A Guide to Online Jewelry Shopping App Development Cost

Online Jewelry Shopping App Development Cost

Online Jewelry Shopping App Development Cost

When all services and product purchasing have shrunk to a small screen, present-day buyers are no longer interested in stepping out of their homes and roaming around. There are ample business app ideas for startups worth exploring under various niches, and an online jewelry store venture has been on a significant rise. The ornament industry has attracted thousands of young entrepreneurs to venture into it for the quickest ROI and start earning a fortune within a short time. If you are a farsighted businessperson, online jewelry shopping app development is something you must look forward to.

Building a jewelry-shopping app will help you gain the required traction in the market whether you are doing it for the first time or you already own a brick-and-mortar jewelry store that is doing fine.

Introduction and statistics about online jewelry shopping app

The global online jewelry market was valued at close to USD 60 billion in 2022 and was forecast to reach close to USD 120 billion by 2027, according to the research giant Statista. This figure shall boost your mindset to have an app and be part of this billion-dollar industry.

But the first concern is how much online jewelry shopping app development costs, and how to know the factors that affect your budget. In this guide, we shall take you through a detailed journey. You must know what services you provide with a jewelry shopping app, what are the benefits of going online, and what types and factors affect your budget to build a shopping app for an online jewelry shop.

The services provided by the online jewelry shopping app

Online jewelry shopping could be a part of eCommerce store solutions customized to acquire ornament shoppers and offer them convenience and excitement in buying eye-catching and unique pieces of jewelry. Whether they want to gift jewelry for someone they love, treat themselves, or want itas a tradition to celebrate a special festival or occasion, online jewelry shopping apps offer users a great range of options and benefits.

Here are some of the services you can expect by building an online jewelry shopping app that makes it stand out from traditional jewelry stores.


With an online jewelry shopping app, it is possible to customize pieces of jewelry according to specific preferences and budgets. You can categorize jewelry into different metals, gemstones, fashion, sizes, styles, and engraving options to build that piece reflecting your buyers’ personalities and tastes. The app can also preview the final design before users place their orders and get feedback from them.


The customization of online jewelry shopping apps also enables you to put a vast selection of jewelry from different designers, brands, and regions. Buyers can browse through myriad jewelry types such as watches, necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets; plus, they can also filter their search to find jewelry as per suitable budget, materials, colors, occasions, and other options. Customers can also discover the latest trends and styles, encouraged by the latest collections and recommendations.


Customers can get high-quality from online jewelry shopping apps that meettheir expectations and standards. It is because the online app shall have partners who are reputable suppliers and are known to use advanced technology and craftsmanship for creating durable and exquisite gold, silver, diamond, and platinum jewelry. Such jewelry stores also provide certificates of authenticity with assured quality for their products and offer warranties to guarantee buyers’ peace of mind.


One of the best services of online jewelry shopping app development is that you canintegrate features and facilities that make the app easy and hassle-free for your users. Customers can shop for jewelry anytime and anywhere through their mobile apps. Users or customers can use their smartphone or tablet to navigate, browse, compare, and order their jewelry with just a few finger taps.

Customers using online jewelry shopping applications can also enjoy fast and secure delivery. As an owner of the app, you can offer free shipping and easy returns to provide unparalleled customer service support. With the help of the best features of an online jewelry shopping app, customers are also provided with trackingtheir order status and get notifications about their delivery.


The services of online jewelry shopping apps can be kept lower in price to make them affordable to a wide range of customers. Keeping the usage of the app in terms of downloading, browsing, ordering, and delivery at a nominal cost or free, your users can save money and spend on the products listed on the app.

A business model for your online jewelry shopping app could have myriad other approaches and methods to earn profits accordingly. Through apps, you can offer your customers competitive prices, coupons for discounts, and loyalty rewards. You can also plan for seasonal sales, festive deals, and frequent buyers’ special discount programs to get the best value for their money.

Business benefits of online jewelry shopping app

Online jewelry shopping apps are becoming immensely popular among jewelry lovers who want to buy jewelry with convenience and safety. For young businesspersons, having an online jewelry shopping app is a lucrative idea and a fruitful business opportunity.

Let us explore some of the business benefits of online jewelry shopping apps and how they can help you grow your jewelry business even if you have a traditional shop, but lack an online presence.

Increase your ROI, sales, and revenue

One of the main benefits of online jewelry shopping apps is that they boost your sales and revenue. You can have more potential customers looking for jewelry online as you offer your products on a mobile platform; additionally, you also showcase your products in a more attractive and interactive way using astounding features such as:

  • 3D models
  •  Videos
  •  Zoom
  •  Filters

Though the cost to build an online jewelry shopping app may increase a bit, it is worth having such unique features because they gain more satisfied customers while reducingreturns as buyers can see the details and quality of jewelry products before buying.

Reduce operational costs and improve efficiency

Another benefit of online jewelry shopping apps is that they can bring down all overheads and other costs while improving efficiency. You can save greatly on rent, utilities, staff, and inventory costs by selling jewelry products online; in addition, you can also automate some of the processes like jewelry purchase orders, online secure payment gateway, customer services, tracking orders, and many more using the latest tools such as:

  • Chatbots
  • AI& ML
  •  Blockchain
  •  GPS-powered tools

This can help you streamline your operations and increase your profit margins; nevertheless, you should mind that such advanced features may affect your overall online jewelry shopping app development cost.

Enhance your brand image and customer loyalty

A third benefit of online jewelry shopping apps is that there is a marked enhancement in brand visibility, image, and customer loyalty. You can have a customized online jewelry shopping app development to provide a better UXtokeep your product stand out from other online jewelry shops.

Additionally, you can tailor online jewelry app development to have special communication facilities with your customers to offer personalized jewelry, rewards, and discounts. The customization can further have features to collect feedback and reviews from buyers and app users. Such features assist you in building trust and loyalty among esteemed customers and encourage them to repeat purchases and referrals.

Cost to develop an online jewelry shopping app

The jewelry shopping app development cost is one of the major concerns for a jewelry shop owner or a businessperson who wants to venture into the jewelry business. It will not be accurate for any app development cost guide to provide a specific figure, there are certain methods and techniques to know about a rough figure that evolves around your online jewelry shopping app development cost.

An Overview of Jewelry Shopping Development Cost

App Type  Cost Time Frame
Simple jewelry app with basic functions $35,000 to $55,000 2-3 Months
Jewelry shopping app with Medium Complexity $40,000 to $60,000 3-6 Months
Premium Jewelry shopping app $65,000 to $500,000 9+ Months

The complete jewelry shopping app development cost breakdown

Building an application for any niche requires careful planning and execution. It is recommended to go through a detailed guide on mobile app development to understand the different phases to have cognizance of associated cost factors. Depending on your project scope, the development shall take place, and your budget typically banks on it.

Many factors can affect the cost of jewelry app development. Here are they:

The jewelry shopping app features

The more complex and advanced the features you want in your online jewelry shopping app development, the more time and resources you need to build them. For instance, a jewelry app that allows buyers to customize their jewelry, view 3D models, or try on virtual jewelry using AR will cost you way more than a general app that simply displays catalogs and prices and does nothing advanced. Assume that it would cost you USD 30000 to 50000 more depending on the types of features you want.

Take away:

  • The type and complexity of the app features can influence the cost of app development.
  • A basic app that allows users to browse and buy jewelry products may cost less than an app that offers advanced features such as augmented reality, personalization, loyalty programs, etc.

The design and user interface of the app

Billions of dollars are put into the UI/UX of an app. Jewelry is the choice of the rich and hence they need a highly attractive user interface of the app that engages them and still is user-friendly.

Online jewelry shopping app development costs will shoot with high graphics and user-engaging components; however, spending more is worth it because it will increase the retention rate. A good design and user interface require skilled designers and developers, as well as testing and feedback from potential users. Adding around USD 50000 to 70000 to the general cost would get you the desired design and user interface that keeps your product ahead of peers.

Take away:

  •  A jewelry shopping app should have an attractive and intuitive design that showcases the products and enhances the user experience.
  •  The design should also be responsive and compatible with different devices and screen sizes.
  • The cost of design may vary depending on the level of customization and sophistication required.

The platform, technology stack, and devices supported by the app

The platform and devices supported by an online jewelry app determine the compatibility and accessibility of the app for different users. Jewelry shopping app development cost for multiple platforms (such as iOS, Android, Windows, etc.) or devices (such as smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, etc.) requires more coding, testing, and maintenance, which increases the budget by nearly USD 10000 to 100000.

Take away:

  • The choice of platform (iOS, Android, or both) and the technology stack (native, hybrid, or cross-platform) can also affect the cost of app development.
  •  Native apps are developed using specific languages and tools for each platform, such as Swift or Objective-C for iOS and Java or Kotlin for Android.
  • Hybrid apps are developed using web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and can run on multiple platforms using frameworks such as Ionic or React Native.
  • Cross-platform apps are developed using a single codebase that can be compiled into native apps for different platforms using frameworks such as Flutter or Xamarin.

The security and privacy of the app

In the jewelry business, the security and privacy of the app are of paramount importance to protecting the personal and financial information of the buyers. The jewelry shopping app development cost would increase if you want to take more security measures if you are handling sensitive data like credit card details, buyer’s tax profiles, or inventory records. The cost shall increase by USD 5000 to 50000 due to encryption, authentication, authorization, and other security measures that ensure the prevention of data breaches or cyberattacks.

Take away:

  • A jewelry shopping app should have a high level of security and compliance to protect the personal and financial data of the users and the business.
  • The app should implement encryption, authentication, authorization, and other security measures to prevent data breaches and cyber-attacks.
  •  The app should also comply with the relevant laws and regulations in the target markets, such as GDPR, PCI-DSS, etc.
  • The cost of security and compliance may depend on the complexity and scope of the requirements.

App testing, maintenance, and updates of the app

The maintenance and updates of the app for jewelry shopping are important to keep the app functional, error-free, and up-to-date with the latest trends and consumer demands. Your product requires regular maintenance and updates; it incurs more ongoing costs ranging from USD 10000 to 50000. And, when it comes to maintenance and updates of the app, the factors that affect the cost of online jewelry shop app development and later are the total number of features, complexity of design, type of platform, and level of security.

Take away:

  • A jewelry shopping app should undergo rigorous testing to ensure its quality, functionality, usability, and compatibility.
  • Testing may include unit testing, integration testing, functional testing, performance testing, usability testing, compatibility testing, etc.
  • The cost of testing may vary depending on the type and extent of testing required.
  • Additionally, the app should also have regular maintenance to fix bugs, update features, improve performance, etc.
  • The cost of maintenance may depend on the frequency and complexity of the updates.

Jewelry shopping app development is just a click away

The guide explains thorough factors that affect online jewelry shopping app development costs. Now that you have learned all you need to consider while setting up the budget to develop a jewelry shop application to boost your business, you need to find the best mobile app development company to work on your business objectives. Find the best resources, and kickstart your online journey to lead the jewelry market.

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