customer’s attention to how brands communicate and preferably making them recommend the brand to others.

According to Harvard Business research paper, “The emotionally connected customers have twice the lifetime value as opposed to highly satisfied customers.

The emotional connection becomes the backbone of the brands and customer relationship, and make the customers can’t wait to get their hands-on the product that in turn bring serious returns to the businesses.

Personalize the customer journey

The customers are using multiple paths to make the purchase and this maze of paths can only be resolved with a complete picture where every customer’s journey is individualized. With the traditional approach, it’s clearly an impossible task.

When artificial intelligence and machine learning technology are used in conjunction, comprehending the complex customer journey in the data-filled realm becomes a breeze.

There are ample of possibilities such as,

  • When the customers start typing the search box, the query gets auto-filled or tailored suggestions are made.
  • When they begin browsing the suggestions for the products they viewed previously is made.
  • on the checkout page, the recommendation for additional matching product to buy with product in the cart page is made.
  • Based on the recent browsing, the related offers on the product page get popped up and so on.

From onboarding to checkout, it seems as if a personal assistant is advising the customers in the store based on the past purchase, demographics and latest browsing records. The digital assistants add value to the life of the customers and heighten the ROI with successful up-selling and cross-selling.

The other instance of Delta airlines where the mobile app helps the users to check-in as they step inside the airport, display any changes in the flight timings, illustrate the gate number, and showcase the boarding passes automatically as the passengers reach the gates. Here, the airline is not making money, but making the passenger’s life easier and connecting them with the brand by personalizing their journey. It makes the customers prefer the same airline and share the experience as well.

Create empathy by connecting with the customers

Collecting the customers’ data through the right resources is not a significant challenge, but it’s extremely daunting to know the customers at the moment and respond to them exactly in the same moment consistently. Here, the real-time data intelligence comes in the scene that aids in winning the customers at the moment. See how?

The Home Depot retailer has developed a mobile app which quickly senses where the customers are standing in the store and based on the data, the relevant deals or service-related messages are pushed to their app.

Going ahead, analyzing the customer journey cross-device and cross-channel is all-important to get the precise conversion data, inconsistency points and create complete segmentation groups. Stitch the cross-device journey to know the customers from inside and out, and serve the appropriate content with hyper-personalization.

Besides, unifying the data distributed in the silos is vital to provide a single view of the customers in order to identify which content will deliver the emotional connection and fits into the customer journey.

Level up the customer service

The customer service is instrumental in gaining the customer’s traction and fueling up the loyalty. Its quality influences the brand’s credibility, reputation and customer’s trust in the brand. The brands should be responsive to the customers when they have a need for them. The live chat, in-app chat or in-app calling are the mediums that help in serving the customers right through mobile.

Nowadays, the intelligent bots are also in small business trends that answers the customer’s questions in the real-time in a personalized way. The bots analyzing the customer’s previous interactions, purchase history, and browsing patterns, communicate with the customers in a human way. This chatbots integration reduces the huge amount of money that otherwise is spend on the customer support and at the same time enrich the customer experience with prompt and right support.

Leverage app analytics

For the new user acquisition and existing users retention, the app marketing is crucial where the app analytics integration creates the wonder. The endless insights into the customer journey with app analytics offer massive benefits that include- finding out the ROI which every feature’s performance is driving, creating the personalized marketing plan, tracking the achievements of marketing, and insights into churning and retention rates.

The analytics technology working in the background optimizes the marketing efforts and the app performance, which consequently, allow the businesses to accomplish the goal, delight the customers and earn revenue.

Wrapping it up

Presently, having a mobile app for all types of businesses is not an uncommon concept, but it definitely puts the business in a league that enables the business cater to target users in a professional manner. But, before mobile app development, if the business knows their customers to the core, they cannot just serve them better instead, make them take an interest in the business offerings.

Thankfully, with the slew of technologies for mobile app services can be turned into a cool element with the convenience factors that help brands to better connect with the customers, engage the customers, add value to them and play around the customers for engineering flawless customer experience. When all the factors are summed up, the business undeniably will reach new heights.

The businesses should incorporate the data-driven culture and embrace technologies to know the customers from top to bottom, which generates tremendous opportunities that let businesses stay in the game and stay out in the market by winning the customers for always.

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