14 Ways Android 10 will make your Life Awesome

Android 10 - Bigger and Better

The last quarter of 2019 for mobile technology world had an amazing start with tech giant Google rolling out the final version of it’s Android OS, Android 10. Yes Folks, unlike the previous versions that were named after cupcakes desserts, the latest version is just named as Android 10. Google first made the announcement of Android 10 in the Google I/0 2019, and the latest version has really lived up to all the hype.

The mobile OS giant has catered everything that the users could have asked for in the new version. From dark mode to improved privacy settings to mobile app management, Android 10 has everything in a synchronized manner. Also, Google has looked at each and every aspect to add convenience to the users. Hence, there is a wide array of features and functionalities in Android 10 to help improve the precision of the efficient android app developers.

Let us have a look at the top 14 features of Android 10

Dark theme

Before the release of Android Pie in 2017, a user asked Google about the implementation of the system-wide dark mode in the newest version of Android. The wait for it is now over, with Android 10. The users can go to the display settings, and under it, they will find the option of ‘Display‘. Here, you will find the dark theme which you can operate with just a toggle of a button. The dark theme will help in improving battery life as a majority of the Smartphones use OLED panels. With the background, the boot animation will also change into black colour on your device.

No place for Android Beam

Google has realized that most of the users do not use Android Beam on a regular purpose to share things. Thus in Android 10, it has been replaced by Fast Share. In Fast share, the user will be able to share the files using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi direct. When you turn on the Fast share, you need to enter the device name, and the nearby device will appear on the menu; thus, you will be able to share the data with it. For security reasons, the user should first accept the transfer and save spamming from the phone.

Improved Bluetooth Menu

Android menu is smartly revamped so that the user can find everything without any hassle. The bluetooth menu will show the battery percentage of each device connected to the phone. A notification is also being added so that the user can have information related to everything in the menu. It will also let the user customize the touch control of the buds and even an option to find new accessory for the phone.

Having a Focus Mode

Android 10 will help you manage your app time with Focus mode. With this feature, the user can disable the notification that causes distraction temporarily. You can enable the focus mode and choose the mobile apps installed on your phone on which you want to disable the notifications. The focus mode will halt the notifications until it is on; thus, the user can have a seamless experience without any unwanted distraction.

Immaculate Icons

Google has given a small change to the battery and the Wi-Fi icons in Android 10. Unlike the previous versions, there will be a fully transparent icon with a neat white outline. Android 10 will not have the icon which used to show the empty portion in grey.

New way to interact with Notifications

Android 10 will have changed alert status and snoozing option for the notifications. For the alert notifications, when you swipe left or right and select the gear icon, you will have two options ‘Alerting’ or ‘Silent’. With Alerting, the device will understand to enable similar notifications for the future, while silent will do the opposite thing of not showing the similar notifications in the future.

New look for Music controls

Leaving behind the standard playback controls, Android 10 will have a song progress bar in the music control notifications. You have been aware of the fact, for listening to a specific verse of the song, you needed to unlock the phone and then go into the music app to drag the song back. This problem will be solved in the newest OS version. Below the standard playback controls, you have a scrubber that will allow you to go back to the specific section of the song with ease.

Live Caption

While watching a video on Android 10, just with a single tap, you can add captions to the video. Android 10 will not require internet as it can locally listen to the video that is being played and make real-time captions for it. Google has deciphered the local learning capabilities of our phone to develop this amazing feature. The captions can be added automatically on videos, audio messages, podcasts, etc.

Smart reply feature

After a long wait, your Android phone will provide you much more than just responses for the messages. Smart reply is available with Android 10 which like in Gmail will predict your next move while you are typing the message. Moreover, you can even add emoticons and have an interactive conversation. Apart from the predictive text, Google will also provide you options to responses like, when you have an address with you, the phone will suggest you to open Google maps to see how far the place is.

Sound Controls

With the newest version of the operating system, Sound Amplifier will enable the phone to cancel out the outside noise and boost sound for a better experience. It will also fine-tune so that you could hear the best sound while talking to someone in a busy room, watching videos or listening to podcasts.

Quicker Gesture sensation

Android 10 has improved gesture navigations that are amazing and intuitive than the previous versions. Now the user can go back, forward or pull up and down the screen in a swift manner. Whether it is browsing through the home screen or going through the installed apps, every function with the help of the new, improved gestures can be done in an effective and hassle-free manner.

Privacy and Location Controls

To build a secured OS which has over 2.5 billion users worldwide is not an easy task. Android 10 provides the users new and smarter controls and empowers them to decide what data they want to share and what they choose to keep private. Rather than allowing the app to track your location 24/7, Android 10 will only allow the app to track your location when it is on.

Google has kept a keen note of not allowing malicious mobile apps to track your location. Therefore, with Android 10 it will give the users more control over giving permissions to accessibility. It has discrete options for every function and will ask the user if he/she wants to share his/her location, depending on the usage of the app.

Compact Security

With its previous OS versions as well, Google has been very prompt in providing security updates. But with Android 10, it has taken everything a notch higher. There will be faster and easier security updates with Android 10. It will also have Google Play system updates through which the security fixes can be directly sent to your phone whenever they are available on the Play Store. Know more about Android 10 and how it effectively caters to the security features.

For everyone in the family

Android 10 will let you to set some ground rules for your children as well. With it, you can navigate what the kids are watching, also limit their screen time and manage the content that is on display. You can also see the location of your device with the option of Family link.


With Android 10, Google has tried and kept everything that is directly related to the customer in check. This will provide the efficient mobile app development companies with ample of opportunities to develop a more customer-centric and engaging app for Android. The latest Android OS version is simple, which is easier to understand and contains all the features to give the user a seamless experience.

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