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Social Media App for Cannabis Community

Buddy Jane is a safe social media app for the cannabis community to connect with friends, share pictures, posts, explore new business offers, and many more. The app has been designed with more user-friendly aspects to connect and befriend people online to discover local offers to deliver.

Client Requirements

  • The aim is to develop a social media networking mobile application wherein users can search and connect with their friends of the cannabis community to share/post everything. Also discover nearby local dispensaries, deliveries, brands, and events in map-view
  • Furthermore, users can chat with their friends and can either connect anywhere with any friends in real-time. The app also allows inviting their friends for a one-to-one video session or users can broadcast live to all their friends at once.
Buddy jane app Features

App Features and Functionalities

Feeds/Posts Feature

  • View the image/video posts along with a description of the post from any users of the application.
  • Like, comment, remove own comment, share, report post, and view the profile of the user who posted the post.
  • Create image with filters, videos with description & options to trim them, and can add thumbnail image & posts to shop items with description and amount.


  • Search any user by their username

Bud Finder

  • Locate nearby dispensaries, deliveries, brands, and events in map-view with an option to search by name along with filters for Delivery & Store.
  • Select any nearby dispensaries, deliveries, brands, and events in map-view to view a brief description.
  • View the status of nearby dispensaries, deliveries, brands, and events as open or closed, view all the offers they are offering along with option to Follow/Un-follow.

Buddy Finder

  • Locate nearby buddies in map-view, and can search by name.
  • Select any nearby buddy in map-view from the given list to view complete profile along with an option to view list of shop along with the list of items uploaded by that user on the application for sale.
  • Options to chat, option to send user an invite to go live one-on-one, and Option to Follow/Un-follow user.


  • A self-video button allows the user to go live on the application, and all the user’s followers can watch the live video.
  • Through invite for one-to-one session, the user can select any followers from the list to initiate one-to-one video session in the application.

Chat Feature

  • In addition to having one-to-one chat with any user and an option to clear chat, the user can also block other user.
  • The users can text chat, attach or take image/video, and then upload, share location, record audio message, initiate audio calls or video calls in one-to-one chat.
  • Group-chat option with followers allows the user who created group to text chat in group.
  • The user can attach or take image/video and then upload in group, share location, view members in group with option to add new members clear chat history or delete group.
  • With group-chat the users can view a list of all the followers, select followers, and further add members and even create group.

Profile & Settings Feature

  • View and edit his/her profile details and save the changes.
  • Switch on/off to get notification alert.
  • View number of followers, number of following and list of media (image/video) in their profile section.
  • View the list of purchased items, sold items, my items, the list of message received from other users (who made an offer on the user’s item) & messages users have sent to other users (to whom the user made offers) and option to sell new item.
  • Upgrade to business and enter the necessary information to register their business on the application.
  • View list of all blocked users.
  • View a list of all items that is marked as favorite.
Buddy jane screenshot

Technical Implementations

  • Google WebRTC (for video call)
  • LFLiveKit & MobileVLCKit for Live Streaming
  • AWS S3 (upload media for chat)
  • YPImagePicker ( Instagram-like photo/video picker)

Technical Specification

  • iOS: XCode with Objective Swift
Buddy jane csreenshot1


Successfully Developing and Implementing Buddy Jane mobile application wherein users can view posts of all users (including followers & following) and can like, comment, share, and report any post as abuse. Moreover, users can search for any user by username. Furthermore, users can locate nearby dispensaries, deliveries, brands, and events along with nearby buddies in map-view. Additionally, users can select any follower from the list to initiate a one-to-one video session or select the self-video option so that all the followers of the user can view the live video. The users can chat (one-to-one with all users or group chat with followers) in the application.

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