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How to Hire React JS Developers in 2023: Step by Step Guide

How to Hire ReactJS Developers

ReactJS has emerged as a popular front-end development framework in recent years. React is an open-source JavaScript library developed by Facebook to help developers build rich and engaging apps faster with minimal coding. It allows the best developers to work on individual components rather than on the entire app. The popularity of React can be gauged by the fact that most of the developers who work on ReactJS tend to stick with it.

Do you have questions like:

  • Why ReactJS?
  • What are the concerns about using ReactJS?
  • Best Models to Hire React Developers?
  • What are the roles and responsibilities of React developers?
  • Cost of hiring ReactJS developers?
  • How to hire the most appropriate ReactJS developers for your project?

Then this write-up will dispel all your doubts and help you to hire React.JS developers.

Concerns of clients regarding ReactJS

ReactJS is a popular web app development framework, but it has its own set of limitations like all technologies. We have mentioned below some factors that can cause concern in developing an application using React.JS, and you need to understand these factors before choosing React as your development framework.

ReactJS Framework Development changes

The ReactJS environment keeps on changing at a high pace, and some developers do not feel comfortable with the idea of continuously evolving themselves with ReactJS technology.

Poor documentation

As the React.JS library keeps updating and accelerating so fast, there is no time to build proper documentation for application development using ReactJS. The dedicated ReactJS developers have to write instructions independently as new releases and tools evolve in their projects.

View part

React exclusively takes care of the UI (User Interface) part of the application. So it is believed that to build a complete application, there might be some additional technology required.

JSX as a barrier

JSX is a syntax extension that allows HTML and JavaScript to be mixed together. Although this approach has its own benefits, JSX acts as a barrier for new developers as it adds complexity to the learning curve of ReactJS.

Why should we use ReactJS?

Why ReactJS is better for your project development

The developer community holds React in high regard as an efficient language supporting cross-platform app development. There are many reasons for the popularity of ReactJS, and we have discussed a few major ones below.

React is Open Source

ReactJS is an open-source web development framework; it is cost-effective to use React for web app development. Apart from cost-effectiveness, the open-source ability of React proves a boon for developers who want to learn ReactJS, as they need not pay licensing fees to download React.

Code reusability in React.JS

One of the major reasons to use React for frontend development is that it allows the developers to reuse the components. The reusable components provided by React framework help save time as the developers do not have to write separate code for similar features. Whenever a change is made in one component, it does not affect the other components.

React allows the developers to utilize distinct parts of the application on both the server and client sides. The code reusability feature of React helps boost the speed of web app development. The hot reloading feature of ReactJS also helps to save time as it eliminates the need for frequent debugging of the code.

Near-native experience using ReactJS

ReactJS delivers a near-native experience to the users. This is because React uses GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) instead of a CPU (Central Processing Unit). This fact helps ReactJS deliver extremely smooth performance as compared to other hybrid technologies.

The web apps built with React are highly agile and swift compared to those developed with other frameworks. The agile nature of React Native apps adds to the near-native experience. As the building blocks of React.JS is solid, the React apps can perform well under all circumstances.

React is Easy to learn

When you compare VueJS with ReactJS or React with Angular, React is easy to learn and understand. It is believed that developers well-versed in JavaScript can start coding immediately in React. This is one of the primary reasons for its popularity amongst the developer community. The easy learning curve of React is beneficial for businesses as it is easy and cost-effective to find React developers.

ReactJS is Flexible

Web app development projects tend to become very complex and difficult to manage as they grow. A flexible platform like React.JS can help in such situations. The innate modularity of React JS plays an important role in improving the platform’s flexibility. The architecture of React allows the developers to bundle front-end code into custom components, providing a solid foundation for the overall optimization of the development process.

ReactJS does not lock professional developers into their way of doing things. The ReactJS platform provides the developers with a free hand on a lot of things like how to handle routing, testing, and how to organize the dependencies.

ReactJS helps developers write clean, modular code by breaking the project into distinct components. Modular code is not only easy to maintain but is also great to scale. Another factor that adds to the flexibility factor here is that ReactJS can be easily integrated with other third-party libraries and MVC frameworks.

With ReactJS, experienced app developers can create a React project from scratch or gradually introduce React to the existing legacy codebase. ReactJS allows skilled developers to embed react components one by one into code written using other technologies. It is the preferred technology to build eye-catching frontend interfaces and functionalities.

Easy to build testable rich user interfaces using ReactJS

Experienced developers use React to build a solution with a clean architecture that is also easy to test. Testing applications built with ReactJS is easy as the developers do not need to do any extra configuration for conducting UI (User Interface) tests.

Facebook provides Jest, a JavaScript test runner that works seamlessly with ReactJS apps. With ReactJS, the UI tests are fast as Jest is a Node-based runner that allows skilled React js developers to run unit tests in a node environment and not in a browser.

React developers today have experience working with some of the top React UI frameworks which makes it a lot easier to manage various aspects. The reliability of the tests also increases as UI tests as by separately testing single react components in a Node environment, the developers can reduce the flakiness of the tests. Unlike traditional end-to-end UI tests, testing with ReactJS is less time-consuming as it allows React developers to test pure functions.

ReactJS is good for both web and mobile app development

Hire React Developers with excellent coding skills in ReactJS development who can develop web and mobile apps for businesses. The React framework follows the same design pattern, allowing for a smooth transition between Web and mobile apps. ReactJS has a wide array of rich user interfaces that support the apps irrespective of the platform.

The hot-reloading feature of React allows the ReactJS web app developers to see the effects of their changes immediately. The modular architecture and generous ecosystem of ReactJS also help in building applications easily.

Top companies use ReactJS

Many Fortune 500 companies have chosen React to build their business apps. The name includes market leaders like Tesla, Airbnb, Tencent, and Walmart. Companies like PayPal, Netflix, New York Times, and the BBC have also adopted React for their web development needs.

The success of the mobile and web applications of these companies is a testimony of the efficiency of the ReactJS platform.

Virtual DOM in ReactJS

High-load applications require definitive structuring. While preparing the structure, the developers need to ensure that the structure does not disrupt the application’s performance. Virtual DOM helps the React developers to build a proper structure as a virtual DOM ensures that the changes done at the upper layer do not cause issues at the lower layer.

DOM is a logical structure available in various formats like HTML and XML. React allows elite developers the freedom to make changes in the virtual DOM. Once they have calculated the minimum scope, the developers can update the real DOM tree easily. Virtual DOM ensures that the apps built through React render a better user experience and have high-performance levels.

ReactJS is Cost-effective

With React, the need to develop separate applications to be used across multiple devices and platforms is eliminated. The reusable code and components of React.JS provide the most significant advantage in terms of cost savings with ReactJS. React allows the developers to write code once and share it across iOS and Android platforms with minimum changes.

The cross-platform ability of ReactJS not only reduces the need to employ separate developer teams for every platform which reduces the development time drastically. The development time for a React application is reduced further with the availability of ready-made solutions and libraries that help the best React.js developers build the custom solution faster.

Types of Reactjs Developers for Hiring

Types of Reactjs developer for Hiring

Although ReactJS makes Web and mobile app development a lot easier, you will still need to hire expert ReactJS developers to build a high-quality ReactJS application as per your requirements. There are three major approaches to hiring ReactJS developers for your project.

Hiring Freelance Reactjs Developers

Freelancers are like full-time employees that usually work from remote locations for one or more clients. They are generally hired on a project basis. With the rise of freelancing platforms like Upwork and, it is easy to find ReactJS freelancers for hire today. Mentioned below are the pros and cons of hiring Freelance React.JS Developers for your project.


  • Cheapest option
  • Easy to find


  • Divided attention with other clients
  • Can leave the project mid-way without notice
  • No quality assurance
  • Poor response time

In-house ReactJS developers for hire

Hire an in-house ReactJS developers team as full-time employees if you want more control over your project. Unlike freelancers, the in-house developers will work on your project only and won’t leave the project mid-way. Let us have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of hiring in-house React developers.


  • Complete control over the process
  • Good for long-term projects


  • Expensive to hire
  • Hard to find
  • Cannot hire for short-term projects

Pros and Cons of Outsourcing React development services

Outsourcing your ReactJS project to professional React developers is often the best option. Outsourcing amplifies the benefits and minimizes the risks associated with freelancers and in-house developers. When you hire remote developer you stand to gain more with some pocket-friendly benefits.

Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of outsourcing React development to offshore react js development companies.


  • Experience with many projects
  • Updated with the latest tools and trends in development
  • Wide range of services
  • Responsibility to deliver the project on-time
  • Scalable teams
  • Communication


  • Possible time-zone issues
  • More expensive than freelancers

Looking to hire developers for your next project?

React Developers for Hire: Roles & Responsibilities

Responsibilities of React Developers

An efficient ReactJS developer is expected to take up some responsibilities to deliver the best results. Mentioned below are some of the major responsibilities that an ideal React JS developer needs to take up.

  • Build reusable code, data visualization, and libraries for prospects
  • Improve application performance through consistent monitoring
  • Translate the wireframes and designs into good-quality code
  • Constantly interact with other teams to discuss and implement ideas
  • Optimize the components so that the application works seamlessly across various devices and browsers
  • Develop a responsive user interface
  • Conduct a thorough review of the application’s needs
  • Build proper documentation

Roles of ReactJS Developers

One of the critical questions that you need to answer before hiring React Developers is what level of developers will you need for your project development requirements. The remote React developers are divided into three grades based on their skill and experience levels. The higher the developer’s grade, the higher will be the price that the developer charges.

Junior React developers

The experience level of junior React JS developers is generally between 0-1 year. The junior ReactJS developer performs simple tasks assigned by the middle and senior developers. The junior-level React JS developers cannot complete projects on their own.

Intermediate or Middle React developers

Middle-level React developers generally have 1-3 years of experience. Middle-level developers can work on complex tasks, but they still need the support of senior React developers.

Senior React developers

The senior-level React developers have a minimum of 3-5 years of experience. The senior React developers can manage the entire project independently. You usually need the senior developers to act as team leaders who guide the junior and intermediate-level React developers.

Required Skills that Hired React Developers should possess

Irrespective of their experience level, there are some basic skills that every React developer for hire needs to have. We have mentioned below a few of these essential skills.

Hard skills of react.js developers

Hard skills are the technical skills that an application developer has for application development using the ReactJS framework. We have mentioned below a set of hard skills desired in good React JS developers for hire.

  • Proficiency in JavaScript
  • Expertise in ES6,HTML/CSS
  • Should write clear and concise code
  • Knowledge of GitHub, Unit Testing, and DevOps
  • Mastery of ReactJS tools

Soft skills of react.js developers

No matter how good the hard skills of a ReactJS developer are, it won’t matter if the hired ReactJS developer has poor soft skills. The soft skills of a ReactJS developer will decide whether the developer proves to be an asset or a liability for your organization. The following are the desired set of soft skills in a ReactJS developer for hire.

  • Team player
  • Open to constructive feedback
  • Desire to learn new tools
  • Problem-solving skills

When you select and hire offshore React developers, ensure that they have the above-mentioned hard and soft skills.

Your search for the right ReactJS Development Partner ends here.

How to Hire Remote ReactJS Developers?

Hire ReactJS developers - Top Reasons

Hiring offshore ReactJS developers can prove to be a challenging task. To aid you in your journey to find the right React developers to hire, we have discussed in brief a few factors that can help you identify the most appropriate React expert developers for your project.

Have a solid outline for your app

Professional ReactJS developers that you hire can help you with additional research and analysis to validate your business idea. Still, it is vital to have a clear vision regarding your product.

By having a clear vision of your end product, you will make the process of hiring quality ReactJS developers easy. Even a slight bit of miscommunication can prove to be detrimental to your solution as you can get a completely different product from what you wanted.

The following questions can help you prepare a great outline for your application.

  • What problem does the application intend to solve for the users?
  • On how many platforms do you wish to release the app?
  • What would be the must-have features of the app?

Estimate your Budget

The quality of top ReactJS developers that you can hire will depend on the money you are willing to spend. You need to prepare a realistic budget to avoid rude shocks later. Before you hire the best React developers, discuss the budget and ask them where you need to increase or decrease the budget.

There is a popular misconception that the prices of freelance developers are way cheaper than that of outsourced developers working as a professional team. If you compare the quality you get, you will find that the difference is not that huge.

Check previous work

It is essential to check the previous work of the ReactJS developers before you hire them. The work portfolios of the talented React developers that you hire will reflect how they have implemented features into their work.

When you analyze the work portfolio, you should check whether the ReactJS developers have enough experience working with React projects that are similar to your project. Just looking at the portfolio is not enough; you need to talk with previous clients and see whether the React.JS developers deliver the project on time or not.


In any ReactJS development project, changes are bound to happen. The original plan and the final product are almost always different. We are not saying that you deviate entirely from the original plan, but sometimes a few things need to be included in the app to make it more appealing.

Sometimes the React.JS developers might not be available at that time to incorporate the changes, creating problems for your project. When you hire ReactJS developers, ensure that the developers are flexible enough to incorporate a few changes in your project and their time of availability.

Development process

Behind every successful application, there is a successful development strategy. Before you find ReactJS web developers for hire, ensure that you check their development approach. Mentioned below is a suggested development approach to building top business apps using React.

  • Identify the issue that the application intends to solve
  • Check the tools that can assist
  • Maintain a decent UI/UX of the app
  • Convert the idea into a prototype
  • Incorporate appropriate analytics
  • Beta-test the app
  • Ensure robust security of the app
  • Prepare proper documentation

Security of the application

According to Checkpoint’s application security report 2021, around 97% of the organizations faced threats. Almost half of the organizations had one of their employees download a malicious app that threatened to jeopardize the security of the organization.

A web app with low security can result in system information leaks, insecure storage, and unstable deployment. Therefore, you must choose vendors that build apps with robust security. Ask your React.JS developers how they plan to secure the app.

The solution developed should have a multi-layered security solution to secure your application from malware programs, insecure data storage, SMS-based attacks, poor cryptography, and unwanted user and device authentication.

Communication process

Before you find ideal React developers to hire, ensure that the React developers have a clear communication process. Smooth communication is vital for the success of the ReactJS project, and you should ensure that the communication frequency and mode of communication suit your needs.

The frequency of the communication will depend on your preferences and the nature of your project. Do you want regular check-ins on the app’s progress, or do you want a more hands-off approach where you want to be involved only in the major decisions? Whatever your preference, make sure that you and your ReactJS developers are clear about the communication frequency right from the project’s onset.

It would be best if you also discussed the mode of communication with your React developers. Do the React developers use communication tool that is convenient to you? If not, are they ready to switch to communication software that you are convenient with? Can you build a Trello board or a Slack channel so that everybody is aware of the project’s status? These are just a few of the communication choices that you might want to discuss with your potential React JS partners.

Legal protection

To protect your ReactJS web app from copyright infringement, you must ask the React.JS developers to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). The NDA is a legal document that protects your rights as the owner of the application, its content, and the source code.

It is not recommended to avoid this step and if you have chosen to hire React.JS developers who are uncomfortable or unfamiliar with this step, think twice before hiring them.

Post-development support

Many businesses think that the development process is finished once their hired React development service providers deliver the app. You will require post-development support as there will be work related to bugs, updates, and maintenance after the development project has been delivered to you.

You should ask the following questions to your React developers to ensure that you do not face post-development hiccups.

  • Will you help deploy the application?
  • Will you help in troubleshooting during the integration and implementation of the app?
  • How much will I need to pay for updates and maintenance of the app?

Without post-development support, it would be challenging for you to stay competitive in the market.

How much does it Cost to Hire a React Developer?

The cost of hiring React developers depends on the expertise level of the developers and their geographical location. Junior React developers will charge less than intermediate and senior ones. The ReactJS developers located in developing nations like India will charge much less than their western counterparts.

cost to hire reactjs developers

Please note that the prices mentioned above are a general range of rates that ReactJS developers charge, and the cost will change according to the scope of your project. To get a detailed and accurate cost prediction for your React.JS app, Connect with Our Experts.

Select the most suitable ReactJS developers for your project.

Hire ReactJS developers from Prismetric

For more than a decade now, Prismetric has delivered state-of-the-art solutions to its clients from diverse industry backgrounds. We have assembled a team of Expert ReactJS developers to finish your ReactJS project according to your requirements within the stipulated deadline.

The following are the advantages of working with Prismetric’s ReactJS specialists for your cost-efficient ReactJS development services’ needs.

  • Great stability
  • Build rich UIs
  • Smooth migration
  • Customized solutions
  • On-time delivery
  • Flexibility in Time Zones
  • Cost-effective Solution
  • Dedicated Team
  • Engagement Models that suit you

Apart from taking turn-key ReactJS projects, we also provide dedicated developers to our clients. Get in touch with us to take your path-breaking idea to reality.

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